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Ring The Bell: Vader's Right, McMahon Losing Faith In Reigns, & More

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement... and what was the RAW View, but what I’m now calling Ring The Bell… where I cover a number of pro wrestling topics from my point a view as a fan. The reason for the change after a few weeks is that I got more of a positive response talking about various pro-wrestling topics instead of the longest running prime time pro-wrestling program in the modern era.

Let’s start off with a rumor that well I’m getting a little chuckle, that Vince McMahon is losing faith in the Roman Reign’s experiment. I’ve only seen this on two sites, one as a bit of added on gossip to fuel anti-WWE Creative sentiment because Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were booked to lose and exposed as rather mediocre talents (in Gallows case, reminding the world of that fact)… and on another as a column that appears to add in details with no reference other than to the original piece where the rumor appeared. But as wrestling fans, one knows certain details are true, one Vince M…