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Lets Play & Review Alien Storm!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... it's Sega-Day Night... so lets play and review Alien Storm!

Initially when I started playing it, I didn't think I played the game before... but as it went on, it did seem very familiar to me, so I can't say for sure this was my first time playing it... but I can say it was the first time playing it on a PC with a modern controller.

That said, this game was released in 1990 in the arcades, something I was wondering during the recording of the game play footage, which was later ported to the Sega Genesis / MegaDrive and some other consoles. The players play as (according to Wikipedia) 'Alien Busters'. It's a standard side-scrolling beat 'em up, with some other elements (like a first person shooter and a sprint stage) thrown in for variety.

There are three characters to choose from, Scooter, a robot / android, Karen, who thanks to being a brunette and wearing yellow reminded me of April O'Neil, and Garth, who w…

The Unwilling Warriors - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basements…
It’s Saturday! Time for another edition of ‘Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS!
First up, there is a lot of speculation regarding Matt Smith returning to ‘Doctor Who’, either for a multi-Doctor story with Peter Capladi, or to be the first regeneration of The Doctor to go ‘back’ to an actor who previously played the part. Either way is interesting, and if they do go the ‘regeneration’ route, then you know the Social Justice Warriors are gonna scream ‘foul’ over it, even though that mentality didn’t result in positive outcomes in other franchises… like Ghostbusters (outside of Kate McKinnon but I digress) Anyway, this week, we’re going over part two of The Sensorites, with ‘The Unwilling Warriors’We open with the thing on the wing of the plane… I mean the Sensorite in the window who incapacitates Maitland and Carol, who I didn’t talk about last week, she is married to John, the guy who reacted badly to the Sensorite’s mental powers and who is …

My Physical Comic Book Collection as of July 17, 2016

Hello Dwellers...

So I've been asked from time to time to present a list of my comics that I currently have and it's a pretty decent list, that is steadily growing, since I lost a lot of comics from the 90s and have some large gaps in my between certain issues. The key for 'Type' is 'TPB - Trade Paperback', 'GN - Graphic Novel', 'HC - Hardcover'.

TitleTypeIssue \ VolumePublisherYear1963
1Image19932020 Visions
2DC / Vertigo199752 Weeks
3DC Comics2006Action Comics
438DC Comics1974Action Comics
446DC Comics1975Action Comics
592DC Comics1987Action Comics
593DC Comics1987Action Comics Annual
3DC Comics1991Adam Strange
2DC Comics2004Adventures of Superman
500DC Comics1993All Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder
10DC Comics2008All Star Batman & Robin The Boy WonderTPB1DC Comics2009