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The RAW VIEW - My WWE Draft

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… had a create your own draft page to split the roster… and so I did exact that… dividing up the roster, in what to me makes the best product for both shows.And for proof that this is how I split the roster:
RAWJohn CenaDean AmbroseUndertakerRandy OrtonNikki BellaCharlotteSasha BanksKofi KingstonBig EXavier WoodsCesaroBecky LynchPaigeAlberto Del RioBig CassEnzo AmoreBray WyattBraun StrowmanErick RowanJey UsoJimmy UsoApollo CrewsAlicia FoxBaron CorbinBubby Ray DudleyDana BrookeD’Von DudleyEmmaEpicoFandangoGoldustJack SwaggerKalistoKonnorMark HenryMaryseNatalyaNevillePrimoR-TruthSin CaraThe MizTyler BreezeViktor

SmackDownAJ StylesSeth RollinsRoman ReignsBrock LesnarKevin OwensSami ZaynBig ShowKaneChris JerichoSheamusKarl AndersonLuke GallowsLuke HarperAiden EnglishBo DallasCurtis AxelDarren YoungDolph ZigglerEva MarieHeath SlaterLanaNaomiRosa MendesRusevRybackSimon Gotch…

Ring The Bell: Cruiserweight Classic, Brock Lesnar, MLW Radio, John Cena, New Japan & More!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement…It’s Monday, let’s RING THE BELL and get the RAW VIEW on recent news and events in the world of pro wrestling!

The WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic gets underway on Wendesday, with episodes of it taped in advance, the intrigue is not on who wins or loses… but instead on if they are actually going to have wrestling matches… or the indy-spotfest garbage. The WWE Network had a special last week to break down the brackets and highlight a number of the competitors, and an emphasis was on having ‘wrestling matches’ to break the stereotype that has plagued cruiser-weights going back to the 1990s.

Brock Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt, having to go the full 3-rounds, and get probably a paid decision (c’mon, the UFC is more crooked than boxing was in the 1980s)… and now will be facing Randy Orton at SummerSlam next month. In my mind, Orton defeats Lesnar via boot to the head and gets a push based on ‘The Viper Who Slayed The Beast’, similar to how he had a ‘Legend…