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Ring The Bell - Thoughts on Vince Russo & More

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...
It's Monday, So Let's RING THE BELL and get the RAW VIEW on the week that was in wrestling!
And we'll lead off the proof that New York breads terrible people, so we're talking about Vince Russo... who on a recent podcast (that he deleted when he realized what he said), admitted to contacting both Destination America & PopTV, to try and get creative consulted gig to provide 'input on TNA's product... here's the problem, TNA wants nothing to do with Russo, and he is a huge reason why they are in the spot they are in... having gone from SpikeTV to DA and PopTV all within a matter of a couple of years. On the same podcast, Glen Gilberti aka The Disco Inferno, pointed out that Russo was trying to get back at TNA for them firing him after he helped get them thrown OFF of SpikeTV.
It doesn't take a genius to realize his intention, particularly when you add in this bit , Russo admitting that he tried to get a…