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Lets Play Star Trek Online - Time In A Bottle

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... It’s Tuesday… Let’s Play Star Trek Online!

This week’s mission is Time in a Bottle…  and it’s a mission that ties to one of Voyagers actually creative concepts, ‘Year of Hell’, in reality a two-parter about a Krenim scientist manipulating time to try and get the ideal time line for his race, to fight off the eventually decline of their civilization. Over the course of the two episodes, we’ve seen how the time line changed, in particular with the Kenim being an aggressive dominating super power in the Delta Quadrant and the hell Voyager went through, with the ship being torn apart, the crew having to leave… and just general mayhem… in fact it was exactly what the show itself should’ve been all along, instead of the status quo and everything being ‘perfect’.

Anyway, in this mission, The Krenim are basically wiped out, being the first victiims of the Vaadwaur armada… and if you recall from previous mission, it was stated the Iconians can’t re…