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WWE Battleground - The RAW View

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…  

Tonight was the WWE Network’s Battleground special, and this video is my RAW VIEW on tonight’s show… from the pre show all the way through to the main event.

Now this is the first Network special to air following the Draft, and considering the split up of a number of acts, it makes me wonder as to why wasn’t the Draft held this week, this way the split up of talent would have bigger impact with the story lines… cause back in the day, the drafts would be after say Backlash or another pay-per-view event.

However this night did get off to a good start… I caught a Charmander in Pokemon Go…  And we got Cesaro pointing out how much B.S. is associated with the two most overrated jocks in wrestling with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens taking up valuable time because they can’t work with anyone else because it exposes how much they suck.

First match of the night on the pre-show was The Usos vs FaBreeze…Seriously, why wasn’t the team of Tyler Breeze and F…