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Billy Jack Haynes - Yay Or Nay For The Hall Of Fame

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And the return of the now bi-weekly Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame.

The reason for the change is simple, for with the WWE brand split and SmackDown moving to Tuesday nights, it kinda throws my week off in regards to how I plan out certain blogs and video commentaries. Plus all the big heavy hitters I wanted to discuss I’ve already gone over… so what I have left is a lot of mid-card acts with even more questionable chances for Hall of Fame consideration.

Such as the case of Billy Jack Haynes. For those of you who may not know, Haynes is consider to be one of the more… flaky of wrestlers in the 1980s. Breaking in 1982 after being trained by Stu Hart, Haynes wrestled for a about two months in Stampede Wrestling, with nothing of note happening other than he would team with Bruce Hart and Jim Neidhart a handful of times before heading down to Oregon and Pacific Northwest Wrestling…

Now there was always a natural connection with Haynes and the state of Oregon, since he’s from there and is often associated with the State, he had Oregon printed on his trunks for a good while for crying out loud,… and while I can find record of him teaming with Stan Stasiak and was involved in matches for the NWA PNW Tag Titles in 1983… and going 60 minutes with NWA Champion Ric Flair, there is not much of record I could find other than mentions of a feud with Rip Oliver that ran through most of that year before Haynes headed down to Championship Wrestling From Florida

His time in Florida in 84 saw Haynes get a DQ loss to Flair, battles with Ron Bass, Black Bart, Superstar Billy Graham, The Guerrero brothers… and even capturing the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title, this period was clearly a highlight for him, but he would head back up to Oregon towards the end of the year, where he would clash quite a bit with Rip Oliver and then seemingly out of the blue getting a couple of match with the WWF in November of that year when the promotion was in the middle of its expansion and signing everyone in sight.

Now this is where things get a little weird, Haynes had two matches with the WWF that year… and is said to have walked out of the promotion… he could go down to World Class in Dallas… and walk out… he would have a cup of coffee in Mid-South… and eventually end up doing a tour with New Japan in 1985 that seemed to stabilize his career, but nothing of note came out of it.

Haynes would head back to Oregon again, and stay around longer, capturing the Pacific Northwest Tag Titles with Ricky Vaughn and getting another crack at the NWA World Title held by Ric Flair while also appearing down in Florida and teaming with Wahoo McDaniel and facing Rick Rude, while also clashing with Rip Oliver again… in betweel all of this Haynes got booked at Starrcade 85, temaing with McDaniel and losing to NWA National Tag Team Champions Arn and Ole Anderson. Following a tourh with New Japan in early 1986, Haynes would head to the WWF for the longest stint of his career.

Re-debuting in the company in June of 86, Haynes was giving a solid push right off the bat with wins over The Moondogss, Steve The ‘Brooklyn Brawler’ Lombardi, Rene Goulet and other members of the WWF’s jobber to the stars, even having a solid showing in the 86 King of the Ring that was won by Harley Race. Everything for Haynes was on the upswing, he even got a chance for the Intercontinental Championship on an early episode of Wrestling challenge… losing to Randy Savage, but rebounding with wins over Bob Orton, The Iron Shiek and others… while at the same time being put in an extended rivalry with Hercules Hernandez that saw the two having a lot of draws and trading wins at WWF live events which would lead to a match at Wrestlemania 3 and a series of chain matches (bouts were both men were tied together at the wrist by a long chain) at WWF live event. Following this, Haynes would still see quite a number wins, but a lot of draws, some decent wins and an increase in the amount of times he would during the rest of his tenure with the WWE, really not doing much until he started teaming with Ken Patera and feuding with Demolition to early 1988.

Now records are sketchy from what happened next in Billy Jack’s career after leaving the WWF, but I do know he ran his own promotion for a time in Oregon, the Oregon Wrestling Federation, that didn’t last long and saw the state athletic commission using the performance bond he had to post to pay the wrestlers.

Haynes wouldn’t see regular action again until 1989 with a tour with New Japan, a brief return to Pacific Northwest Wrestling and a stint in the abysmal Universal Wrestling Federation in 1990 before going to WCW until a new persona, ‘Black Blood’ that really didn’t go anywhere in 1991 but he was associated with Kevin Sullivan’s stable at the time. He would hang around some of the indies in the early 90s before ending up in the USWA as for a heel run that many held a high regard for, as the most over heel in all of wrestling that year , wining the USWA Heavyweight and Southern Heavyweight titles, and unifying them for a time before retiring in 1996.

Since then, Haynes has been virtually forgotten, outside of trying to sue the WWE for ‘egregious mistreatment of its wrestlers for it’s own benefit’ and other nonsense… and that was thrown out of court… in short order.

Overall… just hitting the high points… Haynes had a very forgetable career, he bounded around, hitting his home region several times, and while he was popular and drew enough to get into prominent spots… he never really broke through to being a high profile wrestler… hell you can ask the most hardcore wrestling fans, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’ll mention anything about him beyond WrestleMania 3.

So the question on if he’d ever get into the WWE Hall of Fame is… even with excluding the bogus lawsuit he filed… Haynes is really is just someone who doesn’t have a non-WWE resume to give his career a leg to stand on. If he had a longer run Florida or even a real lengthy run up in Oregon, or had more than just short stints in Mid-South and World Class where he could pad up his career.

But alas, he’s just a footnote at best in the history of pro wrestling… and it’s resounding nay to his chances to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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