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Ring The Bell: NXT Takeover - The End

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement…

Tonight was of course NXT Takeover: The End  and I’m already wondering how many folks I’m going to tick off with my opinions on this event. The show did get off to a great start… with Renee Young and Lita’s outfits on the pre-show. Hey Renee is always a highlight and Lita is just a bonus.

Okay down to business… the opening package to try and justified the name ‘The End’ for this special was to be the ‘End of the Beginning’ as if they are going to bury the entire first few years of NXT… which I personally thought they did when they switched from actually trying to develop male stars to being a ‘Super Indy’ signing every message board hero possible

The first match of the night was Tye Dillinger facing the debuting Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas, who looked like the illegitimate son of Savio Vega in his entrance gear. The match itself was solid, on a grade scale I’d give it a C, it was to really showcase Almas with Tye showing why he’s a ‘Perfect 10’ in…

Brutus Beefcake - Yay Or Nay For The Hall Of Fame

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement & Yay or Nay  For The Hall Of Fame!

Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Brutus Beefcake, and thought he was a cool dude, but he is one of those guys whose name comes up when one asks ‘should he be in the WWE Hall of Fame’ the question is always missed with a mixed response from fans... and I hope to try and come up with an answer this week.

Getting his start in the late 70s, Beefcake basically was attached to the hip of Hulk Hogan from the start, even being billed as his brother early in their respective careers. With names like Eddie Boulder (to match Hulk’s Terry Boulder character) and Dizzy Hogan, Beefcake actually got around quite a bit, working for the Continental Wrestling in Memphis, a cup of coffee with the WWF, some time in the AWA. Pacific Northwest Wrestling, a couple of tours with New Japan, and an extended run with Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in the Carolinas… so he was very well traveled.

Arriving in the …