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This Week: X-Men '92, Suicide Squad, DC Universe Rebirth & More

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… Let’s Go Over THIS WEEK with the Superheroes!

Gonna start off with something that does get asked to me regarding my comic book series, why haven’t I really talked about newer comics. Well the short answer is, I tend to be ‘late to the party’ on a lot of things, for example if I’m focused on finding issues for certain story lines, or tracking down trade collections… the only book that I tend to stay up to date on is DC Comics Bombshells, but I often tend to stay an issue or two behind on it, depending on other factors that may crop up. That said I did get a copy of DC Universe ReBirth #1 today, making it quickest I’ve gotten a comic based on its release date… and I see that it has tie ins to the final issues of the New 52 Superman and Justice League books, two series that didn’t really hook me as a reader and did not stay up to date on, so reading this there are references to things that I clearly need to track down to get the full context. W…

Let's Play Sam & Max Hit The Road - Saving The Podiatrically Gifted

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement! 

Tonight I did a live stream continuing the adventures of Sam & Max in 'Hit The Road', which basically is the second half of the game. Picking right up where we left off last week (which you can view HERE).

This portion of the game basically is finding Shuv-ol (Doug The Moleman's Uncle) at the Mystery Vortex, and tacking down Bruno, which leads to Frog Rock and Bumpusville. And I have a bit of a fun with this, namely that Shuv-ol is clearly someone who grew up in the 1960s... and he's giving 'magic powder' to our heroes that if you use it as directed, something wonderful happens... and with that context, yeah 'tripping balls' seems about right.

The trip to Bumpusville is great, mainly because I love Conroy's little song about being 'lord of nature', and the gratuitous references to Star Wars and Indiana Jones, cause this game was published by LucasArts which also owned Star Wars and Indiana Jones…