Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lets Play & Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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It's SEGA-Day Night! 

I know, I know, it would do better if I said that Saturdays... but any way, more old school gaming this week... as it occurred to me that I should've played and review THIS particular Power Rangers game first as opposed to the one based on 1995 movie... but then again, this is the 'lesser' of the two Sega Genesis based Power Rangers Game.

'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' is certainly a victim of 'too many developers'... it's a bare bones 2D Fighting Game... which... seems like it would be a good idea considering the amount of action on the show... but even at that, there is a lot of wasted potential.

First the positives, in the single player mode, you get to play as all six rangers (the Green Ranger becomes available after you defeat him and the Dragon Zord)... while facing off against some of the shows monsters, in particular Madam Woe, Goldar, the Minotaur and Cyclopsis.... It's quick game to get into, even though I lowered the difficult form it's default of 4 to 2, I still had my struggles with certain match ups, so there is a challenge to it at various settings. The backgrounds are decently detailed, and despite looking squatting, the MegaZord and Dragon Zord look cool, even 22 years later. Some of the cut scenes are decent, to show the Dragon Zord being summon for example

The game play is as such, with the exception of facing Cyclopsis, each 'stage' where you fight a villain sees you facing them on an endless bridge, which is a shame considering the show saw the Rangers facing the monsters in the park, quarries and other locations... then you face them in either Mega or Dragon Zord (depending on if you play as the Green Ranger). The game plays like a lower level Street Fighter, you got your D-Pad to move, and two buttons for attacks, plus obvious combinations of movements and button presses results in you doing special moves.

Now the negatives... well for one, the cut-scenes are bit repetitive, I get that was a big thing on the show (and even it's Sentai counter part) to reuse stock footage, but it gets down right silly, seeing the same thing between fights, and it doesn't help that Rita Repulsa's personality seems closer to Bandora from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, with the limited dialog that appears on the screen.

Then there is the wasted potential... this game came out in November of 1994... and when you compare it to the SNES version RELEASED THE SAME MONTH... you realized that Sega Genesis players got hosed royally, since the SNES got an action / adventure style game.. Taking that off the table, you only get 5 battles (okay 10 if you count the Zord battles separately)....and considering the number of monsters the show had in its first season that is based on, that's really a waste. Scorpina is seen in the 'cut scenes', but she's not in the actual game, despite the fact she was a regular foe for the Rangers following Green with Evil, and of course other monsters like say King Sphinx is noticeably missing.

It's a real shame, this could've been a lot better... alas, the Power Rangers Movie game that I went over last week would be the Sega Genesis only decent game for the franchise.

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