Friday, June 10, 2016

This Week: X-Men '92, Suicide Squad, DC Universe Rebirth & More

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… Let’s Go Over THIS WEEK with the Superheroes!

Gonna start off with something that does get asked to me regarding my comic book series, why haven’t I really talked about newer comics. Well the short answer is, I tend to be ‘late to the party’ on a lot of things, for example if I’m focused on finding issues for certain story lines, or tracking down trade collections… the only book that I tend to stay up to date on is DC Comics Bombshells, but I often tend to stay an issue or two behind on it, depending on other factors that may crop up. That said I did get a copy of DC Universe ReBirth #1 today, making it quickest I’ve gotten a comic based on its release date… and I see that it has tie ins to the final issues of the New 52 Superman and Justice League books, two series that didn’t really hook me as a reader and did not stay up to date on, so reading this there are references to things that I clearly need to track down to get the full context. Watch the trade collection for Rebirth is going end up being about $75 cause of it’s tie-ins and the other release that have came out as well. Anyway, I will do a full review of this one issue on Comics From The Basement in the coming weeks so that I can get some familiarity with what was going in the New 52 era.

Let’s see… what news bites of the week caught my interest

Saw some photos from the see of Wolverine 3… and is it me or does Hugh Jackman with that beard looks like Mel Gibson with a beard when he went nuts? Then again they are both Australians...

Mel or Hugh... you make the call!
The cinematographer for Batman V Superman made like Bernie Sanders in back tracking everything he said about how everyone is going to love the Ultimate Edition of the movie. Too late pal, you already said it’s not going to change anyone’s point of view, but here’s the funny thing, because they are probably going to load it up with so many extras, people are going to buy it hoping one of the extras is an apology.

Speaking of that… Zack Snyder was teaching Gal Gadot how to strike a Wonder Woman pose…. And the look on Gal’s face reads that she can’t believe she has to put up with this mental midget

Suicide Squad has a PG-13 Rating and I’m cool with that, because it means when I see it in theaters the Friday it comes out, the audience should be fairly packed. And it didn’t take long for some studios to start spoofing some things about the movie based just on costumes and appearances… one of which was Deadshot… and I can’t help but shake my head at how the character and the concept of Suicide Squad as a whole got ‘washed’… in more ways than one off of ‘Arrow’…

But Willla Holland expressed how bush-league those decisions were last week considering both the TV and Movie Universes are supposed to be seperate, and the Deadshot on Arrow played by Mac Guggenheim was a great character… while it’s clear the one that’s going to be played by Will Smith in the movie is going to be just ‘Will Smith’, with the same cliches you see in nearly everyone of his movies (which has been seen in every trailer… and is why Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is being pushed as the focus… and rightfully so.)

That said…

Last week, I watched the 1994 Spider-Man animated series, and this week I’ve been watching it’s sister show, X-Men.

Hitting the airwaves in 1992 (two years before Spider-Man), X-Men hit the perfect cord among fans of comic books and non-comic readers alike. From a kick-arse theme song to some of the perfect characterization that continues to influence not only the comics, but also future animated series. One of it’s greatest strengths though, turned out to be a weakness, as animation issues resulted in a lot of delays of episodes during it’s 5 season long run, only to be corrected with streaming services airing things in production order and not release order.

But when you look at the episodes themselves, nearly every one was based on an actual comic or storyline, most famously the Phoenix Saga, Dark Phoenix Saga, , Days of Future Past,  The Gambit 4-Issue mini-series, The Legacy Virus, Age of Apocalypse and others. The re-telling and re-imagining of the iconic tales from the source material show how things can be done right without insulting the audience.

Something that is also of note: while the voice cast was quite awesome, unlike The Spider-Man series, outside of Tara Strong voicing a minor character, there was no one involved with it that one would instantly recognize by their name, but the voices they provided for everyone from Wolverine to Gambit to Apocalypse to Rogue to Magneto to even Cable and Sauron, gave a generation the ‘idea’ of what these character always sounded like. Yes there were X-Men cartoons in the past, but this series was the one that cemented numerous traits… and why Rogue on the first three X-Men movies was a poor representation of character!

And actually, this cartoon is why Rogue became a breakout star in the first place, she was the southern belle that could kick ass, but you felt sympathy for her because of the nature of her powers. I would dare say the episodes that focused on her were the strongest in the series and carried the most weight. Hell A Rogue’s Tale not only tells her origin, but also sees the consequences of her actions as it relates to Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers.

Of course, everyone else would say Wolverine’s episodes are the best… and I can’t argue with that too much, nearly everything involving him from the start of the series to the end was tied in together in some way or faction.

Still you don’t have to take my word for it, the series is current available on Hulu

And with that, we’ll wrap things up here.

Tomorrow is Saturday, but with a number of storms expected in the area, might be a delay on this weeks Tales From The TARDIS


Let's Play Sam & Max Hit The Road - Saving The Podiatrically Gifted

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement! 

Tonight I did a live stream continuing the adventures of Sam & Max in 'Hit The Road', which basically is the second half of the game. Picking right up where we left off last week (which you can view HERE).

This portion of the game basically is finding Shuv-ol (Doug The Moleman's Uncle) at the Mystery Vortex, and tacking down Bruno, which leads to Frog Rock and Bumpusville. And I have a bit of a fun with this, namely that Shuv-ol is clearly someone who grew up in the 1960s... and he's giving 'magic powder' to our heroes that if you use it as directed, something wonderful happens... and with that context, yeah 'tripping balls' seems about right.

The trip to Bumpusville is great, mainly because I love Conroy's little song about being 'lord of nature', and the gratuitous references to Star Wars and Indiana Jones, cause this game was published by LucasArts which also owned Star Wars and Indiana Jones... and of course this is where we finally catch up to Bruno and Trixie and learn about the Bigfoot Convention, where the story comes to its conclusion... the Sasquatches are endanger of becoming extinct due to man's rapid expansion over the centuries, and something needs to be done, the only clues are four totem poles with clues that aren't quite so obvious as first...

But since I memorized playing this game as a kid, I was gathering the items needed through the game... so if you watch both parts (or if you get the game through you can get the hint book in PDF form) you'll know what to do.

Not sure if I'm going to do a live stream next week... if I do it may be for Star Trek Online and the Risan Vacation.  

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