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Sunrise of a Brand New Dawn - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers, Welcome To The Basement... It's  Tuesday, So lets play Star Trek Online! 

Star Trek Online's Agents of Yesterday may release tomorrow, but knowing from experience how buggy the launch of major events in game can be, I'll continue to do this series with Admiral Sobar's crew, allowing for Cryptic to get the kinks out before trying the new missions. (Particularly if one has to start a new character, like one had to do with a couple of years ago to get certain perks)

So onto Sunrise, which of course comes after Midnight... I see what they did there with the naming of the missions... anyway, with the Iconian War ended, it's time to explore the galaxy once again, and the Romulan Republic sees this as a way to get new allies and expand its borders. Our mission to investigate a star that is suddenly dying, but its not showing any of the usual signs associated with such an event.

Now this mission ties into one episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, Captai…