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My Little Pony: Humble Bundle - Comcis From The Basement

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It may not show… but yeah I am a brony…. Oh wait there’s been that awesome piece of Rainbow Dash artwork behind me since Camden Comic Con, so yeah it is obvious. As a kid I remember seeing the earlier incarnation of My Little Pony that had a shared show with The Glo Friends, and I only remember that because I had the original glo worm plush toy as a kid.

Fast forward to 2010 and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic… when I first came across it, I was blown away with how awesome it was,. The stories are good, each with a message but told in a way that isn’t talking down to it’s viewers, the characters are instantly identifiable and likeable, hell even when they may doing something idiotic in terms of their personalities you can’t dislike them (and for the record Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler than the rest of the Mane 6)… the voice work is among the best I’ve ever heard for an animated (helps that Tara Strong is Twilightlicious), th…

Star Trek Online - Risan Vacation Snapshots

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So during the course of the past few week, Star Trek Online has been running it's annual Risa Vacation event, and I've had my main toon, Zagreus, station there over the past few weeks. And since I mess around with the screen shots to make the title cards for the Lets Play Videos, I just had some fun with a few random vacation pics.