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Lets Play WWE 2K16 - Bo Knows Defeat

Hello Dwellers, and welcome to the Basement.... 

So not wanting to have the depressing ramblings of my views on how the media is all about the dollar when it comes to tragedy and exploiting the families of victims... I did a quick match from MyCareer mode in WWE 2K16.

And at the pace I'm going the PC version of WWE 2K16 will already be available by the time I become a World Champion. Still the match is fairly quick, and places the created wrestler 'The King' Arthur Knight up against Bo Dallas... who surprisingly kicked out of a lot of stuff in this match

The same old cycle: Tragedy = Dollars

Hello Dwellers, welcome to the Basement...

This is obviously a darker topic, and I actually thought about doing this earlier, but went ahead with my review of 'Catwoman #1'. Because I'm shooting from the hip here, this will more than likely be a disjointed mess, but I think my point will be made clear.

Obviously you all know what happened in Orlando, Florida, and unlike the news media, I don't feel like I have to go over it, because a) I'm not in the mood to give any piece of crap who would do something like that any attention by saying his name and b) I got inspired by something that is worth talking about.

Have you ever noticed that whenever there is any kind of 'tragic' event, the bigger it is the more 'glamours' the news media makes it, particularly here in the United States. Turn on FOX News, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Telemundo, etc, etc... if there is something that will give these networks 'crying mothers', they will run the story non-sto…

Catwoman #1 - Comics From The Basement

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When She’s Bad, She’s Very Very Bad…

No I’m not talking about the wife of Jobu from Major League…

I’m talking about Catwoman

In 1993, the sometimes hero, more often than not anti-hero and nearly always villain got a full monthly series…. Only 4 years after a four part mini-series in 1989.

What may surprise those who may not know, is that Catwoman’s monthly series…. Ties into the famous Batman #497, where Bane breaks Batman’s back… I’m not kidding. In very first issue, it’s established that Bane is now running the Gotham crime scene, and Catwoman is stealing on his behalf. We are introduced to her supporting cast, Arizona, who takes the role of Selina’s sidekick, and Leopold, a weak-spine chap who acts as an emissary of sorts between her and Bane, and there is obvious tension between the two sides as Bane loves to have his ‘workers’ checked up on in order to keep them in line & wants to know who she is…. And then there is Ban…