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Lets Play WWE 2K16 - Bo Knows Defeat

Hello Dwellers, and welcome to the Basement.... 

So not wanting to have the depressing ramblings of my views on how the media is all about the dollar when it comes to tragedy and exploiting the families of victims... I did a quick match from MyCareer mode in WWE 2K16.

And at the pace I'm going the PC version of WWE 2K16 will already be available by the time I become a World Champion. Still the match is fairly quick, and places the created wrestler 'The King' Arthur Knight up against Bo Dallas... who surprisingly kicked out of a lot of stuff in this match

The same old cycle: Tragedy = Dollars

Hello Dwellers, welcome to the Basement...

This is obviously a darker topic, and I actually thought about doing this earlier, but went ahead with my review of 'Catwoman #1'. Because I'm shooting from the hip here, this will more than likely be a disjointed mess, but I think my point will be made clear.

Obviously you all know what happened in Orlando, Florida, and unlike the news media, I don't feel like I have to go over it, because a) I'm not in the mood to give any piece of crap who would do something like that any attention by saying his name and b) I got inspired by something that is worth talking about.

Have you ever noticed that whenever there is any kind of 'tragic' event, the bigger it is the more 'glamours' the news media makes it, particularly here in the United States. Turn on FOX News, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Telemundo, etc, etc... if there is something that will give these networks 'crying mothers', they will run the story non-stop. It will be featured on every talking head program from dawn until dusk and beyond until something else comes along.

For example: The schmuck who did some dastardly deeds to young women who was in the news all last week... and now he's 'forgotten' about? Why? Because something NEW came along, and it will be the leading topic on programs that will fuel agendas of those in power (and those seeking to be)e, and fill the pocket books of stockholders of news networks?

So the question is why? Why the answer, to an extent can be found in one of the many throw away scenes from Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.

And this is where many of you think I'm nuts, but if you note the title of this blog post, you'd see I'm spot on. In a scene when the new owners of the Daily Planet are talking about headlines, the intention is clear, to do whatever it takes to make money, but this clearly has consequences, intended or not, cause being careless and shoving so much attention onto something, particularly something negative, nearly always results in history repeating itself.

Cause the way I see it: The news media showers all this attention on the doer of the acts, making them 'famous'... and who knows, maybe they are inspiring more people to do such deeds.

Of course, I know what some of you are going to say: well the coverage serves as a forum for the families of the victims... to which I reply with the following: the families of the victims are exploited to have continued coverage. How can I be so sure about something like that? Simple, it always happens, take what happened in a town in Missouri last year, the news media more than anything helped fuel it because it let to more ad revenue... it's happening now in Florida... and will continues to happen...

Because we as a society feed into it... to borrow a line from Jim Cornette, it's the 'two dogs humping on the side of the road' theory, those who control the media will exploit something until something bigger and worse comes along or until people get tired of, and we fall for it every single time.

That's just my opinion... I could be... but more than likely, I'm not wrong.

Catwoman #1 - Comics From The Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To Comics From The Basement!

When She’s Bad, She’s Very Very Bad…

No I’m not talking about the wife of Jobu from Major League…

I’m talking about Catwoman

In 1993, the sometimes hero, more often than not anti-hero and nearly always villain got a full monthly series…. Only 4 years after a four part mini-series in 1989.

What may surprise those who may not know, is that Catwoman’s monthly series…. Ties into the famous Batman #497, where Bane breaks Batman’s back… I’m not kidding. In very first issue, it’s established that Bane is now running the Gotham crime scene, and Catwoman is stealing on his behalf. We are introduced to her supporting cast, Arizona, who takes the role of Selina’s sidekick, and Leopold, a weak-spine chap who acts as an emissary of sorts between her and Bane, and there is obvious tension between the two sides as Bane loves to have his ‘workers’ checked up on in order to keep them in line & wants to know who she is…. And then there is Bane of course taking what she stole only to give her a ‘cut’ of the profits. Toss in that one of Bane’s men is looking to eliminate not only his own boss but Catwoman as well, and you got a nice mix for a first issue that has an explosive cliff-hanger...

Now while the story is good…. There is of course the problem with the artwork… and penciler Jim Balant… those of you who may have seen the ‘Catwoman: Guardian of Gothan’ over at ‘Atop The Fourth Wall’ will see that a number of things that Linkara pointed out up front and center in this comic. One is how Catwoman is drawn… not just on the cover but through out the book. Whenever she is drawn in costume, her rather ample sized chest is quite prominent, there are multiple cases of when she (and one case with Arizona) are standing with her hips swayed to the side for no reason… and of course even when she is barefoot… she is drawn as if she is wearing high heels. These obviously stand out, cause a lot of the rest of the book is actually pretty decent.

And of course I have to talk about the ‘purple’ Catwoman costume… and… yeah it’s not a good one, however unlike the Guardian of Gotham attire, this makes a ‘bit’ more sense since she is not wearing a garter belt and corset, though the thigh high books and exposure of her long hair and… other grab-able parts, really raises questions. In fact a lot of Catwoman’s costumes over the years raises eyebrows (particularly in the recent years) , but I do think that the best costume for her is anyone that doesn’t give whoever she is fighting an obvious PULLING HER HAIR! Granted one has to get in close to do that, but still she’s a thief and someone who can’t afford any slip-ups that could lead to her capture.

Anyway… what’s the verdict here… well obviously the story sets up everything for the initial story arc of the series so it does what a first issue should, and tying it in with Bane breaking Batman works to its advantage. The Artwork, as stated at times is suspect, but there’s nothing ‘too bad’ here that its distracting (unless you’re familiar with the artist’s work). So I say, check it out.

Of course when I say that, where can you check it out at? Well if you’re into having the physical copies of a book, (at the time of this blog posting) has it for sale, with the price running about $1.35 to $1.80  depending on the condition, with more expensive offerings as well for hardcore collectors.  If you prefer digital comics, has it as well, at $1.99.

Next week, we’re sticking with DC… and a rebirth of the Universe!

Not exactly her best costume... too many things for enemies to grab...

Good thing the backpack was shown to justify the whip being used

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