Monday, July 4, 2016

Ring The Bell - Thoughts on Vince Russo & More

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It's Monday, So Let's RING THE BELL and get the RAW VIEW on the week that was in wrestling!

And we'll lead off the proof that New York breads terrible people, so we're talking about Vince Russo... who on a recent podcast (that he deleted when he realized what he said), admitted to contacting both Destination America & PopTV, to try and get creative consulted gig to provide 'input on TNA's product... here's the problem, TNA wants nothing to do with Russo, and he is a huge reason why they are in the spot they are in... having gone from SpikeTV to DA and PopTV all within a matter of a couple of years. On the same podcast, Glen Gilberti aka The Disco Inferno, pointed out that Russo was trying to get back at TNA for them firing him after he helped get them thrown OFF of SpikeTV.

It doesn't take a genius to realize his intention, particularly when you add in this bit , Russo admitting that he tried to get a job with Lucha Underground after denying the reports. Russo is desperate to have a job in the wrestling industry... even though history has proven that time has passed him by (cause the god-awful approach he uses has seen rapidly diminishing returns since 1999) and it's clear, particularly with his 'retraction', to throw all wrestling fans under the bus.

In fact, Russo is a lot like Alec Peters, they know what they are doing in wrong, but do it anyway, and there is a cult that believes everything thing they say and do, said cult is made up of people that need to be institutionalized. But if you want a good summary on Russo... go check out the Jim Cornett Experience's episode for June 30, 2016  over on You'll get all the information you need to know about the man who helped killed wrestling.

Moving on, let's see what tonight's episode of RAW has featured. A rematch from SmackDown between WWE Champion Dean Ambrose and Intercontinental Champion The Miz, I'm guessing because Roman Reigns suspension really screwed the pooch on plans on what was supposed to be happening if we're seeing that again.

Titus O'Neil is getting another shot at Rusev for the United States Championship... this being July 4th... it could be a good time for a Patriotic Title switch, but with the role Rusev has been on (and their dreadful performances in actual matches), has me thinking we'll see Rusev retain.

There is going to be a eight on eight elimination tag match, featuring Team USA vs Team International, and while there are plenty of American competitors to fill out a team of eight, things come up a bit short on the International side considering Rusev has a title match and unless it's going to be a mix of heels and faces, or see some surprise call ups from NXT.

And Vickie Guerrero is said to be stopping by... oh... joy...

It was announced that Cody Rhodes is going to be on Arrow this upcoming season, so the question comes down as to which villain is he going to play, cause all the good ones have already been featured. I'm sure Cody will give a decent performance regardless of the role.

Jerry Lawler was reinstated following the resolution to the domestic abuse charges, when will he return to WWE TV? Hopefully by this week's SmackDown as Otunga and Saxton are just terrible when trying to act as support for Mauro Ranallo  

WWE Hall of Famer Sunny has indicated she would be interested to do more work with Vivid Entertainment... I say, please get back into 2010 Sunny Shape first. Just saying, her first performance was okay, but the body compared to others in the MILF age bracket was not quite up to par

People were excited that Bobby The Brain Heenan had a twitter account, only for it to turn out to be fake. Let's be honest, a clear indication that it was fake was the person saying that Kevin Owens was his favorite current wrestler.

Hideo Itami has returned to action following a year-long hiatus due to injury. With the signing of Nakamura, I wonder if Itami is going to be fast tracked to the main roster, or will he stay on NXT and Nakamura get the promotion.

Jake Roberts spoke with Fox Sports, and an in an interesting highlight, called Sting very lackadaisical and didn't enjoy working with him during their 1993 feud... lets keep in mind that Roberts was basically imploding at that point and time and his performances were god awful.

The sister of Nancy Benoit, Sandra Toffoloni, gave some great insight on how Chris Benoit acted during a recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho, indicating that Benoit was became increasing paranoid following WrestleMania 20 and doesn't fully support the concussion theory. It certainly was interesting to listen too.

And on that note, we'll close up shop here! Tomorrow is of course Tuesday, so Lets Play Star Trek Online!

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