Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Wings Of A Butterfly - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…
It’s Tuesday! Let’s Play Star Trek Online!

This Week’s mission is ‘Butterfly’, the Krenim Timeship has been constructed, and simulations are being run to determine the best way to use it, because even the smallest change can have some devastating effects, which is what we see during the course of this mission. One simulation sees that the Dominion are on the verge of wiping out the last remnants of the Federation, another implies that the Hierarchy are being backed by the Iconians and the third…. The third indicates that Romulus may be restored! And since I’ve been doing this series as a Romulan, that’s pretty damn huge news, because not only is home world restored, but the Iconians aren’t even in the radar! This seems perfect!

However all is not as it seems, because when you mess with time, time messes back… see, in the simulation that was being run, it’s said that the Borg are very much active… and when the Krenim timeship is used… we see that’s true… in a big way. Yes Romulus gets restored… however it’s been assimilated by the Borg… and it’s a mad dash to try and set things right again… which in itself has consequences.

You see, during this mission we meet Noye and Clauda, husband and wife… and Clauda is a member of a race called the Tuterian. However in the dash to try and restore things, the change in the time line sees that her race is extinct… meaning Noye loses his wife which won’t have any immediate repercussions… but it will down the road…

Now this mission has a couple of ‘bugs’ in it, mainly with the dialog that ‘repeats’ even if you heard it, so for the purpose of recording, it makes things a big weird… and it’s very much a dialog heavy mission for the first chunk, if you’re like me and like to navigate the dialog trees, so this mission can crack the hour-mark easily (as it does in the video). On top of that… the action is short and sweet… and we get another crack at Hakeev, this time as an assimilated Borg. The Borg themselves are more of a push-over on the ground than earlier times in the game, as it’s their ships that are the most troublesome, with their instant-shield draining abilities and they can cloak too! 

Now next week, the Iconian War comes to it’s climax with Midnight… and it’s going to be a long one folks!

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