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This Week... Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

These are my notes for this weeks episode to help me stay on topic... but I went a bit off my own script as I often do...

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

It’s Friday, and it’s This Week With The Superheroes!

However, this week I won’t be going over the news of the week, instead I’ll be comparing, contrasting and just trying to determine in my mind what was better, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger), and clearly both shows are in the front of my mind, as I played the two Sega Genesis Power Ranger games in the past week, plus watched all 50 episodes of Zyuranger.

So let’s get right to it, right off the bat, with the tone of both shows… Zyuranger is the story of five warriors who are awaken in modern times to do battle against the Which Bandora, who is accidentally freed by astronaughts… Power Rangers sees five teens recruited by a Wizard in a Time Warp named Zordon to do battle against Rita Repulsa who is accidentally freed by astronaughts… the Zyuranger story is treated as a continuation of an ancient battle, they know what’s at stake instantly, while Power Rangers sees it’s heroes just forced into the situation.

Despite this, both shows do have a ‘kid friendly’ tone, Zyuranger had more kids appear on, the show and more often than not, the kids were central to the plot, mainly thanks to the motivation for Bandora: she hates kids, so quite a lot kids are put in danger. On Power Rangers, it was more ‘Save by the Bell’ish’, it focused on High School and very rarely would kids actually appear on the show. And this plays into how Rita plotted and schemed, a lot of her plans involved messing with something the Rangers was working with.

Personality wise, the Zyurangers are a bit bland and are really defined more by what they represent (Mei being the Warrior of Love, Boi being the Warrior of Hope, Goshi – Knowledge, Geki – Justice, and Dan – Courage) while the Power Rangers had sterotype personalities that actually grew over the course of its first season. This may be as a result of the show being set in High School, which allowed for great development. I’m not saying there wasn’t any on Zyurangers, but you’d have a hard time telling me that was much difference between Geki in the final episode as opposed to the first episode, while Jason clearly grew into being a leader.

This always carries over a bit to the acting… and the main five of Zyurangers at times seem a bit more stiff at times as compared to their Power Rangers counter parts, and certainly the material is a little more over the top and there was probably only so much you could do with it.

Of course the focus as indicated wasn’t the same, not to mention the audience for both shows was clearly different, as a lot of plot for stand alone episodes of Zyurangers were that of moral lessons (to various degrees), while Power Rangers was more on the monster of the day and whatever antics Bulk & Skull got up too that in its own way played into the any morals (if any) that were being relayed to the audience

One of the bigger things that both shows are known for is of course the Green Ranger, Baurai in Zyuranger and Tommy in Power Rangers, and the difference in how they are utilize. Both are used as villains with a big multi-story arc and eventually becoming members of their respective teams… however with Baurai, it was established that he would die while the plot device of Tommy losing his powers wouldn’t come into play right away. Both have a great impact on Geki and Jason in each series, And While Tommy would eventually return to the series, Baurai wouldn’t, at least not within the Zyurangers series beyond a motivational message in the final episodes.

Then you go into looking in at how the villains themselves as a whole are portrayed, Bandora is a pretty supportive leader, has a pretty fun personality… and leads musical jam sessions… while Rita is… very much a screaching witch… their respective gangs are quite different as well, with Bandora’s crew being pretty much a threat to various degrees beyond Grifforzer and Lamy while Rita’s gang are pretty much idiots… outside of Goldar and Scorpina… and even how those two are used is quite different. In Zyurangers, they are a married couple with Grifforzer basically not speaking for a good portion of the series and Lamy being seen quite frequently… in Power Rangers, they are not married, Goldar speaks quite a a bit and Scorpina is virtually

Of course I could go on and on, about the differences between both shows…. But what about what’s the same… and that’s the action footage… and well… this is where Zyurangers gets the big advantage… because in a lot of cases, quite a bit of the footage was chopped to bits for Power Rangers to remove either kids or to cut down on violence, or even to work in the American actors themselves into certain scenes to keep certain plots intact, in particular with the Rangers episode ‘The Trouble With Shellshock’, which had Trini running to retrieve flowers in full Ranger Uniform while in the Zyuranger counter part, Boi is in his normal attire.

Which in itself is worth talking… as the out of uniform for the Zyurangers for the entire series… was the same set of clothes with a couple of exceptions, while with Power Rangers, while they dressed win colors that matched their uniform outfit, the Rangers had a variety of contemporary outfits

The zord / mech battles were quite neutered as well, not to mention numerous shots of crowds, mainly because the show was adapted for American audiences… and while Power Rangers covered a lot of this cuts to scenes in the Command Center, there is a lot times where it’s just looks bad… I mean really… really bad… because in some cases, the plot was staying the same as the original, and other times it’s creating something totally new which doesn’t match the footage in the slightest. But at the same time… it did give Power Rangers it’s own charm, as it looked incredible hokey, and there is that ‘so bad it’s qood quality’ to the show...

But at the end of the day, what do I prefer? Zyurangers or Power Rangers? Well I kind of like both nearly equally and I fully understand they were made for different audiences, hell different counties… but while Zyurangers was simple another installment in a long running franchise, Power Rangers was launching a franchise… and so much from the original season in 1993 carries is fondly remembered today…

But of course these are my opinions… if you’ve seen both shows, what are your thoughts. Live them in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe!

Tomorrow is Saturday, which means Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS, and I’ll be going over part four of the Sensorites! Till then have a good night!

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