Monday, June 27, 2016

Ring The Bell: Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle, Vader vs Ospreay and more!

Hello  Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…. 
It’s Monday! Time To RING THE BELL and get the RAW VIEW for the week that was in the world of pro wrestling!

And let’s start off with the suspension of Roman Reigns… excuse me…. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Okay, I’m better now, but yeah, Roman got caught by the WWE’s Wellness policy, and really the last time someone from that high up the card got busted, was Randy Orton… and we saw how that turned out, Orton would get a number of semi-main event pushes, but he’s never gotten a sustained run on top. So what does this mean for Roman? Probably not much, since his 30 day suspension would expire prior to the Battleground event in a few weeks… so he’s off TV for the entire build of the show, which puts the spotlight on the new WWE Champion Dean Ambrose, who is obviously going to swim and not sink. Regardless, I have to laugh at Roman for being such a flipping idiot, it’s bad enough that he can’t get the crowd behind him, he can’t move merchandise and is not in demand by anyone to make TV appearances, but now he’s got this strike against him. They could turn him when he comes back… but I think it’s time to drop him down the card and make people forget about him for a while.

It’s being reported that the WWE is going to call up anywhere from 10-12 wrestlers from NXT to fill out both the RAW and SmackDown touring rosters… and I’ve seen a few columnists on various sites saying that ‘anyone male wrestler from NXT getting called up is going to be exposed as not being as good as people think they are’… to which I say, no freakin’ duh! Outside of Enzo and Big Cass, every single male call up from NXT has been a flop on the main roster, and that does include Owens and Zayn, because guess what folks, since those two stink up the joint against everyone else, the WWE has basically just put them back into the endless loop they’ve been in for over a decade.

Speaking of NXT… there is a no bag policy now at Full Sail University… because of all the carrying that happens at a NXT Taping by the wrestlers, they don’t want the fans taking part.

Brock Lesnar is on the cover of WWE 2K17…. And along with Golberg being the featured DLC content for pre-ordering… I have to consider this a joke… this is right up there with CM Punk being on the cover in terms of being a dumb as a brick decisions that I have ever seen. Considering the push Roman was getting, I’m shocked he isn’t on the cover…

Kurt Angle has had an interesting week, first saying on the radio that he’s going to be coming back to the WWE… only for Dave Meltzer to report that the WWE has said that is not happening…. And I think this is a big case of Angle showing his hand too early, revealing something before anything to could be signed. Because in this day and age, the WWE would probably want something like that to be a surprise, much like Sting’s appearance at Survivor Series in 2014. I don’t doubt that Angle will be back for maybe a fare-well tour and a Hall of Fame induction.

Paige VanZant has confirmed that the WWE had interest in bringing her in for something at SummerSlamn… thing is she is facing Bec Rawling at a UFC special on Fox that weekend, and obviously that is her priority.  She is a WWE fan, so I expect her to pop up in the company at some point…. Probably a show down with Paige… yeah Paige versus Paige, that would be interesting… does Paige hit Paige with the Paige-Turner… and would that be considered PaigeCepetion?! (Thanks Dax for that!)

Something that I would love to now is why Lucha Underground doesn’t have a Spanish broadcast anymore? As much as a joke I think that TV show is, because it isn’t wrestling, it amazes me they are shooting themselves in the foot by not airing something in Spanish each week to appeal to the Hispanic market. Then again, we saw how badly their ratings get when NXT Takeover aired against it a few weeks ago… and with the WWE Cruiserweight Classic coming up… this is a bad time for Lucha Underground.

Speaking of the Cruiserweight Classic, the ‘parade of Crusierweights’  thing the WWE did to hype it up was awesome… except for one thing… instead of being on the WWE NETWORK AS A LIVE SPECIAL EVENT, it was shown on FACEBOOK! Are you freakin’ kidding me?! They could’ve simulcasted it! It’s there flipping Network for CRYING OUT LOUD!

The date of CM Punk getting his brains stomped out by Mickey Gall is UFC 204 on September 10th, in Cleveland… which is a bit ironic to me, because if I remember right, that is where Punk took his ball and went home when the WWE wasn’t going to do things his way. 

The legendary Big Van Vader is going to have a match with Will Ospreay on August 12, for those who don’t know, Ospreay had a match filled with gymnastic spots with Ricochet at Battle of the Super Juniors, and Vader called them out on how it wasn’t pro wrestling. And they have agreed to have a match… so this will be interesting, cause Vader in his prime would boulder through guys like Ospreay regardless of the result… and obviously Ospreay is going to have to see his ass off, cause I wouldn’t want to piss Vader off regardless of how old he is! But I have a bad feeling that Ospreay is going to do what Shawn Michaels did in a SummerSlam match with Hulk Hogan in making the legend look like an ass with over selling up the wazoo.

Stephanie McMahon said that ‘Virtual Reality’ is apart of the WWE’s future… and what she described, it sounds like it’s concept being kicked around for a future WWE video game… on one hand it sounds interesting… but on the other, VR gear is damn expensive and the concept could cause a lot of whiplash with how things in VR are supposed to come towards you. Would be interesting to try at least once.

Okay, l’m going to break a rule and talk politics… This is not new… but since it’s been popping up I better address this, back in 2011, and testifying before the US Foreign Policy Priorities Committee… Hillary Clinton blamed Professional Wrestling for damaging the perception of America abroad, saying ‘it is counter purpose to what we truly are as American’… and this was a couple of years after SHE APPEARED ON MONDAY NIGHT RAW WHEN TRYING TO BECOME THE DEMOCRATS PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE!  The woman was, is and forever will be a DING BAT, because what has damaged the perception of America around the world is how the Republics and Democrats are telling folks how to live and stealing their money at the same damn time!

That’s why I’m backing Gary Johnson…

And on that note, let’s tap out and wrap up. Tomorrow is Tuesday… so Let’s Play Star Trek Online!

Then then, have a good one everybody!

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