Thursday, August 4, 2016

Talking Politics - Colorado Senate Race Thoughts

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

The senate race out in Colorado caught my attention this week... namely in the... 'politics as usual' nonsense when it comes to Michael Bennet and Darryl Glenn. Namely it's all the party line rhetoric that we're seeing in the Presidential race... it's the 'you're wrong I'm right' with no real 'reasons' to justify it other than a grab for political seat to serve whoever helped get them there... and I'm not talking about the voters, cause we all know they matter the least to those who are Republicans and Democrats.

Now the average uninformed voter out in Colorado will only know of the big two, but I do know there are two other choices on the ballot, Lily Williams - the Libertarian candidate, and Arn Menconi, who is representing the Green Party, but as far as I can tell... unless folks actually look at the ballot to see there are other choices, no one is noticing them what so ever.

Basically, people want things to change right? But yet all they do is stick with the same tired act, time and time again.

Of course I'm not going to sit here and say I know what matters to folks out in Colorado... but I will say, if you're being asked to comment on what the opposition of Bennet and Glenn are saying about them... and it's nearly identical for both of them and are near parallels of what's being said about Trump and Clinton ... shouldn't looking for another choice be prudent? Afterall, what do you got to lose... a few years of the status quo that hasn't exactly worked out for the best?

Ain't that worth taking a chance on something fresh and new... just to shake things up a bit, and to send a clear cut message to the Republicans and the Democrats that we've had enough of their petty b.s.? 

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