Monday, July 11, 2016

The RAW VIEW - My WWE Draft

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… had a create your own draft page to split the roster… and so I did exact that… dividing up the roster, in what to me makes the best product for both shows.

And for proof that this is how I split the roster:


John Cena

Dean Ambrose


Randy Orton

Nikki Bella


Sasha Banks

Kofi Kingston

Big E

Xavier Woods


Becky Lynch


Alberto Del Rio

Big Cass

Enzo Amore

Bray Wyatt

Braun Strowman

Erick Rowan

Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso

Apollo Crews

Alicia Fox

Baron Corbin

Bubby Ray Dudley

Dana Brooke

D’Von Dudley





Jack Swagger



Mark Henry






Sin Cara

The Miz

Tyler Breeze



AJ Styles

Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar

Kevin Owens

Sami Zayn

Big Show


Chris Jericho


Karl Anderson

Luke Gallows

Luke Harper

Aiden English

Bo Dallas

Curtis Axel

Darren Young

Dolph Ziggler

Eva Marie

Heath Slater



Rosa Mendes



Simon Gotch

Summer Rae


Titus O’Neil

Zack Ryder

The reason for the split is that RAW has three hours, and thus has more time for the Tag Team and Women’s Divisions… and SmackDown gets enough guys to fill out its roster until NXT Call Ups are made, plus I see Smackdown getting it’s own ‘World Champion’ and set of tag team champs.

Ring The Bell: Cruiserweight Classic, Brock Lesnar, MLW Radio, John Cena, New Japan & More!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement…

It’s Monday, let’s RING THE BELL and get the RAW VIEW on recent news and events in the world of pro wrestling!

The WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic gets underway on Wendesday, with episodes of it taped in advance, the intrigue is not on who wins or loses… but instead on if they are actually going to have wrestling matches… or the indy-spotfest garbage. The WWE Network had a special last week to break down the brackets and highlight a number of the competitors, and an emphasis was on having ‘wrestling matches’ to break the stereotype that has plagued cruiser-weights going back to the 1990s.

Brock Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt, having to go the full 3-rounds, and get probably a paid decision (c’mon, the UFC is more crooked than boxing was in the 1980s)… and now will be facing Randy Orton at SummerSlam next month. In my mind, Orton defeats Lesnar via boot to the head and gets a push based on ‘The Viper Who Slayed The Beast’, similar to how he had a ‘Legend Killer’ gimmick back in 2003-04. Besides, Lesnar is not a draw, and I’d bet dollar to donuts, that Lesnar being on UFC 200 didn’t factor into anyone actually buying the show.

There has been a lot made about John Cena working a lighter schedule, and after 16 years, he’s more than earned to get a few extra days off… even though no one has bothered to step up to try and do the things he does for the WWE. People forget that it’s more than just crowd pops and having message board pleasing matches, you got to be a 100% always on spokesperson for the company, from charity to special events and media relations… no one, not AJ Styles and certainly not Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins has even bothered to even step into Cena’s shoes.

And speaking of Cena… let me chime in on the #BeatUpJohnCena crap from last week, let’s remember a simple fact, that it wasn’t for John Cena stepping up the way he did following an internet darling named Chris Benoit MURDERING HIS FAMILY… pro wrestling may have all but stopped on a national level in the United States. Cena, more than any one performer, basically set the standard of how a wrestler should be, restoring credibility to the industry that hasn’t been around since the early 80s.

Moving on… Jushin Thunder Liger will be taking part in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ 24-person Tournament. Also taking part in the tournament is NXT washout Chris Hero, Matt Sydal, Jack Gallager, Zack Sabre Jr, and Cody Rhodes among others.

Speaking of Cody Rhodes, he appeared on the Ric Flair Show on its new home on MLW Radio… and yeah, I won’t be listening to that program anytime soon, much like MSL on the MSL and Sullivan show…as the listeners get talked ‘down’ to, in Flair’s case it’s about Charlotte who is good, but no one where near as good as the likes of Paige, Sasha Banks, Emma and women who actually worked the independents, but Flair praises her because she’s his kid… while MSL & Sullivan, suffers from MSL ‘the 1990s was perfect’ syndrome while making Kevin Sullivan, someone WORTH LISTENING TOO, sound like a total goof ball.

But MLW Radio does have fun show that caught my attention ‘Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling’ is a totally random hodgepodge, that is totally from a ‘fans’ perspective’, It’s a perfect compliment to the much more engaging Jim Cornette Experience and Bauer & Pollock, the network’s two strongest programs, because a) Cornette isn’t happened with a moron (well not anymore) and is entertaining when he goes on a long rant, and b) Bauer & Pollock actually go over the news and events. The ‘Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling’ program, is the nice bit of sugary goodness that just exists to lighten the mood.

Anyway, in a move people were expecting, TNA’s Impact Wrestling is moving to Thursday nights to avoid running head to head with SmackDown Live… however the fact that TNA’s product still is a joke and reeks of the worst aspect of the late 90s will not be changing any time soon.

But hey they are getting a ‘Moose’… that worked incredibly well the first time around… oh wait… it didn’t.

Speaking of SmackDown…. That show needs to have its name changed in the worst way… it reeks of the 1990s, and its not a good name… it’s The Rock freakin’ catchphrase that no one other than him uses. It’s garbage, pure and simple. The right move would have been to re-brand the show, call it… WWE Titans… or WWE Prime …. Both of which call backs to the WWE’s original prime time shows on the USA Network, Tuesday Night Titans and Prime Time Wrestling…. Hell call it NITRO or THUNDER… anything is better than SmackDown at this point.

The WWE Draft is next week with Battleground right behind it, but as of yet there has been not determination or announcement to indicate how the championships will be split. There is indication that there will be the return of the World Heavyweight Championship with the ‘World Heavyweight’ part disappearing form the WWE World Heavyweight Championship name in recent weeks.

On last week’s RAW… Bob Backlund announced he is giving the Cross-face Chicken Wing to Darren Young… I don’t think that’s going to make Darren great… considering it’s a move that doesn’t naturally fit with what we’ve seen him do… now if he gave him the Super Atomic Drop, then that would’ve been interesting.

And as I was writing this, apparently the UFC has been sold… and instead of getting rid of Dana White who wasted money on the likes of CM Punk… he gets to stay around considering the favortism he has shown to his ‘guys’… and apparently, the new owners, will be forcing the fighters to sign with a certain agency… which screws a lot of folks over cause you know there are going to be strong-arm tactics being done for guys to get certain fights and big pay days.

New Japan Promoter / President Bushiroad Takaaki Kidani indicated that they hope to do stand-alone shows in the United States… and that could be interesting. They will draw in New York, Chicago and all the Smark-infested cities to draw a crowd of around 5,000… but I don’t see them being able to grow their popularity here in the States with casual fans, for the same reasons Ring of Honor has failed to do so. They should treat coming to the US the way the WWE treats going to the UK, twice a year tops, and only hitting areas that make sense on a travel route.

And on that note, the final 3-count has been made, so let’s wrap this up.

Tomorrow night is Tuesday, and the plan is to continue the Romulan story arc missions with Sobar when I play Star Trek Online!

Catch ya then!

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