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Lets Play & Review: Pigsodus Demo

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…
It’s been a while, but time for a new episode of ‘First Impressions’, this time of a Demo for a game called Pigsodus - the Ultimate Pig Adventure Game

It’s a point and click game developed by Psilocybe Games that actually has a playable demo that you can check out. The plot (as listed on the Steam Greenlight page for the game) is as follows… Deep in the Alaskan woods an incredibly smart pig (named Horance Oinsktein) is fighting for survival, pursued by a relentless butcher, surrounded by hunters and wolves, he must find a way to not only save himself but his loved ones. Sounds pretty damn epic if you ask me. Since this is a point and click game, it’s easy to learn, it’s a natural puzzle format. The graphics are decent, very comparable to many of the LucasArts games from the early 90s (Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis, Loom, Day of the Tentacle, etc), and is proof you don’t need a to look like a lot of AAA games to have a quality game.…

This Week's Topics: Pokemon, Ghostbusters Box Office Performance, Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines Revisited & More!

(Note: These are my notes for this weeks episode, I went off my own script a few times in the actual video lol)Hello and Welcome To The Basement… It’s Friday… so lets go over THIS WEEK with the Superheroes! There is going to be a live-action Pokemon Movie… and it’s gonna be Detective Pikachu… and if he doesn’t sound like a cigar smoking half drunk detective from a noir film I’ll be disappointed… in fact get Danny DeVito to voice the part! In fact there is a great video made nearly seven months ago by Tealhollow here on YouTube shows that it is meant to be! Hell for years fans wanted Patrick Stewart to play Charles Xavier and the fans got it… and it worked out perfectly, so this is something that should happen… of course the dialog would be G-Rated… but the surreal factor alone would sell it. That said, I have been playing Pokemon Go, and I only really mess with it too and from work… so I end up seeing the Pidgeys and Rattatas a lot, and to a slightly lesser extent Eevees… which means …

Quick YouTube Banner Making Guide

Hello Dwellers And Welcome To The Basement...

Making a banner for you YouTube Channel can be a pain in the back side... because the dimension they want is just bit odd... but have no fear I slapped together a little guide

First in your program that you use to create digital art, make a canvas with the following dimensions:

2044 Pixel Width - 338 Pixel Height
This is the size of the banner that will appear on your YouTube channel, so that is the space for your logo to be, as well as any other images you can fit in that space. Set everything how you want it to be, but leave the back ground blank for now.  Be sure to save your work!
Once you're satisfied, create a new image with the following dimensions:
2044 Pixel Width - 1152 Pixel Height
Here, set your background for you banner, whatever it may be, and save a copy!. Next copy and paste your banner logos from the first canvas that you made and place it about a as center as possible, you can always go back to make adjustments
Now if …

Spotlight: Great Detective Pikachu - English Trailer - Feat. Danny DeVito

So you know I'm on board with the idea of Danny DeVito voicing Pikachu in a live action adapation of 'Detective Pikachu'