Friday, July 22, 2016

Lets Play & Review: Pigsodus Demo

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

It’s been a while, but time for a new episode of ‘First Impressions’, this time of a Demo for a game called Pigsodus - the Ultimate Pig Adventure Game

It’s a point and click game developed by Psilocybe Games that actually has a playable demo that you can check out. The plot (as listed on the Steam Greenlight page for the game) is as follows… Deep in the Alaskan woods an incredibly smart pig (named Horance Oinsktein) is fighting for survival, pursued by a relentless butcher, surrounded by hunters and wolves, he must find a way to not only save himself but his loved ones.  


Sounds pretty damn epic if you ask me. 


Since this is a point and click game, it’s easy to learn, it’s a natural puzzle format. The graphics are decent, very comparable to many of the LucasArts games from the early 90s (Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis, Loom, Day of the Tentacle, etc), and is proof you don’t need a to look like a lot of AAA games to have a quality game.

Anyway, I like what I saw with the demo and I would love to see how this game fully turns out, when it’s eventually (hopefully) completed. The music is solid, the start of the story, that comes as the result of a dream is cute and the dialog and in game descriptions are rather clever (the joke about Fat Freddie aside…). The puzzles themselves are standard logic, even getting past wolves involves a nice bit of thinking.

Now there is a Kickstarter to raise funds (I’ve elected to back the project myself since there is work to show the devs are making progress) and you can do so at

And you check the demo game out for yourselves, just visit to download it and to give it a go!.

This Week's Topics: Pokemon, Ghostbusters Box Office Performance, Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines Revisited & More!

(Note: These are my notes for this weeks episode, I went off my own script a few times in the actual video lol)


Hello and Welcome To The Basement… It’s Friday… so lets go over THIS WEEK with the Superheroes!


There is going to be a live-action Pokemon Movie… and it’s gonna be Detective Pikachu… and if he doesn’t sound like a cigar smoking half drunk detective from a noir film I’ll be disappointed… in fact get Danny DeVito to voice the part! In fact there is a great video made nearly seven months ago by Tealhollow here on YouTube shows that it is meant to be! Hell for years fans wanted Patrick Stewart to play Charles Xavier and the fans got it… and it worked out perfectly, so this is something that should happen… of course the dialog would be G-Rated… but the surreal factor alone would sell it.


That said, I have been playing Pokemon Go, and I only really mess with it too and from work… so I end up seeing the Pidgeys and Rattatas a lot, and to a slightly lesser extent Eevees… which means I’m in a prime area to catch a lot of those and evolve them up to Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon. Plus with the improved server stability in recent days, it makes coming across these commons in my area a lot easier. Which makes the only frustrating aspect left is when you miss with a pokeball… even hough the ‘throw’ was perfectly centered.


I’ll be honest, the reason you are getting a normal episode this week is because I really have no interest in seeing Star Trek Beyond… because I saw Ghostbusters last week, and Suicide Squad comes out next week.


Speaking of Ghostbusters, over the course of this week it has been limping at the Box Office in comparison to its 1984 counter part, counting for inflation, the new film is about 34% behind the original over seven day domestic period (Thursday to Wednesday). Case in point, the 1984 drew $23.2 Million in 1984 by the end of its first Thursday, which is about $98.9 Million today… the 2016 film domestically has drawn $65.3 million by the end of yesterday This week is gonna be interesting to see how much of a drop off the new Ghostbusters film has, because it could easily be damning


Marvel and Netflix announced Daredevil Season 3…. that comes as no shock… but I know people wishing Netflix saves Agent Carter… speaking of the M & N… the teaser trailers for The Defenders Iron Fist and Luke Cage all look great… but trailers can be misleading… but more often than not they tell the truth… but this leads me into something else, that I’ve ranted about before earlier in the year:


There are way to many ‘clips’ of Suicide Squad floating around, I refuse to watch them because I actually want to see them in the movie without spoilers! In fact, I hate that they give so much of a movie away before hand. What’s the point of going to the theaters when so much of the film is already watchable and with context of what’s the scene about? Yes, we are excited for Harley Quinn… and to much lesser extent the Joker… but stop giving away the damn movie… the ad revenue in no way makes up for what you can get at the box office.


Moving forward, I have been casually watching ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ on Netflix, and sure it’s your run of the mill mystery of the week show, but the settings and atmosphere of it being set in 1920s Australia gives it a unique tone. I love the period style costumes and the stories are engaging enough to keep a viewer interested.


Anyway people are still coming across my earlier video where I lead off with this subject… I’m going to close out this by banging the drum of common sense again


So let’s get the ball rolling with the Axanar Cult Leader Alec Peters getting on his soap box and hijacking a Battlestar Galactica relaunch panel by kicking it off by showing the abysmal trailer for his little ponzi scam film. Let me repeat that: PETERS HIJACKED A PANEL THAT WAS TO TALK ABOUT BATTLESTAR GALACTICA BEING RELAUNCED… and to make it better, he got permission to do that by Richard Hatch, who starred in the original Galactica as Apollo and became insane enough to want to be in Peters’ scheme of a film… and let’s not forget about Hatch’s history, where he wanted to make a direct sequel to the original Battlestar (which already exists in Galatica 1980), and lead a boycot against the re-imagined series until he got paid to appear on the new show.


Let me make this simple: CBS and Paramount own Star Trek, Peters does not… CBS and Paramount have set some reasonable guidelines


And to give you an idea of how fair CBS and Paramount are… let’s look at the STAR WARS rules shall we? Star Wars Fans Films can only be made for their film contest, LucasFilm (by way of Disney) own then, there is no dispute, you cannot post them online anywhere because LucasFilm owns them.… where as CBS / Paramount allows you to do so and you own your film…. LucasFilms states that the fan film can’t be longer than 5 minutes… CBS / Paramount gives you 15 minutes to work…. On top of that LucasFilms states you can only make ONE film a year… CBS / Paramount says you you can make as many as you want as long as the ‘creative’ guidelines are followed.


I could go on and on about this but the cult of Axanar will just continue to cry murder over something they are in the wrong of.


And on that note… we’ll wrap things up… tomorrow is Saturday and which means Doctor Who Tales From The TARDIS and we’ll be going over part 3 of The Sensorites.

Quick YouTube Banner Making Guide

Hello Dwellers And Welcome To The Basement...

Making a banner for you YouTube Channel can be a pain in the back side... because the dimension they want is just bit odd... but have no fear I slapped together a little guide

First in your program that you use to create digital art, make a canvas with the following dimensions:

2044 Pixel Width - 338 Pixel Height

This is the size of the banner that will appear on your YouTube channel, so that is the space for your logo to be, as well as any other images you can fit in that space. Set everything how you want it to be, but leave the back ground blank for now.  Be sure to save your work!

Once you're satisfied, create a new image with the following dimensions:

2044 Pixel Width - 1152 Pixel Height

Here, set your background for you banner, whatever it may be, and save a copy!. Next copy and paste your banner logos from the first canvas that you made and place it about a as center as possible, you can always go back to make adjustments

Now if you have a program where you can add a new base layer, and change the canvas size so it doesn't distort the image, do so, with the new canvas size being:

2555 Pixel Width - 1440 Pixel Height 

It should end up looking like this (if you fill in the new layer with a solid color)

And with that, you will have near perfect placement of your Channel Banner, and below is how it will look on your YouTube channel as seen below

Obviously some fine tuning is needed but hey, it works.

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