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The RAW View of the WWE Draft and Battleground Predictions!

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Tonight was the WWE Draft, and since I’m here to give my RAW view of the picks that were made, plus my predictions for Battleground this Sunday. Because of this, there will be no ‘Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame’ this week. 

So what we got below are my notes as I was writing them during the airing of SmackDown Live & The WWE Draft Live (on the WWE Network). I expand on a number of these thoughts in the video version. Anyway, should be noted, that RAW got 3 picks for every 2 SmackDown got because it 's a 3 hour show. Though some of their picks were negated by who they drafted in some cases.

1. RAW – Seth Rollins – This comes as no shock, it keeps Seth aligned with The Authority on RAW, and cements Seth as being the #1 Heel, or even the #1 face if they choose to flip Roman Reigns heel

2. SmackDown – WWE Champion Dean Ambrose – Okay, this one surprised me a bit, but it puts Dean in a position to be the leader of the blue brand. This does also end the pointless ‘his face makes babies cry’ routine of JBL on commentary.

3. RAW – Women’s Champion Charlotte – Not really a surprise that she’s going to be on RAW, but how high she was chosen was shocking, and did make any women drafted to Smackdown a bit well pointless unless the title is going to go back and forth between both shows or if SmackDown is gonna have it’s own women’s division

4. SmackDown – AJ Styles – Well AJ isn’t a Monday Prime Time player, he’ll probably be a prime feud for Dean, and obviously continuing his feud with Cena

5. RAW – Finn Balor (From NXT) – This is the first ‘fan favorite’ RAW selected, and it puts Finn in the ‘CM Punk’ spot, of being a message board hero that if he isn’t in the main event scene non-stop, it’ll twist their shorts. I expect Finn to succeed. Keeping his away from the Turkey Club is a good move, there isn’t that temptation to put him into that black hole of suck.

6. RAW – Roman Reigns – This went over badly with the crowd, then again, Roman isn’t a favorite these days. Judging by reaction, flipping him heel and Seth face seems like the smart way to do things

7. SmackDown – John Cena – This gives SmackDown instantly credibility, and as said before continues his feud with AJ Styles going. With Cena’s lighter schedule, this allows him to do non-WWE events that take place on Sundays, recover on Mondays and be ready for SmackDown on Tuesdays

8. RAW – Brock Lesnar – Considering the news that he failed a SECOND drug test with the USADA, it’ll be amazing if he is able to perform, cause the WWE would look like hypocrites if they don’t release him, since they released Billy Gunn for something similar.

9. SmackDown - Randy Orton – much like with Cena, this gives SmackDown instantly credibility, and he can work heel or face. And thinking back, something I forget to mention with Cena, it comes full circle, that they both were guys who were two guys who debuted on SmackDown back in 2002.

10. RAW – The New Day – Obviously drafted as a unit, this also gives RAW the Tag Team Championship, with RAW probably getting more tag teams and make-shift teams. Like with Charlotte, will Smackdown have it’s own set of Tag Team champions?

11. RAW – Sami Zayn – This came after him and Kevin Owens were Chokeslammed by Kane… basically he’s going to be the plucky babyface

12. SmackDown – Bray Wyatt – An obvious pick to give SmackDown some heels for Dean and Cena to deal with

13. RAW – Sasha Banks – This makes sense consideration the feud with Charlotte that is currently going. She’s a better fit for RAW all around

14. SmackDown – Becky Lynch – This pick raised an eyebrow, because of the status of Women’s Champion is it exclusive to RAW or not?

15. RAW - Chris Jericho – Not really a shocking choice, Jericho is a proven commodity, but he’s well into the twilight of his career and he’s just around to help get guys over and to kill time in between Fozzy projects.

16. RAW – United States Champion Rusev w/ Lana – A solid pick that solidifies RAW having several championships and plays to RAW needing to fill 3 hours.

17. SmackDown – Intercontinental Champion the Miz w/ Maryse – This gives SmackDown a guarantee champion following this show it seems, and puts him instantly at odds with Daniel Bryan as being an unbearable star to put up with.

18. RAW – Kevin Owens – Judging by reactions and storylines, Owens gets to whine about not being the #1 pick and pick well after Sami Zayn, and it keeps them on the same show… which means there endless pointless feud will continue and waste time

19. SmackDown – Baron Corbin – I like Corbin, he has potential as a dominate heel challenger for babyface champions

20. RAW – Enzo & Big Cass – Obviously for their entrainment factor and how their intro promos can go long, they are great for extended filler on RAW

21. RAW -The Club (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) – Well that puts AJ Styles on his own… and possibly would have Finn Balor reunite with them, so that worries me a bit

22. SmackDown – Jason Jordan & Chad Gable (NXT) – This is an awesome pick, these guys are like the Midnight Express, a duo that know how to have tag team matches!

23. RAW – The Big Show – Much like with Jericho, this pic doesn’t matter much, Big Show is in the twilight of career and is good for battle royals and putting over talent

24. SmackDown – Dolph Ziggler – Clearly a take it or leave it pick, Ziggler is mid-level roster choice.

25. RAW – Nia Jax (NXT) – She’s related to the Rock, and thus gets fast tracked to the main roster, but I do see where she should debut, as Sasha Banks tag team partner this Sunday at Battleground

26. RAW – Neville – He’s been out with an injury for some time, and with the return of the Cruiserweight Division, he could be the crown jewel

27. SmackDown – Natalya – This pick like a few others, makes sense as it keeps her feud with Becky Lynch going

28. RAW – Cesaro – A solid pick to stabilize the middle of the roster, I don’t see him being a top guy

29. SmackDown – Alberto Del Rio – Considering how mediocre his time on RAW has been since October, this would be a good chance to revitalize his career

30. RAW – Sheamus – He’s a Triple H guy… and hasn’t quite delivered top level performances since his return as a heel

31. RAW – Golden Truth (Goldust & R-Truth) – Veteran presence, both are up there in years, but both can work as singles when not teaming

32. SmackDown – The Usos – They are better off as a team, as neither really shined in solo matches, the matches with American Alpha should be fun

33. RAW – Titus O’Neil – Titus always seems on the cusp of stepping up, but as we saw with those with matches with Rusev, he doesn’t have the in ring tools to match his big personality.

34. SmackDown – Kane – I see him possible doing double duty, with him bringing out the Corporate Kane character to work with Shane and Bryan.

35. RAW – Paige – Well this one is a bit surprising considering her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, but with the Women’s title being on RAW, it makes sense.

36. RAW – Darren Young w/ Bob Backlund – If he was drafted to SmackDown, it would work with The Miz feud continuing

37. SmackDown – Kalisto – He had a decent run with the US Title, showing he won’t be lost facing larger guys, hell he gave Ryback his best matches. He also have a feud off the bat with Baron Corbin.

38. RAW – Sin Cara – Another face for the Cruiser-weight Division, and he’s big enough to hang with the heavyweights… though word is he got into a fight with Simon Gotch in catering earlier today.

39. SmackDown – Naomi – Is she athletic, yes… is she a good wrestler… no… simple as that

40. RAW – Jack Swagger – Another solid guy to have in the middle of the show, doubt he’ll get used in a high profile role

41. SmackDown – The Ascension – They were lost in the shuffle since their call up, and this could really benefit them

42. RAW – The Dudley Boyz – Veteran tag team, there job is to help guys get over. Just glad the have stopped needing a furniture store to have matches.

43. SmackDown – Zack Ryder – Like Darren Young, this would’ve made sense if he was drafted to RAW considering he’s facing Rusev at Battleground

44. RAW – Summer Rae – I honestly thought she would’ve been better on SmackDown and hidden in a valet role

45. SmackDown – Apollo Crews – Athletic, but has shown no personality, which will be masked on SmackDown

46. RAW – Mark Henry – He only wrestles on occasion, he’s basically done as a full time performer

47. SmackDown – Alexa Bliss – This one is a shocker, The Blissful One is a naughty little pixie

48. RAW – Braun Stroman – A bit surprising they have splinting up the Wyatt Family again… and I think Stroman is someone who’d be good with a manager.

49. SmackDown – Tyler Breeze & Fandango – They can be single stars and they are great tag team, perfect act for the show

50. RAW – Bo Dallas – He’s drafted separately from The Social Outcasts, so I sense a repacking with him

51. SmackDown – Eva Marie – Good lord… why?! WHY!? She can’t wrestle… she can’t cut a promo… she can’t do anything!

52. RAW – Primo & Epico – These two have been around for a long time… but they are pretty bland, regardless of the gimmick, they can work

53. SmackDown – The Vaudevillains – Solid tag team, but have been lost in the shuffle since their call up

54. RAW – Alicia Fox – Foxy has been out of action for the past several months, she is very much underrated as an in-ring talent

55. SmackDown – Erick Rowan – Well this keeps him with Bray Wyatt…. So that works out I guess… which possibly means Luke Harper comes to SmackDown when he returns

56. RAW – Dana Brooke – Not shocking, it keeps her with Charlotte as it would’ve been too soon for her to go solo

57. SmackDown – Mojo Rawlery (NXT) – Ummm… okay… kind of an odd choice, it reunites him with Zack Ryder to form the Hype Bros Tag Team

58. RAW – Curtis Axel – Keeps him with Bo Dallas and the possibility of the Social Outcasts being kept together works

59. SmackDown – Carmella (NXT) – Wow… pretty surprising, she had great chemistry with Big Cass and Enzo, so I’m shocked she didn’t go to RAW to put that act back together.

And Heath Slater… apparently wasn’t drafted… I guess for comedic value, the draft over-all was pretty even, some surprises all over the place,.


So that’s done, lets get to my predictions for this Sunday’s WWE Network event.

In the Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, I’m picking Seth Rollins to walk out as champion to put the WWE title on RAW in order to feud with Roman Reigns

In a match where I could care less who wins, I’m picking Kevin Owens to defeat Sami Zayn, this feud is never going to end

In the bigger of the six-man tag matches, I’m picking Cena, Enzo and Big Cass to defeat The Turkey Club, as it feeds into Summerslam where we could see these two matches Cena facing Styles one on one, and Enzo & Cass facing Anderson & Gallows

In the one on one starlets match, I’m selecting the Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch over Natalya,

For the Intercontinental Championship, it’s a toss up, but I see Darren Young winning by count out over the Miz, who shall retain the title

For the United States Championship, I’m picking Rusev to crush Zack Ryder

In the other six man tag match, I’m picking the Wyatts to make short work of the New Day

And in the starlets tag team match, I’m picking Sasha Banks and her partner, who I’m guessing will be Nia Jax, to defeat Charlotte & Dana Brooke

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