Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dan Severn - Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…  It’s Wednesday and time for another Yay or Nay for the Hall of Fame.


Now everyone and their mother knows Brock Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt at UFC 200… and I’m sure no palms were greased by Dana White to ensure that if the fight went the very short distance (when compared to boxing) that Brock was guaranteed a win by decision. Then again, considering how convenient certain things happen in that organization I’d be more shocked if no one was bribed.


But what really got my goat, was folks saying that Lesnar is the greatest combat fighter of all time because he won a MMA fight while being a WWE performer.


Are you freaking kidding me?


I’m sorry but no…. No on so many levels… Lesnar is not the greatest combat fighter of all time because he’s a part timer freak show act in the world of pro wrestling and he has had only nine… count ‘em NINE fights, 8 of which was spread between 2007 and 2011 and has a history of not being able to commit to anything.


No… if you want someone who intead is the greatest combat fighter of all time… look no further than the true Beast… Dan Severn.


Now obviously, I normally stick to the pro wrestling accomplishments here, but since everyone was to jump on the Crock Lesnar bandwagon… let’s drop a little history as it relates to Severn.


Three Time Olympic Team Alternate, 13 National AAU Championships, UFC Hall of Famer and the only Triple Crown Champion in the history of that organization, various regional championships within the world of Pro Wrestling including being a two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and at one point at time held that and the UFC Heavyweight Championship at the same time.


To date he has has 127 professional MMA fights, winning 101… and here’s where it gets good, nearly 30 of those fights came within the same time span of Lesnar pitiful 8 fights.. During his one year with the WWE, Severn had well over 40 matches (that I can find record of), a handful on non-WWE wrestling bouts, and 7 MMA fights. And yes, he was winning the majority of his MMA bouts.


So tell me again in comparison, how the hell is Brock Lesnar the greatest combat fighter of all time, he he doesn’t even come close to someone who is done the same things? Let me save you some time, you can’t answer that question because Lesnar doesn’t match up… at all.


Now looking at Severn’s career and the question of him being a WWE Hall of Famer… yes he didn’t have a long stint with the WWE, and like Ken Shamrock was misused greatly thanks to Vince Russo, but at the same time, one has to take a look at everything. His first NWA World Heavyweight Championship reign lasted four years and is one of the longest single reigns in the history of the title. He STILL is a cross-over star, there is no one like him around in their prime that could touch him in terms of being a legit athlete.


So in my warped little world, yes Severn should get into the WWE Hall of Fame because of that…


And oh yeah… if Severn was to face Lesnar today… I’d predict Severn would whoop Lesnar six-ways from Sunday and win a minute into round two.


But if you disagree with me, feel free to state your reasons in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe!.


Catch ya next time everybody!

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