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My Little Pony: Humble Bundle - Comcis From The Basement

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It may not show… but yeah I am a brony…. Oh wait there’s been that awesome piece of Rainbow Dash artwork behind me since Camden Comic Con, so yeah it is obvious. As a kid I remember seeing the earlier incarnation of My Little Pony that had a shared show with The Glo Friends, and I only remember that because I had the original glo worm plush toy as a kid.

Fast forward to 2010 and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic… when I first came across it, I was blown away with how awesome it was,. The stories are good, each with a message but told in a way that isn’t talking down to it’s viewers, the characters are instantly identifiable and likeable, hell even when they may doing something idiotic in terms of their personalities you can’t dislike them (and for the record Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler than the rest of the Mane 6)… the voice work is among the best I’ve ever heard for an animated (helps that Tara Strong is Twilightlicious), the animation is easy on the eyes, in fact its one of the few animated shows currently made that I don’t have to watch wearing my glasses.

And of course, like many Hasbro properties… there are My Little Pony comics through IDW… which of course brings us to this week’s comic, ‘My Little Pony: Humble Bundle’. Released exclusively as part of a Humble Bundle package earlier this year to raise money for the Hasbro’s Children’s Fund, this comic features two stories that could quite easily have been part of the show itself.

The first, simply titled ‘The Cutie Mark Crusaders & Discord’, sees Sweetie Bell, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom trying to earn their cutie marks by trying to discover their secret talents. This was a reoccurring plot on the actual show up until Season 5, but what happens in the story is they get the help of Discord, a being of chaos similar to Q from Star Trek The Next Generation and voiced by the same actor, John De Lancie, to try and come up with scenarios in which they can achieve their goals. Starts off simply at first with figure skating, football, lion taming… but then things start getting chaotic… and with a magic bubble getting bigger for Discord’s illusions to take place in, it starts to threaten ponyville… the mane six arrive to try and save the CMCs and their town. However none of Discord’s ideas to get the CMC’s their cutie marks seems to work, much to his frustration and annoyance when they don’t seem to appreciate his efforts… however that is not the case. They do appreciate what he’s doing and they know the frustration of not succeeding.

The second story, called ‘Twilight & Spike’ sees Twilight Sparkle telling the rest of the Mane 6 about how she and Spike became friends. Turns out that Twilight wasn’t all that thrilled about taking care of the baby dragon she hatched, and with him being basically a new born, it disrupts her life in a big way, causing her some major public embarrassments which sees Twilight lash out and comparing him to her stuff doll Smarty Pants, which leads her to have a realization what Spike is, is a friend, which for her is her first friend.

Both stories are short, simple reads that could have easily been seen as episodes on the show, and that’s often something that can be said with any of the licensed properties that IDW has under it’s umbrella. The artwork is very reminiscent of the cartoon as well, but after a workshop with Diana Leto, I realize the elegant simplicity of character’s design.

But arguably, my favorite part of this book is the wrap around cover by Sara Richard (@SaraRichard on Twitter) , featuring Pinkie Pie and  Vinyl Scratch (or DJ Pon-3 if you prefer) working the turntables, plus a few additional pin-up pieces in the back of the book featuring the rest of the Mane-6. Still the cover looks awesome it gives the vibe of being special, and for a one shot limited released book for charity, that’s more than what you can ask for.

So yeah I recommend getting this book… but there is a little problem… since this book wasn’t sold through traditional means, it hasn’t hit the re-sellers market yet, I have not seen this listed on, Amazon or eBay, which to me means this going to be one of those rare, hard to find comics going forward depending on how many were sold during The Humble Bundle sale.

Anyway, next week, there will be a delay, due to my cousin getting married, but the next comic featured… will be the one that started the ruining of Batman… curious as to what that is? It isn’t obvious… until then have a good one everybody.

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