Saturday, June 25, 2016

If you have an 'issue' with the fair guidelines CBS & Paramount laid out

Alright, most know that I'm pro-CBS / pro-Paramount as far as the Star Trek Fan Film guidelines are concerned, but I understand there are those up in arms, claiming the guidelines are unfair. So, here's a link where you can go to sign a petition for a 'change'.  

But let me be clear, I've seen a number of announcements from those involved with fan films saying how they are going to continue or not continue, but none of them are stating any 'out rage' towards CBS and Paramount, in fact the rage is directed towards Alec Peters and those involved with Star Trek Axanar.

The Bride of Sacrifice - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement! 

It’s Saturday! Time for More Doctor Who Fun With TALES FROM THE TARDIS!

This week’s episode is’ The Bride Of Sacrifice, part three of The Aztecs story.

It opens with Barbara responding to Tlotoxl’s demand to stop the fight herself… by pulling out a knife and threatening to kill him! Barbara Wright is a bad ass folks! Tlotoxl stops the fight, and later Barbara tries to convince Autloc that stopping the sacrifices would be the best thing for the Aztec people, cause yeah, interfering is working out so very well so far. Barbara has good intentions, but she fighting an up-hill battle.

In the mean time, Tlotoxl confronts The Doctor about while he gave Ixta the poisoned needle to defeat Ian, and The Doctor responds that he did not know that Ixta would be facing Ian and that it was to get the schematics for Yetaxa’s tomb… which gives Tlotoxl another angle to try in order to prove that Barbara is not Yetaxa

Elsewhere, Ixta is more friendly with Ian, feeling confident that he can defeat him the next time they fight. When he is asked by Tlotoxl if he can see the plans that he was going to give to the Doctor, Ixta explains no such thing exists, and that he was using The Doctor to get an advantage in the fight with Ian. Oh what a tangled web of treachery is being woven here.

Not at all deterred, Tlotoxl switches gears, speaking to Tonila and convincing him of how they can validate Barbara’s claim of being Yetaxa…. By POISONING HER! Yeah that’s right, it’s the old ‘Salem Witch Trial’ test, if she dies she is obviously a fake, but if she lives, she is indeed a god. It’s amazing how far people would go to discredit someone… actually, not it isn’t when there are the likes of Alec Peters, Robert Meyers Burnett, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

So, let’s talk about Cameca, who for all intents and purposes is the first love interest for The Doctor. Autloc notices that she’s been rather happy as of late, and it’s because she’s in love with the Time Lord, intends to get him to drink cocoa in order to get him to commit to marrying her. With the amount of chocolate milk I’ve had over the years, wonder how many marriages I was committed too (ha-HA!). Obviously the Doctor is unaware of all this, and innocently asks her to have a cup of cocoa when she drops some beans in front of him.

And here is where I often have arguments with the Nu-Whovians who think River Song is The Doctor’s Wife and true love, over the course of the scenes the two characters share, The Doctor and Cameca have great chemistry, certainly the wisdom of their years makes things works, and she out right loves him… as opposed to River Song and the bend-over backwards to figure out what the hell is going on with her plots… yes Cameca is manipulating the situation a bit cause The Doctor doesn’t know all rituals, but it doesn’t take much to see that if things were different, he would settle down with her. However obviously when the Doctor finds out, he is quite shocked that he’s getting married! She would later show The Doctor a brooch that belong to Ixta’s father, who she once loved in the past, and reveals that she found it in the Garden of Peace after he went missing.

Anyway, Ian manages to reach Barbara to warn her about Tlotoxl’s plans and give her a reality check about her desire to save the Aztec society. You see, Barbara has a bit of a romanticized view of the Aztecs, much like how wrestling fans view the Attitude Era, there are few positive things but it’s a lot of uglyness that deserves its fate. Tlotoxl and Tonila arrive to give Barbara some wine, while Ian is hidden, signally to Barbara to not to drink it. In a bit that is quite often when a person in power is suspicious, Barbara demands that Tlotoxl drinks it, and when he refuses, Barbara declares the wine to be poison.

Now here is where something gets a bit odd, after Tonila leaves, Barbara tellls Tlotoxl that she is indeed a fake. WHY?! It doesn’t make any sense, cause now he is certain and will be even more unrelenting! Babrara threatens that if he tells anyone, she’ll have the Aztecs destroy him… and even with that threat, it’s pretty empty considering Tlotoxl is more in line with the people than she is!

I’m not kidding folks, because after he leaves, Tlotoxl over-hears Autloc and Tonila talking about Susan’s progress as their student, but make note of her ideals about a woman choosing whom she wishes to marry, which leads to him coming up with another plan to prove Barbara a fraud. What he does is have Tonila bring The Perfect Victim to Susan and demands that she marry marry him. And as soon as Susan refuses, Tonila jumps all over her definance and that she must be punished!

Tlotoxl and Tonila would tell Barbara that ‘someone’ has been defying the law and that the person must be punished, Barbara reluctantly agrees in order to not blow her cover… AFTER TELLING TLOTXL THAT SHE IS INDEED NOT YETAXA!

On the plus side, Autloc vows to stand with Barbara in her objections to the sacrifices, but yeah, things take a sour note when it’s revealed to her that Susan is the one to be punished. Babrara wants it to be stopped as well, and Autloc’s support wavers, asking if Barbara would sacrifice Aztec people to spare Susan pain and suffering.  Now how much of this could’ve been avoided if Barbara didn’t tell Tlotoxl the truth is debatable.

Meanwhile, The Doctor fills Ian in about the brooch that belonged to Ixta’s father and concludes that he must have escaped into the tomb via a secret entrance. The two of them would meet up at night to conduct the search… and there is a little charming moment of Ian finding out about the Doctor’s pending engagement.

Later on, Ixta follows Ian as he goes to meet the Doctor who has gotten a head start on searching for a way into the tomb, finding a panel in the wall that can slide. Ian is strong enough to move it on his own and goes in to investigate it, leaving The Doctor behind in case it’s too dangerous. Seeing an opportunity, Ixta ‘arrives’ and declares that the panel must be put back in place since it forms part of a dam, to keep water from flooding the garden… trapping Ian inside with water building up around his feet… and this is where the episode ends.

This episode, despite some of the issues with Barbara, is pretty good, and it’s setting everything up for the final chapter. Ian is trapped, but obviously in a position to get back to the TARDIS, Susan and Barbara obviously will be in the temple because of Susan’s pending punishment and Barbara in her role of Yetaxa… and The Doctor obviously will get to where he needs to be… so obviously everything will have a pay-off in the finale, which we’ll talk about next week.

In the mean time, tomorrow will be another Comic From The Basement... it will involve some Cutie Mark Crusaders!

Catch ya then!

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