Sunday, June 19, 2016

DC Universe Rebirth #1 - Comics From The Basement

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When Barry Allen debuted as The Flash in the Silver Age it unleashed ‘reboots’ on the DC Universe… from the entire roster of Golden Age Superheroes made to be just ‘comic book characters’ within the DCU… then they had their own parallel Earth… Earth 2… then came Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1986… Zero Hour in 1994… Infinite Crisis in 2005… Flashpoint in 2011… and  I know I missed a lot of other reboots in between, things like Hawkworld and 52 for example… but the thing is… reboots have been very common and in fact far too common as far as the DC Universe is concerned.

Which brings us to this… DC Universe Rebirth #1… released here in 2016. It’s yet another reboot to the DCU… and it involves ‘The Flash’, or rather one of the those who took up the name over the years, in this case the original Wally West was basically erased from the DCU following Flashpoint and the launch of the new 52… even though the character has been around since 1959 as Kid Flash, became ‘The Flash’ when Barry Alan was ‘killed’ in Crisis on Infinite Earth… and let’s face it, he was the Scarlet Speedster for an entire generation until 5 years ago with ‘Flashpoint’ that lead to one of the big criticism (among the endless amount) the New 52 got, was the erasing of characters like Wally

But… it appears that has been fixed with this one issue… but is the any good? Well let’s do the break down…

First up… the cover, which for the variant I got, is the wrap around cover that seems to be a homage to the Creation of Adam, particularly with Superman reaching out to tough the hand of someone unknown reaching out from a white light. I don’t think that was the intent… but it’s what I thought of when I first saw the cover.

The story itself is narrated by Wally West… who is trying to reach out from where he’s been for 5 years since Flashpoint, to return to existance, first trying with Batman, then with Johnny Thunder of the Justice Society of America, his love interest Linda Park,… two of which don’t remember him and other being an old man being remorseful about things that happened in the McCarthy era… we see Wally becoming resigned to his fate, seeing his ‘cousin’ Wally… and then going to Barry Allan, thanking him for being an inspiration and an amazing life… it seems like Barry doesn’t know Wally… and as he is about to fade to non-existence… Barry pulls him back, remembering Wally’s name… Barry thinks what happened to him is his fault… but Wally knows it was something else… someone else… and the comic closes with Batman finding the ‘Watchman’ symbol.

There is a lot more to this comic than this, as there is a lot of set-up for characters like Superman, a new Green Lantern, Jamie Reyes and Ted Kord (The Blue Beetles), and other storylines for the new status quo, giving readers a big jumping on point. Obviously, it reintroduces Wally West to the DC Universe, reminding older readers of his presence… and introducing new readers to a character who was a huge part of the DCU for over 40 years.

This comic accomplishes so much in 80 pages that you can’t help but be excited for where DC is going… which can’t be said for their movies outside of Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman but that’s another subject for another day.

So the verdict is this, you have to read it… it’s that good.

Now where can you get it? Well physical copies at are currently priced at $10, and the price is going up as it was $8 last week, so collectors, get it now before your wallet starts tapping out. If you prefer digital comics, sells it at the listed prices of $2.99.

Next week… magic makes it all complete with some little ponies.

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