Friday, June 17, 2016

This Week: Voltron Legendary Defender, Jerry Lawler's Arrest, Casting Announcements & More!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

It’s FRIDAY! Time to go over THIS WEEK with the Superheroes

I have a few things I want to go over this week. And yes I know, I’m in serious need of a shave!

First up, a bit of seriousness… wrestling legend Jerry The King Lawler was arrested for a domestic incident and suspended indefinitely from the WWE… in the wake of what went down with the former Adam Rose, I can’t imagine Lawler returning to the WWE any time soon… so Kevin Dunn is getting his wish to removed The King from the screen. At the time of this recording, The King was out of jail and will have an arraignment on Monday.

Earlier this week I review a couple of books, one was Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse, a twistedly fun novel by Jack Strange that tells the story of a celebrity chef who returns from the grave as a zombie who wants to, you guessed it, Take Over The World. If you’re looking for a good, brisk read, check it out on Amazon.

It’s been announced that Gotham returns on September 19… however the epicness of DC’W doesn’t start up until October, with The Flash returning on October 4, Arrow on October 5, Legends of Tomorrow on October 13 and then Supergirl joins the fun on October 17. That’s gonna be a lot fun when the shows do a week long crossover.

The classic Marvel Ultimate Alliance is coming to the PS4 and X-Box One… well if I had either system I would be excited… I’d like to see a PC re-release of, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2… and X-Men Legends 1 and 2...

 Donald Glover has joined the cast of Spider-Man Homecoming… and I saw a lot of posts saying he’s going to play Miles Morales… which is just, idiotic for two reasons, a) Miles is Hispanic, and I’d expect a Puerto Rican to play him and b) Donald is too old to play the part by about 20 YEARS! That said, I’d think he’d be perfect in the role of Joe ‘Robbie’ Robertson,

Arrow is adding the character Wild Dog to it’s ranks next season… and wow… that’s a real random choice. I read a mini-series featuring the character a long time ago, and the best way to describe the character in my eyes… he’s DC’s spoof on The Punisher. Also, considering Stephen Amell played Casey Jones, a hockey-mask wearing character in the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles movie this summer, the irony of a hockey-mask wearing character joining his show is not lost on me.

 Tyler Hoechlin will be playing Superman on Supergirl this fall, and based on looks alone… he actually LOOKS like Superman facial wise, certainly a lot more than that pale hack who has played the character in those Zack Snyder abominations. Unfortunately… I have seen none of his work. I’m not kidding, there is nothing on his resume that I’ve seen

 It was announced that there WILL BE a film adaption of the epic Wizard of Oz prequel play ‘Wicked’ and I’m stoked! What’s there to say other than it’s the best tie-in to the Wizard of Oz of all time and I expect it will be a box office smash!

 Now on to the main event… I wanted to watch iZombie Season 2… but imagine my surprise when Hulu only had the final four episodes of the season available. Actually I was disappointed… so instead I hoped on over to Netflix to check out the latest version of Voltron… Voltron: Legacy Defender.
 Let’s start off with the positives: The voice acting cast is solid with a nice mix of voice actors and ‘normal actors’ getting a nice side-gig, the animation for the most part is glorious, and the story, both the over-arching plot and the individual episodes, are very well done. There is certainly effort put into basically re-doing the original show in someways while being totally original in others. In particular with re-gendering Pidge from a male character to a female character, and the revelation of was very well done in ‘Tears of Balmera’, because a) it wasn’t obvious and b) wasn’t insulting to the audience. The first three episodes, ‘The Rise of Voltron’ are presented as a movie, which is just glorious to watch, it sets the status-quo up perfectly, which is helpful because it is an on-going story, with each episode feeding into the next, keeping the story constantly moving, if someone says they are going to do something (such as Hunk saying he’ll bring the others to help the Bemerans) they are going to do it.

On the negative side… well… there’s a few things that have gotten my goat. One is the characterization of Lance, yes in the original show he was a bit of a wise-ass and a skirt chaser… however the character is one of the worst aspects of this series, with an over-inflated ego and nearly no redeeming qualities. In ‘Taken Flight’ Lance is such an ass he actually loses the Blue Lion to impress a girl, and it’s clear he doesn’t ‘learn’ from his mistakes.  Then there is Coran… the comic relief… look I what is funny to one person ain’t going to be funny to another… but with Coran, it’s just way too over the top 95% of the time, the remaining 5% is when the character has to be ‘serious’ where he’s tolerable…. Now this may seem like I’m ragging on what are clearly the ‘joke’ characters of the series…but considering both get quite a lot of screen time, it’s hard not to notice how cringe worth it is.

Still… those two characters aside, the show is great. It only has 13 episodes at the moment, but I’m suspecting there will be a season two order announcement in the near future, thanks in part to the epic cliff hanger it ends on

And on that note, I think this is where I’ll wrap things up. Tomorrow is Saturday, which means Tales From The TARDIS and part 2 of The Aztecs story.

Catch ya then!

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