Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Core Of The Matter Is This... Lets Play Star Trek Online!

Hello Dwellers & Welcome To The Basement...
It's Tuesday! Let's Play Star Trek Online!

And boy talk about a change in plans, with the launch of Agents of Yesterday a number of missions were added to the Romulan play through we've been doing that take place earlier in the character's story... meaning before we can continue the Future Proof arc, got to go and tackle some of the new stuff first! So much for my cunning plan to hold off on it.... but still, we're doing missions that characters created before the expansion can tackle, so it fits with this series.

This is also the first Star Trek Online video I recorded with my new monitor, and thus I'm able to shrink the HUD down in game to allow more the action to me seen, at the expense of me trying to read smaller text... the things I put my self through...

Anyway, this mission, 'The Core Of The Mater' is the first one that existing players prior to the expansion can do, and introduces you to Daniels, a Temporal Agent who was a frequent character on Star Trek Enterprise during the 'Temporal Cold War' arc... and this mission acts as a 'sequel' to the classic Star Trek Episode, The 'Doomsday Machine', where the Na'kuhl and their Envoy are trying to tamper with time by giving control of a Doomsday Machine, a planet killer, to the Romulan Star Empire of the 23rd Century. The player goes back to stop it.This mission also ties in with the The Next Generation episode 'The Enemy' giving a reason as to why the planet called Galorndon Core is so in-hospital... spoilers... it involves a big crash.

I won't lie, this mission, has one of my favorite 'shoot out' segments in the game, after you're revealed to the Romulans, and you need to fight you way to where the controller for the Doomsday Machine is held... it's fun, chaotic fun that really feels like all available security guards are rushing to your location to stop you. The space battle itself is pretty frantic as you want to avoid the Doomsday Machine's anti-matter barrage when it fires as well as fighting off the Na'kuhl and Romulan ships until you free the Machine from their control. Again, chaotic fun applies here.

Overall this is a short mission, my game play video is a bit long cause I was showing off the benefit of starting a new character, where you get a lot of goodies. And of course we'll close this out with some screen shots!

Talking Politics: The Iowa Conundrum and New Jersey Politics

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

Normally I wouldn't talk politics or the like here... but, somethings caught my attention, namely the state senate runs out in Iowa, because it appears to be a very interesting split on things thanks decisions and plans of the the governor Terry Branstad

As far as I can tell, the big issues are the state mental health facilities, two of which Branstad closed down a year ago in a very controversial decision, not to mention being open to closing the remaining two, in addition to just closing them due to a personal bias feeling the mental health care is an out dated concept... this coming from a guy who is on the board of a school that openly denies the existence of transgendered people, which of course is another can of worms.Then there is the irony of him serving on the board of a school... and making huge cuts to education, because 'spending more money doesn't matter', even though some of his opposition in the state senate opposes him heavily on these issues.

Which leads to the question of how folks running for the state legislature are choosing to position themselves to either get re-elected or get voted into office, and the divide is so black and white it's amazing when one considers how things are out here in New Jersey.

Sure out state legislature opposes Governor Chris Christie on a number of fronts, but we have seen both side of the aisle work with him, and over the years there has been a lot of those running for office who seem to have a mix-bag of things they are for and against, making having a biased, vote along political party lines here damn near improbable and exceedingly stupid to do... and that's not just because in some parts of the state. Of course all the usual stuff comes up, like Planned Parenthood funding, Gun Control, Education, Government Spending, Employment, and so forth... but somehow it's not as cut and dry as I see it out in Iowa.... where the apparent grade the NRA gives someone carries a lot of weight.

Which is why Iowa is just fascinating to me at the moment, and though I don't live there, I'm very interested to see how things play out come November.

If you're an Iowan and come across this pokey little blog, I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on what's happening in your state, to see if it is as split as it seems.

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