Monday, May 30, 2016

Ring The Bell: Vader's Right, McMahon Losing Faith In Reigns, & More

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement... and what was the RAW View, but what I’m now calling Ring The Bell… where I cover a number of pro wrestling topics from my point a view as a fan. The reason for the change after a few weeks is that I got more of a positive response talking about various pro-wrestling topics instead of the longest running prime time pro-wrestling program in the modern era.

Let’s start off with a rumor that well I’m getting a little chuckle, that Vince McMahon is losing faith in the Roman Reign’s experiment. I’ve only seen this on two sites, one as a bit of added on gossip to fuel anti-WWE Creative sentiment because Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were booked to lose and exposed as rather mediocre talents (in Gallows case, reminding the world of that fact)… and on another as a column that appears to add in details with no reference other than to the original piece where the rumor appeared. But as wrestling fans, one knows certain details are true, one Vince McMahon is a stubborn micro-manager who has been the behind the push of Roman Reigns, two Triple H is pushing for the message board heroes that he’s been signing to be the stop guys because of his over reliance of them to hide the fact that NXT has not produced a male superstar with main event qualities since the ‘lucky’ call up of SHIELD.

But the real way to judge this to be true or not is with tonight’s episode of RAW and the coming weeks and how the match with Seth Rollins goes down at Money in the Bank.

There was an odd bit of weirdness with the Pabst Blue Ribbon styled ring gear… and the third-tier beer sending a ‘cease and desist’ to the WWE for it… The WWE complied, pulling the merchandise, but what I find funny, is that Pabst Blue Ribbon would rather being associated with the line ‘I’m White Trash and I’m In Trouble’ from an episode of South Park, than pro-wrestling… but that’s why PBR is consider a joke.

Anyway, on a side note,  Cena does return to WWE Programming on tonight’s RAW… and for the record, I do enjoy his work on American Grit, unlike Steve Austin who is nearly always the center of attention on his CMT reality TV series, Cena doesn’t have to do everything beyond hosting and narration

Hideo Itami is expected to return to the ring after being out of action since May of last year with a shoulder injury… while I have no doubt he’ll be solid in the ring, let’s be honest, he pretty much lost his spot as the International Sensation from the Far East with the signing of Shinsuke Nakamura. I really only see one of them being associated with the WWE by the end of the year, and the one going will be Itami unless he’s managed to become very fluent in English during his year off.

There is already speculation that Cody Rhodes is going to sign with Ring of Honor, but how soon will this happen will depend on details of his release from the WWE, who normally have a 90-Day non-compete clause associated. There is something else that I’m wondering, is the name ‘Cody Rhodes’ owned by the WWE… cause his real last name is Runnels, and if memory serves me right, his brother used the named ‘Dustin Runnels’ back in 98 when he dropped the Goldust character for a time, and it’s easier to use your real name on the indies unless you’re wanting to go through the effort of creating a whole new persona.

The WWE of course is doing a ‘brand split’ with the move of SmackDown to Tuesday nights where it will be live and giving the show it’s own roster once again, with separate story lines and creative. While all this sounds good… there are some real concerns, the biggest one being that with the original brand split, there was a ‘goal’ to keep RAW superior to SmackDown instead of the two separate divisions of the WWE competing to being a preference for fans. Will history repeat itself? More than likely with Vince McMahon loves to micromanage everything right down to things coming out of the mouths of the commentators. Really wish I was kidding on that… but the real question is how am I going to watch back to back live wrestling shows on consecutive nights… in the summer it’ll be fine cause all the normal shows I watch are on the summer hiatus, but in the fall… talk about over kill.

The voice of WCW Tony Schiavone is now a Barista at a Starbucks in addition to g broadcasting for the Gwinnett Braves minor-league baseball team as well as the Georgia Bulldogs basketball and baseball programs. You know what they say, if you find something you like doing for whatever reason (and if it’s legal) go for it.

Shane Douglas’s new promotion ‘Revolution Sports’ is looking for investors… and though it’s current backer Bill Townsend says they want to be the ‘ESPN of Combat Sports’, there is still that stench of wanting to cater to people who loved the ‘Attitude Era’ when it comes to wrestling… so Yeah, probably not a wise investment, not to mention the fairly recent history of Douglas’s Extreme Rising promotion from a couple of years ago, where he basically walked out on it due to disagreements with a partner.

On the plus side the promotion is supposed to be with partnered with a Las Vegas casino… so it’ll have blackjack and hookers… so you know it'll have Bender's seal of approval.

In case you think I’m being dirty, a hooker is alternate wrestling term for shooter.

And lastly to close this out… The legendary Big Van Vader had some great insight regarding the car crash of a match between Ospreay & Ricochet  at the New Japan Pro Wrestling ‘Best of the Super Juniors’ rightfully calling it ‘Blantant Acrobatics (with) no story’ and asking ‘Is there anything done in the video (match) that relates to winning?’ ‘You could get two high school gymnasts and put on a show’. When criticized by smarks who probably think Kevin Owens and Sami Zayne should headline every WWE event about being ‘closed minded’ and not understanding how wrestling evolves’, Vader had the great comback, pointing out that he’s been in the business for forty years, having been all over the world while stating that wrestling needs to stay consistent with someone winning and someone losing with a story that demonstrates that’.

Ricochet  responded with a long whiny tweet saying ‘wrestling is art’ and that they are ‘expressing themselves’,  stating how now wrestlers can go out there and chop each for 5 minutes straight or use lighttubes in matches, because it’s how they are ‘expressing themselves’… which is stupid garbage that helps keep wrestling in the dark age b.s. because it looks phoney and stupid. Ricochet’s argument is even hurt with who he tagged with his long winded rebuttal to Vader, which includes The Young Bucks, two guys who probably deserve a Jim Cornette approved APA on Public Enemy style beat down for half the stuff they do in a match that makes no sense, Joey Ryan a guy who does a spot with his crotch, and Matt Sydal, a guy who had major opportunities and squandered theme… not exactly the best group to make that point with.

Now I watched the match between Ricochet & Ospreay, are they athletic, yes, are they talented, yes… is the match ‘good’… in my opinion as a fan… no. It is actually further proof that the last true wrestling match seen was between John Cena and Shawn Michaels in April of 2007 which went nearly an hour and showed why Shawn Michaels is considered great while also showing that Cena (despite the smark reaction to him at the time) was the guy who would be carrying the company (if not the industry) for the next decade, noting was done to ‘express themselves’ it was to have an athletic contest with both guys wanting to win and neither wanting to lose with none of the false drama that would come in years since then.  Wrestling is and always will be at its best when presented as a simulated athletic contest, the more real in tone and style you make the matches, the more money it will draw… and history agrees with that.

Anyway that will do it for this week, tomorrow is of course Tuesday, which means ‘Lets Play Star Trek Online’ and on Wednesday I’ll be looking at the case for or against the Brooklyn Brawler for the Hall of Fame.

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