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Hellboy Double Feature Of Evil - Comics From The Basement

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What can I say about the character that next month turns 23 years old? He is one of the few non-licensed properties associated with Dark Horse that has enjoyed a nice level of popularity that resulted in two pretty decent movies. Not bad for a franchise that debuted in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 way back in 1993.

The character of Hellboy, despite being a red kick-ass demon, has sorta of the blue collar vibe to him, as in you wouldn’t be surprise to see him hanging out in your local corner bar… if you happen to still have a corner bar in your neighborhood in this day and age.
So let’s get to this week’s comic: Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil, published in 2010 by Dark Horse Comics.

This is a one-shot comic, and as the title suggests it features two stories. The first sees Hellboy recruited to check out at house that forces it’s occupant to bring it people to kill… but you don’t need Admiral Ackbar to tell you that it’s a …