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If you have an 'issue' with the fair guidelines CBS & Paramount laid out

Alright, most know that I'm pro-CBS / pro-Paramount as far as the Star Trek Fan Film guidelines are concerned, but I understand there are those up in arms, claiming the guidelines are unfair. So, here's a link where you can go to sign a petition for a 'change'.  

But let me be clear, I've seen a number of announcements from those involved with fan films saying how they are going to continue or not continue, but none of them are stating any 'out rage' towards CBS and Paramount, in fact the rage is directed towards Alec Peters and those involved with Star Trek Axanar.

The Bride of Sacrifice - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement! 

It’s Saturday! Time for More Doctor Who Fun With TALES FROM THE TARDIS!

This week’s episode is’ The Bride Of Sacrifice, part three of The Aztecs story.

It opens with Barbara responding to Tlotoxl’s demand to stop the fight herself… by pulling out a knife and threatening to kill him! Barbara Wright is a bad ass folks! Tlotoxl stops the fight, and later Barbara tries to convince Autloc that stopping the sacrifices would be the best thing for the Aztec people, cause yeah, interfering is working out so very well so far. Barbara has good intentions, but she fighting an up-hill battle.

In the mean time, Tlotoxl confronts The Doctor about while he gave Ixta the poisoned needle to defeat Ian, and The Doctor responds that he did not know that Ixta would be facing Ian and that it was to get the schematics for Yetaxa’s tomb… which gives Tlotoxl another angle to try in order to prove that Barbara is not Yetaxa

Elsewhere, Ixta is more friendly with Ian, …