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Spotlight - The Chronicles of Lanclos (a Star Trek fan production)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement!

So since Friday I've been dragged over the coals by the Axanard Cult for saying the guidelines were fair... and then today...I come across a Star Trek Fan Film made by the good folks at Potemkin Pictures, 'The Chronicles of Lanclos', which tells a fine story in under 10 minutes, with nice production values and character development. Nothing to fancy, but something clearly done by fans for fun. It is certainly worth checking out!

For More About Potemkin Pictures Visit:

Psycho Sid Vicious - Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement  and Yay Or Nay for the Hall of Fame…
This week’s subject… well… he hail’s from where ever he damn well pleases… most noteably West Memphis Arkansas…. He stands 6 feet 9 inches and checks in at 317 lbs… he is the man… the master… and ruler of the World…. SID VICIOUS!

Debuting in the late 1980s after a chance encounter with the Poffo Brothers, Sid got his start in Continental Championship Wrestling and had a couple of short stints in New Japan and World Class Championship Wrestling… but it was in 1989 where he got his first large bit of fame with World Championship Wrestling, where he was placed into a tag team with Danny Spivey called the Skyscrapers, having epic battles with The Steiner Brothers and the Road Warriors, and making the power bomb his finishing move. However this stint didn’t last as a broken rib put him on the side lines for a bit, and his spot was under taken by a guy named Mean Mark… wonder whatever happened to him?

Anyway, w…

In The Midnight Hour - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement!

It's TUESDAY! Let's Play Star Trek Online!

And it's come to this... the many space miles along the interstellar highway that we've traveled has brought us here... one final nose-to-nose slug fest with the Iconians, for the fate of Earth and the Galaxy! The Alliance has a plan... to use the Krenim ship to create a gateway to the past, allowing a team to go back 200,000 years to wipe out the Iconians on the day their world was invaded... but all isn't as it seems.

This mission... let's face it... it brought conclusion to the first five years of Star Trek Online... everything was building towards this point, and it was a satisfying conclusion... even with the predestination paraodox of Sela going to the past to betray the Iconians so that they can destroy Romulus so that she is motivated to go back to the past to the destroy them and... the circle goes on and on and on... in fact, this mission actually gives reason for r…