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The Keys Of Marinus - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Time Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… And TALES FROM THE TARDIS!

This week this week we’re concluding The Keys of Marinus with our look at chapter six which is called… umm… The Keys of Marinus… ummm real imaginative title there.

Anyway let’s get to it, Alto Barbara and Sabetha figure it’s best not to tell The Doctor that his grandaughter has been kidnapped, cause his ‘hearts’ can’t take it I guess, and they go to visit Kala to see if she knows what her late husband Aydan was involved with since his murder is obviously tied to Susan being abducted. However Kala is so upset that she can’t help them… and bursts into tears… you have to feel bad for her, she lost her husband and now she can’t help others and…

Oh wait… as soon as they leave she bursts out laughing, and we see that Susan is bound and gagged in the next room. Well that should get some fics shipped…

Anyway, Kala gets a call with the news that Ian has been sentenced to death and so she can kill Susan, while at the same time Barbara realizes that Kala is involved with the theft of the key and the framming of Ian because Kala mentioned that ‘they are sick with worry after speaking with Susan’ when she wasn’t mentioned at all. Barbara, Sabetha and Altos hurry back and manage to save Susan before Kala kills her and the entire plot is uncovered in a matter of minutes.

Remember what I said last week that it seemed like that episode felt like it was running long, cause the conclusion of it takes the first 13 minutes of this episode. They reunite with the Doctor, Kala admits her crimes but they have to find her accomplice to prove Ian innocent and the key is found in the mace , which was the murder weapon, and the guy turns out to court prosecutor Eyesen. Ian is freed and they head back to Marinus

And now let’s talk about him, cause I didn’t want to spoil the twist… Eyesen was so obvious the villain in this portion of The Keys of Marinus, because he was the one going all out to make sure Ian took the fall. It was telegraphed from so early on, that it really supports my theory that part 5 was too long or part 6 too short.

Altos and Sabetha head off first with the first four keys, but are captured by Yarket who killed Arbitan and now rule the area. Because at this point there’s only 12 minutes left in the episode, every thing feel rushed. The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan arrive and split up to find their friends… with Ian and Susan having the key and searching for the now late Arbitan, while Barbara and The Doctor go look for Alto and Sabetha.

Ian and Susan find ‘Arbitan’, but it’s really a disguised Yarket who has his face covered by the hood of his robe, claiming he was disfigured by a power surge from the Conscience. Thinking nothing of it Ian gives the key to him and he and Susan go off to get the Doctor who is releasing Altos and Sabetha who tell them the Voords now rule. Ian reveal that he gave Yarket the false key from the Screaming Jungle… so yeah I probably should’ve mentioned that when discussing part three of this story…

Anyway, this is sorta of good news, cause the Voords can’t get control of the Conscience… because now it will explode. Everyone makes a run for it, the Conscience explodes killing Yarket and the Voords inside of the complex. With it destroyed, the people of Marinus must now rule themselves, find their own answers… basically we get the moral message of every other episode of Star Trek as our heroes leave

As a concluding chapter… this is a great example of a rushed climax and I don’t want to keep harping on this. Sure we get the nice closure to the culprits being caught to wrap things up from Sentence To Death, but the ‘oh we gave him the fake key’ bit and just the machine exploding just was so quick, it felt very unsatisfactory to me.

Anyway, next week, begins to the start of The Aztecs… and the one Doctor Who story from the first Doctor Era that always seems to be available when it comes to streaming services, cause I’ve seen it on Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Thoughts on Muhammad Ali (1942 - 2016)

Hello all...

Because of the circumstances of this particular blog post, skipping my usual opening...

At about 12:20 AM, here on June 4, 2016, I saw the report that Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74.

Now obviously, I can't say I saw him fight 'live, but I have watched his fights via YouTube over the years, and yeah, he was the greatest, he the perfect guy you wanted on top in the world of boxing, he could talk trash and he could back it up... he had a charisma that was unmatched in his era, he's been often imitated, but never duplicated.

But let's also remember something... for all intents and purposes, Ali was involved in perhaps the first big 'Mixed Martial Arts' fight of all time, in his match with Antonio Inoki, which was a boxer vs wrestler match, but Inoki had a martial arts back ground as well... sure the fight was terrible, but it paved the way for the UFC years later.

Anyway, the guy was an icon, and he had a huge impact on not just sports but the world in general, and his presence is certainly going to be missed.

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