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The Warriors Of Death - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement… 

It’s Time For This Week’s episode of TALES FROM THE TARDIS!

First up, some news, Matt Lucas, who appeared in The Husbands of River Song, has signed on to be a regular cast member for series 10… not sure what he’s going to do, cause his South Park looking character of Nardole seemed to be nothing more than just a one-and-done spot.

It appears that if his schedule would allow it Sean Pertwee would have appeared in series 9… hopefully a cameo spot will occur in the future… wouldn’t mind him playing his father’s Third Doctor for obvious reasons.

Anyway on to this week’s episode, part two of the Aztecs serial, ‘The Warriors of Death’

The Doctor is not too pleased with Barbara trying to stop the sacrifice, and Tlotoxl suspects that she isn’t really a god? Hey pal she clearly said YES… to top it off, Susan has been taken away to be educated in the Axtecs ways following her violation of sacred ground. Actually, Carol Ann Ford was on vacation so thi…