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The RAW View of the WWE Draft and Battleground Predictions!

Hello and Welcome to the Basement… Tonight was the WWE Draft, and since I’m here to give my RAW view of the picks that were made, plus my predictions for Battleground this Sunday. Because of this, there will be no ‘Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame’ this week. So what we got below are my notes as I was writing them during the airing of SmackDown Live & The WWE Draft Live (on the WWE Network). I expand on a number of these thoughts in the video version. Anyway, should be noted, that RAW got 3 picks for every 2 SmackDown got because it 's a 3 hour show. Though some of their picks were negated by who they drafted in some cases. 1. RAW – Seth Rollins – This comes as no shock, it keeps Seth aligned with The Authority on RAW, and cements Seth as being the #1 Heel, or even the #1 face if they choose to flip Roman Reigns heel 2. SmackDown – WWE Champion Dean Ambrose – Okay, this one surprised me a bit, but it puts Dean in a position to be the leader of the blue brand. This does also end…