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Ring The Bell - Jerry Lawler Update, Old Faces Returning To WWE, Stephanie McMahon's comments & more!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

Another Monday is upon us, and there is wrestling news to go over, so let’s RING THE BELL… and get to my RAW VIEW of everything.

We got an update on Jerry Lawler’s domestic disturbance from last Friday, he and his fiance have been ordered by the Judge to stay away from each other when they processed for arraignment earlier today.  Both were charged with domestic assault, and it’s a he said, she said situation… all in all, it’s pretty damn ugly if you ask me. I firmly believe this actually marks the end of Lawler’s time on camera for the WWE, with him being 66 years old and this happening, it would make the always paranoid about his own physical and mental well-being Vince McMahon (who is 70) look at things differently. Plus with the brand extension next month, it would be a good opportunity for fresh voices behind the announce desks… would not surprise me if David Otunga gets the spot considering his recent move to the announce table.

Speaking of the Brand Extension, word is the WWE is looking to bring back a number of talents to fill out the roster… I’m guessing they realize that guys like AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens just do not draw money. Some of the names I’ve seen pop up include the often-injured Rey Mysterio, the very much underrated mid-card specialist Shelton Benjamin, the all-mouth and no-action MVP, the incredibly boring Carlito, and The Olympic Hero Kurt Angle. Yeah of these guys, Shelton and Kurt are the most valuable, Shelton, after spending time and putting up with the b.s. that is dealing with Ring of Honor performers will force the alumni from that company to actually wrestle… and Kurt Angle is good for an occasional big match and has name recognition. MVP looked horrendous during his time in TNA, Mysterio can’t do anything more than his signature spots and Carlito… well he’s worse now than he was when he got fired from the company over 5 years ago.

It’s reported that Alberto Del Rio was injured last night in the Money in the Bank ladder match, falling off a ladder, landing feet first on the top rope and then slipping down hard to the ground… it’s wouldn’t surprise me if he’s out for a week minimum. It’s why I call those types of matches car-wrecks

Speaking of Del Rio There are rumors that Paige was arrested last night after the two got into a ‘heated argument’… but considering there has been no news about it, it appears to be an angle for the upcoming season of Total Divas, which seems very… odd for something like that to be pre-planned just days after Lawler’s arrest! Or it might before for Swerve… who knows...

Randy Orton has been advertised lately for shows in late August, and yeah his presence is certainly missed. He’s been out since October of last year with a shoulder injury. I personally think him returning to assist Cena against the Turkey Club would be a fresh dynamic, assuming Cena’s feud with the bland trio is still going past SummerSlam.

Stephanie McMahon stuck her foot in her mouth with some comments she made in a Q&A Session, saying the ‘ultimate goal of her character is to help someone get over’ and ‘Being a heel is her preference and heels getting their comeuppance is her favorite part’… which is just LAUGHABLE when one considers how no one  who in the past 10 years has ever got over being involved in an angle with her… and Stephanie, in her time as a heel, as RARELY gotten her comeuppance. How exactly did undercutting Charlotte help her get over? How does slapping anyone get them over when they can’t strike back in retaliation? Truly this is some ‘Dixie Carter’ level stupidity here folks….

Ring of Honor has their line up for this Friday’s Best in the World (boy is that false advertising) pay-per-vieew… and I feel this show should be called, “The Battle of the Jays’ cause their World Title match is Jay Lethal vs Jay the top of my head, I can’t recall a pay-per-view being headlined with two guys having the same first name…. I don’t think TNA ever had Jeff Jarrett vs Jeff Hardy in its headlining slot. Also of note, this Ring of Honor show will feature the ‘Best of TNA’ with Chris Daniels and Frankie Kazarian taking on Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin

Cody Rhodes has been booked to face Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger on August 28 up in Bethany, Connecticut… goes to show how far wrestling has fallen from the 80s, cause a match like that would be a featured in a major city and arena back then.

After hearing so much about it on the 6:05 Superpodcast… I’m going to get Larry Nelson’s book Stranglehold, cause half the stuff that is referenced on air I have to read for myself is true.

The former Johnny B. Badd, Marc Mero underwent successful heart surgery this past Thursday, here’s hoping he has a speedy recovery…. And yes I harbor no ill will to the man that unleash the demon spawn that was Sable on the Wrestling World.

The WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic is having some rules strictly enforced, in particular the 205 pound weight limit, and if anyone of the guys they announced is over-weight (or fails their blood tests or physical), they have some extra guys on hand to take the spots.

And apparently I tied for 3rd in the Wrestling Kennection Pay-Per-View predictions… which you can view at

So on that note, I think I’ll wrap things up here and get ready to relax for RAW!

Tomorrow is of course Tuesday… so let’s Play Star Trek Online!

Catch ya then!

The Chekov Conundrum

Hello Dwellers, and Welcome To The Basement...

As many of you know, Anton Yelchin passed away in the past few days due to a tragic accident (condolences to his family), and of course, to Star Trek fans, he is best known as the JJ-Verse Chekov... and I can't help but wonder how exactly is that 'side' of Star Trek, that is under the watch of JJ Abrams, is going to handle an actual first for the franchise: the actor of one of the prominent characters now being deceased.

Yeah, in the history of Star Trek, this has never really occurred before where there are shows or movies being made. And this isn't the same of when the JJ-verse was created so he could 'Star Wars'-up the franchise and casting new people into the roles played by William Shatner and company. The JJ-Trek universe is only three movies (and two really bad video games) old... so what are going to do with Chekov?

It's an interesting creative conundrum... cause now they can really separate themselves even further from the Prime-Trek timeline it they choose to write off the character. But how do you do that? Do you promote or transfer Chekov off the Enterprise in between films? Have an explosive opening in the fourth movie where you say he's killed?

Or do you simply just re-cast the character? Certainly that's a big can of worms there... that would probably result in a lame duck 'Chekov... you've changed' line tossed in. Hell 'Star Trek: Voyager' had multiple versions of Harry Kim... though none looked very different from the others since they were all played by the same actor.

Certainly there are a number of different ways this can be addressed following the release of Star Trek Beyond on July 22, but regardless of what they choose to do, there is bound to be backlash regardless.... as seen when such events have happened to other franchises.

It will be interesting to watch....

And on a side the Prime-Verse Chekov, as portrayed by Walter Koenig, is set to come to Star Trek Online's 'Agents of Yesterday' expansion next month on July 6.

So Chekov will be on the mind of many Star Trek fans in the coming weeks

Money in the Bank 2016 - Ring The Bell

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… 

Let’s Ring The  Bell and get the RAW VIEW for tonight’s Money in the Bank event

The card for tonight saw a lot of shuffling around with two tag team matches added to the pre-show, the first of which being FaBreeze vs The Golden Truth… and… Fandango and Breeze were ‘sun burnt’… and peeling… yeah you heard (or read) that right… this is right up there with the The Rock having poison ivy placed on Billy Gunn’s backside back in the Attitude Era. Anyway, because the sun burnt status of the two pretty boys, this was basically a comedy match. I’ll give credit to Breeze and Fandango for trying to sell their weakened condition, and it was nice to see The Golden Truth actually win a match. I’ll give this match a B, for having a different element to it, and I expect this feud between these two teams to continue.

There was a backstage segment with Sami Zayn being an annoying (rhymes with rot) and bothering Cesaro who is trying to focus on preparing for the Money in the Bank match. Seriously, Sami and his buddy Owens need to be restricted to ‘Superstars’, and this was stressed with the later’s waste of time segment with Tom Phillips and Chris Jericho.

Following a trip to the Social Media Lounge  with Becky Lynch and Natalya… we got the second added tag match, The Lucha Dragons vs The Dudley Boys. Unlike The Golden Truth vs FaBreeze match, which had a story behind it, this was just a random tag bout. There was some enjoyable spots, but nothing memorable as the Lucha Dragons got the win. I’d grade this as a C

Oddly enough, the first match on the main show was the fatal-four way for the Tag Team Titles, featuring the teams of Enzo & Big Cass. The Champs the New Day (represented by Kofi & Big E), The Vaudevillains and The Turkey Club Sandwich… with four teams, these matches have the same formula, every team gets an advantage for a bit and then breaks down into chaos which saw the New Day get the win with the Vaudevillains taken the fall. The Turkey Club Sandwich came close to winning following the Magic Killer on Aiden English, which he sold for a long time, so it showed the effectiveness of that move. I’d give this a C, since it got the job done.

Baron Cobin vs Dolph Ziggler took place next, this match was originally slated for the pre-show, but I guess someone realized it was in that slot the last two shows, and thus it got promoted to the main show. Which was a bad move, because Ziggler has the same match over and over again, he gets in too much offense, and he over-sells every damn thing, making his opponents look horrible… and Baron Corbin deserved better than this. Then there is the fact because this was clearly a ‘Ziggler’ match, despite being the 2nd match on the main show, and FOURTH overall, we had to get multiple dramatic kick outs and both men laying around for long stretches of time. Corbin got the win, but it doesn’t matter, and this match gets a big F cause it failed, no one got over, and both men are now less valuable than they were.

This was followed by the Starlets Tag Team match, Women’s Champion Charlotte and Dana Brooke, wearing matching ring gear in terms of the color scheme, facing Becky Lynch and Natalya. I must say that I loved Becky’s top hat… and this match was a lot of fun to watch. Even with the inexperienced Dana in there, this was a fun tag team, which saw Becky & Nattie break out the Hart Attack. There was some asinine comments from JBL in this match saying that ‘no one cares about you if you’re not champion’… right let’s remember that the next time people talk about the APA segments in the Attitude Era… anyway, this was the best tag team match of the night, there was a story behind it, the faces got the early shine, the heels got the heat to build up to the hot tag. The finish was rather creative with Dana launching Becky into Nattie, then distracting the ref to allow Charlotte to hit the Natural Selection for the win. After the match an upset and pissed off Natalya assaulted Becky, most likely signaling a heel turn as the crowd clearly cheered support for the Irish Lass Kicker. This match gets an A from me

Following and Ambrose promo, was Sheamus vs Apollo Crews and following the Starlets tag match, this really didn’t have any spark to it.  The story of this match was clear Sheamus fighting to keep his spot and Apollo wanting to show he belongs, and it reflected in the match. But there was something missing from it and unlike the Ziggler match which basically killed Corbin’s career earlier tonight, both Apollo and Sheamus could say they got over in this match cause both were working for a common goal. I did like the finish of Apollo getting a flash pin on Sheamus when he was complaining to the ref following a two-count. I’ll give this a B and won’t be surprised to see this match continue.

Surprisingly, John Cena vs CrAJ Styles was next… and what can be said, John Cena continues to be the most underrated performer in wrestling history, while Styles is… just another guy beloved by my fellow smarks because he does ‘flips’ and was in ‘Ring of Honor’ & ‘Japan’, and blah, blah, blah. Also of not, Cena laid Pabst Blue Ribbon Out For The Three Second Tan. This was basically the same match of Cena vs Internet favorite we’ve seen for the past decade: Cena gets out wrestled, and then Cena adjusts to the flavor of the month and things get good, however it’s been clear for months that AJ can’t work a match without getting all of his video game spots in, so Cena had a to give up a lot in this bout for that to happen. Something that took away from this match is actually thanks to Chris Jericho killing the Styles Clash at WrestleMania when AJ finally hit, Cena kicking out of it should’ve been this matches ‘stand out moment’. However we got a referee knock down, which saw the Turkey Club Sandwich coming out to hit the Magic Killer on Cena which saw AJ get the win. This match gets an A from me regardless

I would’ve expected Titus vs Rusev to have happened in this spot, but instead we got the Money in the Bank ladder match… and as I said at WrestleMania with the Intercontinental ladder match, this is just a car-wreck match. Big spots, no story… not to mention one of the biggest WTF spots I’ve seen, Sami Zayn hitting a Michinoku Driver on Kevin Owens on the side part of the ladder, and Owens was MOVING afterward, basically negated the impact of the spot. Another problem with the set up of the ladder ‘bridge’ using three ladders, two of which used to keep one steady, it looked too pre-planned… still I’ll give this a B, but it’s a low B which saw Ambrose retrieve the briefcase

We got the US Title match between champion Rusev and challenger Titus O’Neil in the ‘death slot’, as in right between two marquee matches. This match was all wrong from the word go, I’d expected this to be a hard hitting bout, but it never got out of first gear… Rusev won via submission, and this gets a F.

The main event was Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins for WWE Championship… and it didn’t get started until after 10:55 PM… and this started out as a carbon copy of the Cena-Styles match… and then Roman was the one dominating the bout, because his attempts to be on defense and off his game blow chunks. The match was fine, but not spectacular. It actually is justification for the WWE Title match to happen in the middle of the show when there are superior matches on the show. A nice highlight was Seth Rollins countering Roman’s spear with a Pedigree… not sure how that was done… and Seth did get the clean win following a second pedigree seconds later. I’ll give this match a B for what it was.

Dean Ambrose then cashed in, ambushed Rollins from behind, hit the dirty deeds and became Champion to close out the show as 11:30 PM. I personally do not believe the WWE actually did it… but the fact is, yeah Dean is the WWE Champion…

So overall… I’ll give this show a B… the Ziggler-Corbin and Titus-Rusev matches really dragged things down in my eyes. The Cena-AJ, and the Starlets Tag match was great and the rest of show was decent. The next one of these specials is next Month on July 24, with Battleground. So till then, stay classy everyone.

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