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The RAW View June 6, 2016: Holla Holla Playa!

Welcome To The Basement... and The RAW View...

This is basically a disjointed mess of thoughts and opinions on tonight's episode of WWE RAW Note: This is not the order of events that things took place, I tried to group things together.

Opening segment with all the Money in the Bank guys standing on ladders talking was a nice visual, but not one of them said that would have made me bought the pay-per-view if I didn’t already subscribe to the WWE Network. It was nice to see Teddy Long, and him saying he wants to be the General Manager for SmackDown was not a surprise considering he was practically synonymous with the WWE’s B-Show for many years. Stephanie coming out to shoot him down, making a serious a matches between the Money in the Bank participants, and we got a highlight of her doing Teddy’s jig… which certainly a great visual. But all in all, this was the usual talking segment. The day we get a match in the first segment again it will shock the world.
The first match that wa…

Ring The Bell: NXT The End Predictions, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins' Feelins & More

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… let’s Ring The Bell…

Where I talk about all the news related to the world of pro-wrestling with my totally unqualified insight and with a clearly biased agenda. So hey, at least I’m honest about that fact.

So right off the bat, NXT The End is this Wednesday night… and yes I will do a post-show on what happens during that event as soon as it goes off the air. And I do have my predictions which are as follows…

Andrade Almas will defeat Tye Dillinger, this will be a glorified squash

Austin Aries will go over Shinsuke Nakamura, I won’t be surprised if this match ends up being terrible due to wanting to one ‘up’ that Ricochet O’spreay match which wasn’t all that good in and of itself

American Alpha will retain the NXT Tag Titles over The Revivial, this could be lot of fun, cause all four men have shown to have classic tag team psychology down.

Finn Balor will regain the NXT Title by defeating Samoa Joe in a cage match… I don’t care for Joe, and F…