Friday, June 24, 2016

This Week: Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines, Axanar, The new Ghostbusters theme & More!

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It’s Friday! Time To Go Over THIS WEEK With The Superheroes!

And right off the bat, let’s talk about Axanar… or rather what has resulted because of the stupidity of one Alec Peters… first, if you’re unaware of the fact that I’m anti-Axanar, welcome you must be new here!

CBS and Paramount has laid down the LAW Judge Dredd style with the ‘Guidelines’ for what is okay in the realm of Star Trek Fan Films. Perhaps the biggest one right off the bat is that the fan production must be less than 15 minutes for a single self-contained story, or no more than 2 segments, episodes or parts not to exceed 30 minutes total, with no additional season, episodes, parts, sequels or remakes.

Yeah considering a lot of long running fan productions, like Star Trek Continues, have episodes that run 45 minutes long… this is a hurting point, but a lot of the other guidelines, such as the work not being demeaning to Star Trek, those involved should not be paid and the work be non-commerical, plus no registering of trademarks along with the fact that the fan films cannot imply any association or endorsement by CBS or Paramount.

Some are making a stink about not being able to use actors from the franchise anymore, but to me that’s a minor issue.

Then there is the fund-raising aspect, since Axanar raised 1.1 Million Dollars… limited fund raising is allowed, up to $50,000. To rent equipment, space and buy official costumes and props, that seems pretty fair for a fan production when one consider that El Mariachi, directed by Robert Rodriguez had a budget of $7,000 in 1991, with inflation comes to $12,346.93. A more modern film, Paranormal Activity was made on a budget of $15,000 in 2007, which is $17,379 in today’s money… So yeah $50,000 is more than generous.

And of course, all this means Axanar cannot be made, since it violates every single guideline CBS and Paramount laid down. So Justice has been served

Some of the reactions of those affected by these guidelines has been classy, as they begin to figure out where to go from here with their series. Misty Mills of Star Trek Osiris  said it best: ‘We had guidelines (that) we’ve used for years without incident, He (refering to Alec Peters) ignored them’.

But then there are the reactions of those involved with Axanar, which have been interesting. The ‘backers’ those who threw money at the project are up in arms crying about how things are ‘unfair’ and that their money has been wasted… well a fool and his money are quickly separated, I would know, cause I’m quite the fool.

Then there is Robert Meyer Burnett, who after the guidelines came out implied he was going to ignore the rules followed by the realization that he has been pretty much banned from making anything Star Trek related, because no one in their right mind would put him in charge of a franchise product.

To bad no one at Sony used that same level logic when it came to selecting a director for Ghostbusters...

And speaking of which…

The ‘New’ Ghostbusters theme from Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot is… well… terrible… I mean, it’s sounds completely dated and not in a good way, it has that pop-punk garbage that you hear when stopping by a Spencer’s Gifts or a Hot Topic, as in something that is aimed at people who think Twilight is a great piece of literature and are full of ‘angst’. But seriously, how the hell do you screw up the melody and hook to a song that was based on Huey Lewis & The News’ I Want A New Drug? How the hell is that even possible… oh I know with overdub and applying every single auto-tune effect to the instruments.

And I have not gotten to Missy Elliot’s ‘contribution’ to this mess yet, the rap verse sticks out like a sore thumb that has be slammed repeatedly in a car door and contradicts the ‘attempted’ emo’ing of the Ghostbusters theme… her style of ‘spitting rhymes’ at a rapid fire pace just shows she was given a check to come up with some ‘lyrics’ (and I’m being generous with that term being used) and do a quick recording of them so it can be shoved into the ‘song’.

So yeah I don’t like it.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers will place Vixen on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This is an ‘all new Vixen’, as the one seen on Arrow played by Megalyn Eechikunwoke on Arrow is the ‘grandmother’ of the one that will be on Legends of Tomorrow, which tells me this new Vixen is being picked up in the future. This is pretty cool, cause it allows for Arrow’s Vixen to be used while giving Legends of Tomorrow a similar character.

Oh, as I was writing this, I saw that a Charles Baxter is already putting into plans his Star Trek inspired series called ‘The Dakota Expanse’ which he aims to follow every guideline of the new Star Trek Fan Film guidelines, telling the stories in an ‘anthology’ format. I’m wishing Mr. Baxter the best on his series!

Lynda Carter will be apart of Supergirl Season 2, and that’s just awesome. Her portrayal of Wonder Woman is simply iconic, really engraved in stone the pop culture status that the Amazon has enjoyed for the past 40 years.

The first episode of The Flash’s 3rd season is going to be called… Flashpoint…  well folks, hoped you liked Wally West, he’ll be missing from the show for the next couple of years!

Chris Pine made waves when saying ‘You can’t make a cerebral Star Trek in 2016, and that it wouldn’t work in today’s marketplace’… and I have to laugh at this, because he then said ‘Star Trek Into Darkness has crazy, really demanding questions and themes, but you have to hide it under the guise of wham-bam explosions and planets blowing up’. Now I’ve seen Star Trek Into Darkness… there are no demanding questions and themes in that film. And I don’t believe him when he says ‘it can’t be done’, unless he means ‘it can’t be done with those of us currently involved’ from JJ Abrams, to Justin Lin to the entire cast, which to me makes sense, cause really outside of Karl Urban, there isn’t anyone involved with the JJ-Trek films who I could see being able to tackle a cerebral Star Trek plot. But hey there’s an idea, center the fourth JJ-Trek movie around McCoy!

Anyway, as noted yesterday with the ‘Sonic @ 25 – Let’s Play’ Video I posted (and blog I wrote), Sonic The Hedgehog is 25… and over the course of the past 25 years, he has seen a number of animated series, some good… some bad… and some… really really bad… however the gold standard is of course the SatAM series that ran on ABC back in 1994, which of course was continued in the Archie published comic books (one of which I talked about on Comics From The Basement a few weeks ago). The one thing that Sonic never had was a feature film on the big screen, with there being a question of how it should be done. There was a fan film made by Blue Core Studios a few years ago that gave a great idea of how it could be pulled of, with a mix of CGI and live actors… and treating the material ‘seriously’. It is something worth checking out to celebrate the ‘Blue Blur’ (Which you can watch below)

And on that note, we’ll close up shop. Tomorrow is Saturday, which means we’ll be going over another episode of Doctor Who in Tales From The TARDIS!

Catch ya then!

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