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Ring The Bell - Jerry Lawler Update, Old Faces Returning To WWE, Stephanie McMahon's comments & more!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

Another Monday is upon us, and there is wrestling news to go over, so let’s RING THE BELL… and get to my RAW VIEW of everything.

We got an update on Jerry Lawler’s domestic disturbance from last Friday, he and his fiance have been ordered by the Judge to stay away from each other when they processed for arraignment earlier today.  Both were charged with domestic assault, and it’s a he said, she said situation… all in all, it’s pretty damn ugly if you ask me. I firmly believe this actually marks the end of Lawler’s time on camera for the WWE, with him being 66 years old and this happening, it would make the always paranoid about his own physical and mental well-being Vince McMahon (who is 70) look at things differently. Plus with the brand extension next month, it would be a good opportunity for fresh voices behind the announce desks… would not surprise me if David Otunga gets the spot considering his recent move to the announce table.


The Chekov Conundrum

Hello Dwellers, and Welcome To The Basement...

As many of you know, Anton Yelchin passed away in the past few days due to a tragic accident (condolences to his family), and of course, to Star Trek fans, he is best known as the JJ-Verse Chekov... and I can't help but wonder how exactly is that 'side' of Star Trek, that is under the watch of JJ Abrams, is going to handle an actual first for the franchise: the actor of one of the prominent characters now being deceased.

Yeah, in the history of Star Trek, this has never really occurred before where there are shows or movies being made. And this isn't the same of when the JJ-verse was created so he could 'Star Wars'-up the franchise and casting new people into the roles played by William Shatner and company. The JJ-Trek universe is only three movies (and two really bad video games) old... so what are going to do with Chekov?

It's an interesting creative conundrum... cause now they can really separate themselves …

Money in the Bank 2016 - Ring The Bell

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… 

Let’s Ring The  Bell and get the RAW VIEW for tonight’s Money in the Bank event

The card for tonight saw a lot of shuffling around with two tag team matches added to the pre-show, the first of which being FaBreeze vs The Golden Truth… and… Fandango and Breeze were ‘sun burnt’… and peeling… yeah you heard (or read) that right… this is right up there with the The Rock having poison ivy placed on Billy Gunn’s backside back in the Attitude Era. Anyway, because the sun burnt status of the two pretty boys, this was basically a comedy match. I’ll give credit to Breeze and Fandango for trying to sell their weakened condition, and it was nice to see The Golden Truth actually win a match. I’ll give this match a B, for having a different element to it, and I expect this feud between these two teams to continue.

There was a backstage segment with Sami Zayn being an annoying (rhymes with rot) and bothering Cesaro who is trying to focus on preparing for t…