Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ponys, Broken Circles & Recordings - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers & Welcome To The Basement... 
It's Tuesday! Let's Play Star Trek Online! 

And let me address the back of the title of this entry first ... every so often when playing Star Trek Online, the game locks and freezes on a load screen, and for whatever reason it tends to happen for me when transitioning back to sector space. I haven't seen it happen in a while so when it happened this time around, I thought I managed to save the entire recording by stopping it as soon as it occurred... NOPE! Instead I lost about 10 minutes of footage... and thankfully I take screen shots. I'll have to be cautious with the recordings of the next few missions to avoid this happening again.

Now for the Pony part... as a computer gamer and someone who likes to donate to charity, I'm a big fan of Humble Bundle, gets some games with some proceeds going to charity, it's a win-win. Recently, one of the bundles was for My Little Pony  and yeah,  I am a Brony (for the record Pinkie Pie is the best pony, but Rainbow Dash is the coolest). Any-hoo, this particular bundle came with a physical comic, an apparent exclusive, which features two stories. Now I will review it formally in a couple of weeks as part of Comics in the Basement, but in the first story I want to talk about now. It features The Cutie Mark Crusaders getting help Discord, who if is voiced in the show by John De Lancie. Trek Fans obviously know him as Q, and Discord is basically My Little Pony's version of that character... and in this comic, as part of him 'helping' Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom out with their quest... the three fillies end up on the bridge of the Enterprise-D with Discord dressed in Q's judge robes & Apple Bloom sporting a Visor. Since IDW (the publisher of the comic) has the Star Trek license for comics, this was a great reference way to have a bit of fun with both franchises... even for just a page. Anyway I've included a scan of the page below.

My Little Pony: Humble Bundle, May 2016

Anyway on to this week's mission...

Progress is being made on the Krenim Time Ship, however it's going slowly... so the plan is to have an all out assault on a Herald Sphere that proves to be rather costly in the casualties department for the Alliance... but this mission does have a huge highlight which unfortunately got lost in the recording, M'Tara of the Iconioans is killed off . Remember Kahless sliced the arm off of one... and now we take one down completely....but the price for such a feat is too high, the Krenim Time Ship must be completed soon!

That said, this mission is action packed, two major space battles and lot of ground combat on a Herald flagship. You do get great ground support from other away teams so you're not overwhelmed at any given time... as long as you know the Heralds habits and the style of their attacks. Also Tom Paris, Nog and Seven of Nine all appear in this mission.

Next week... is Butterfly... wonder what the effect will be?

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