Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Basement's Masoct - Spotlight on 3D Pony Creator by PonyLumen

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

So I've been looking at different things to create a 'mascot' for the basement... and then I stumbled across the 3D Pony Creator (found at which was made by PonyLumen. It's an awesome little tool to create model of a Pony, with quite a lot of customization. If you are a brony, or just looking to see what you can create, be sure to check it out.

And so here's the mascot... a Mech Pony which has no name as of yet...

The Dark Knight Returns - Comics From The Basement

Hello and Welcome to Comics From The Basement…

Today my cousin Elissa is getting married and of course I’m going to be in attendance… not wearing this mind you, this episode was recorded yesterday (hence the date at the start of the video)

But on this joyous day… a comic book is being put through the grinder that is my biased  point of view, and even though I’ve been called a corporate sell out, no one has paid me any anything… except attention when it comes to the occasional ‘like’, ‘dislike’, ‘subscriber’ or comments on my videos.

This week’s comic… is one that I consider the biggest burden on the Batman franchise… the one that basically made it ‘Batman is the most over-powered, over-rated superhero of all time’… I am of course talking about Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns…

Now here me out, I am no fan of Frank Miller, but I like some of his stuff, particularly with Daredevil… but this story, which was a four-issue mini-series released in 1986, has been like a noose around the franchise’s neck for 30 years, and we saw how that strangle hold was clear on display with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year, with the forever excuse of ‘if Batman has enough prep time he can win’ nonsense being basically introduced in this story to the main-stream audience
For those of you who may not know, The Dark Knight Returns basically sees Bruce Wayne returning to the role as Batman after 10 year retirement when things in the world causes him to just snap. Stepping back into his familiar cape and cowl, Batman deals with old foes like Two-Face and The Joker (who has been in a catatonic state) , and new ones like the new Police Commissioner, Mutants and Superman…

You see, in this warped timeline, Superman has basically become a tool for the United States government, putting him and Batman at odds, when after diverting a Soviet Nuke, the United States is plunged into chaos with an electromagnetic pulse… and the US Government is embarrassed when Gotham city ends up the safest in the world thanks to Batman merging two violent groups into a vigilante force… and Superman is ordered to take Batman out…. And if you saw Batman V Superman, you saw how the fight plays out… nearly scene for scene, with the exception of the Green Arrow’s involvement with a Kryptonite arrow (instead of a spear) and Batman basically wins, before dying of a heart attack (if only…)

This comic has some good points, I will grant it that, basically the first three chapters, from setting up the world, how times have changed all the way up until the final confrontation with the Joker is very solid. The introduction of Carrie Kelley and her becoming Robin is very well done…  There is some snarky remarks from Alfred towards Bruce’s decision to return to the life of being Batman, the excessive ‘talking head’ debate that runs rampant through most of the story certainly foreshadowed how TV is these days,

But the final chapter, called “The Dark Knight Falls’ where this story fails, putting Superman and Batman at odds for no reason other than Superman works for the government and they are embarrassed that a rouge like Batman has made the most crime-filled city in the nation ‘safe’ . Superman hates the position he’s in, but it’s how he can protect and save people… he tries to reason with him, but Batman ‘has everything planned out’ to show how ‘superior he is’… and what a load of bunk…

Let’s keep something in mind here: Superman does not want to fight Batman, it’s Batman who provokes the fight and escalates it. If Superman wanted to fight, he’d just melt Bats down with his heat-vision from a safe distance, or fly him up into space, or any other of impressive feats.

And I’m not even diving into Catwoman being a proprietor of an Escort Service, is is later dressed up as Wonder Woman, bound and apparently severely beaten by The Joker...

The artwork in this book… well… Frank Miller is not a good artist… even when he was sane, but there are some bits that look down right impressive, in particular the splash pages. However, this book is extremely wordy and the print at times came be pretty small.

So what’s the verdict with this…  despite my own issues with the story, you have to read it and judge it for yourself, even if everything that is wrong with Batman as a character is introduced in it.

Now where can you get it… well, this one here is the 2012 trade paperback re-print and you basically can go anywhere,, eBay or Amazon to find a copy at various prices… hell a 30th Anniversary Edition game out just a few months ago. And you can get your digital version through So no one has an excuse not to read it at least once to make their own judgment call on it.

Next Week… I think I’ll look at something totally different… maybe something involving a brigade… till then, have a good one!

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle - Lets Play & Review

Hello Dwellers & Welcome To The Basement!

Last week, I did the 'retro-look' at four Sonic The Hedgehog Games released for the Genesis back in the 1990s, and I figured why look at my classic games, after all, Steam has 5 packs of Sega Mega-Drive & Genesis Classics, and so it could be fun to look back at what-once-was. And for the sake of simplicity, why not do the games in Alphabetical order? Sounds like a plan to me! At least it did when I got the sudden idea for a 'Sega Saturday Night'... or a 'Sega-Day Night?'... yeah that's a terrible name... which I might call this series

Anyway, this weeks game is Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, which was released in February of 1989... my brother wasn't even born yet when this game came out, and I will admit, I did not play this game until tonight. So for me, it was a totally new experience. The game (via a PC), looks pretty good, and the sound quality is decent, and there is a slight learning curve with the controls, (since I did not bother to review the controls before hand... and I'm using a Logitech F310 controller, so figuring out what button is what took some time to figure out and feel comfortable with).

The game-play itself is very straight forward, you play as Alex and you go through each stage, avoiding / defeating enemies to get a rice ball at the end. Yes a rice ball. If an enemy touches you, you die, and either start at the beginning of a level, or if you're lucky, at a check point. You get 3 lives, and can find additional lives in chests (which can contain necklaces, coins or are booby-trapped with bombs).

 There is a reoccurring element  of 'rock paper scissors'  as you can enter certain buildings to 'gamble' to win coins or items playing this TOTALLY RANDOM GAME... and here's the kicker, the one boss battle I came across... this is you play them... Rock... Paper... Scissors. Considering the one hit death factor, I can understand it... but it's a random element, if you lose to the boss, you don't get a second chance, you go back to the beginning of the stage and have to work your way to them again.

But at the same time this game can be addicting, with there being multiple ways to get around enemies and make your way to the end of the level. Even when you die, you can learn from your mistakes and make progress... and if you have enough in-game currency you can continue.

You read that right... you need money in game to keep playing if you run out of lives... in fact you need 800 for a continue and a fresh set of lives, the best part is, the game will continue at the beginning of the stage you were last at, or if you're lucky, at the last check point. So going after chests and defeating the enemies is incredible important, because that is how you get the currency... it's certainly a very different method compared to most other side-scroller games of the late 80s and early 90s., and since there is no time-limited on the stages, you have plenty of time to explore.

So here's the verdict: it's a nice game from the late 80s that you can get progressively better at the more you play.

11/18/2019 Grandia

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