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It's Just A Vorgon Conclusion - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

It's MONDAY?! Um Yes it is! Regardless! Lets Play Star Trek Online! 

Okay, why am I doing this today instead of tomorrow? Well for those of you who may not know, I am a wrestling fan, and the WWE Draft is tomorrow night, and there is also a simulcast taking place on the WWE Network as well as the USA Network, so I want to be able to get the full experience! Which means! We get to the next mission here in this series a day early, instead of doing it late on Wednesday!

This week's mission is Vorgon Conclusions, and this ties into where we were in the Future Proof arc with Kal Dano, the Vorgons are going after him and the Tox Uthat, and it's a chase through out time, we're going to the 27th Century, the 22nd Century where the Enterprise and the Tai'Kir (a Vulcan ship) is dealing with Tholians in the episode 'Future Tense' from season two, and then it's a jump to the 24th century during the the Dominion War and the episode 'The Changing Face of Evil' from Deep Space Nine when the Breen attacked Earth...

Of course the big villains here are The Vorgons, who debuted in "Captain's Holiday' from the Next Generation, in fact we are facing the same two Vorgons from that episode in this time jumping adventure. Their ships are among the toughest in the game, granted they are two centuries more advanced than my vessel... but then again I didn't exactly 'spec it' properly. There are three series of space battles, one in each century, but you only face the Vorgon ships in the first two. In the second, you also deal with the Tholians and in the third, you deal only with the Breen.

The ground portion (only in the 24th Century) is pretty brisk, the Breen are basically pushovers, though I ran into a bug where my crew got stuck in one room. The Vorgon are rather tough, nearly Elite Tactical Borg Drone levels of difficulty, but it is easy to walk through them. Target Ajur first, she is weaker and doesn't have a one-hit kill grenade that Boratus does. If your team comes with you all the way, you can defeat them without needing to re-spawn, because it's a simple divide and conquer aspect.

The 24th Century part makes me laugh, since I'm playing as a Romulan here... and there is no way a Romulan ship would've been near Earth during that point in the Star Trek time line, and when beaming down, the Starfleet personnel that are encounter don't even bat an eye at seeing a handful of Romulans... which makes me think they are just grateful for any help regardless of the source. 

Story-line wise, we see the Envoy is 'healing' and Daniels is getting 'injured', as if time is flux, and we'll see more of that in the coming weeks.

Ring The Bell: Thoughts on Brock Lesnar, WWE Signing some new talents, John Cena, Eric Bischoff and More

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement…

It’s Monday, a night for RAW VIEWS… so let’s RING THE BELL!

It’s a good thing I don’t do these particular blogs with a video, cause I’d look like a total idiot if I didn’t have a bell to ring…

Anyway, let’s go over the headlines, and of course we have to talk about Brock Lesnar who has been flagged by the United States Anti-Doping Agency and failing an out of competition drug test. While having an exemption for not having to take part in the drug tests (because the UFC was desperate as hell to make sure they had him on the show) People are speculating that its tied to his medication for his little intestine issue, but if that was the case it wouldn’t register at all, and hell the USADA has caught people who passed a number of test and failing one. If Lesnar is busted for doping, then as I see it, based on similar circumstances involving Billy Gunn, the WWE has to fire him, is the USADA is a higher authority, and number of sporting commissions would have Lesnar banned… which is good news, cause then the WWE doesn’t have to waste precious time involving someone who isn’t a draw and isn’t earning the money they are paying him.

The WWE has reported signed Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik, both competitors in the Cruiserweight Classic (which had a great first episodelast week), and rumor is that they may be signing Zack Sabre Jr, Cedric Alexander and others. This is good news as it would fill out the NXT roster since there is expected to be at least six call ups due to the WWE Draft that takes place tomorrow night.

And speaking of the draft, some of the rules for it has been announced, Raw gets 3 picks for every SmackDown 2 due to the show being an hour longer, Tag Teams count as 1 pick, unless a brand wants an individual, and it appears those with managers and valets are also ‘package deals’ as well. The WWE is also going to air a live ‘draft room’ on the Network, so Tuesday night means my computer will have the Network on at the same time as SmackDown… that’s gonna make for some interesting viewing. Getting back to the rules, I like them, and this resolves a lot of the problems with the first draft back in 2002, where tag teams were broken up for no apparent reason.

Austin Aries denies that he no showed NXT Events, and is scheduled to appear at some NXT events down in Texas… some fans believe him, a lot doubt… the trouble with indy darlings is that they can be incredibly flaky, particular if things aren’t going their way. The fact that the WWE is still doing business with him, says all there needs to be said.


While he’s booked to appear on the tours of China and Australia, John Cena has no live event bookings with the WWE folllowing last nights show in upstate New York. It’s said he has signed on for a number of entertainment projects, including one with HBO apparently, and since he’s gracefully moved down the card, he’s entering the special attraction phase of his career it seems. Which is all fine and good, except when you realize there is no one that can fill his shoes, and the WWE has certainly tried since 2011… and everyone from CM Punk to Roman Reigns failed.

When asked about if he has any desire to return to wrestling full time Eric Bischoff stated yes and no, he doesn’t want to do do all the stuff he had to do back in the 90s, so running a promotion is out, but he’s open about possibly doing the creative process and doing spot appearances as long as he doesn’t have to travel most of the week, and that’s pretty cool. He’s open to opportunities, something to be taken into account as he’s clearly someone whose been to the mountain top… and if he didn’t have Hogan with him in TNA, may have made some positive impacts there too, pun not intended.

At the ESPY’s last week, Big Show challenge Shaquille O’Neil to a match at WrestleMania 33… and this is something that has been rumored for a long time, since Shaq is a wrestling fan, and a big man vs big man match with a pro like Big Show would be the best way to go. The match would be ugly as hell, but would make a great spectacle and it would also be a natural extension from this year’s WrestleMania when Shaq participated in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

TNA had a couple of title changes at their last set of tapings, with Jame Storm winning the King of the Mountain title… I’d like to know of which mountain so I can avoid it…. And also TNA Champion Bobby Lashley won the X-Division title defeating Eddie Edwards… and this.. some how reminds me of a stupid time when Kurt Angle ended up holding all of TNA titles, since Lashley is going to be facing Storm in a title for title match…

And to show that Bobby Roode isn’t going to do anything special in the WWE (not that he would of), in a mixed tag main event, the incredibly awesome Bayley gave him the Bayley-To-Belly Hugplex… and that my friends, in professional wrestling, is the kiss of death for a male wrestler. Don’t care if it’s a main event match, you keep the guys and girls separate. No need to have them beating on each other.

There is speculation regarding how long and how often Shane McMahon will appear on WWE television, sure the use of the GM will help manage that a bit, but a lot of folks are tying that to him still not having a front office position again with the company, and probably Triple H and Stephanie are fighting to keep that from happening. They are very protective of their territory and never like to let anyone get involved or go ahead if it’s the best thing for the company, either on TV or in the board room.

Heath Slater was busted open over the weekend in a match with Titus O’Neil… and…well I’ll go ahead and say it: Slater was viciously attacked by a Florida Gator…. Those of you who know anything about O’Neil will get that joke.

And on that note, let’s take it home with a three count.

Due to the WWE Draft tomorrow night… and possibly I’ll do a video log on it, this weeks Lets Play Star Trek Online, will be done much sooner than usual!

So till then, have a good one!

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