Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sentence To Death - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement… This is Tales From The TARDIS!

We’re up to part five of the Keys of Marinus, titled Sentence To Death…

Following escaping the Ice Soldiers and Vasor, Ian finds himself accused of the murder of Eprin, who just so happens to be a friend of Altos, who discovered the last key before his death… the key is missing, and on top of being accused of murder, Ian is accused of theft… because if you’re knocked out and something is missing, you’re instantly the criminal.

To really put a cherry on the cake, the legal system of the city is that of the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ variety… so basically Ian is already guilty of the crimes, and is sentence to death unless he can be proven innocent. I’m willing to bet this legal system was put in place for population control purposes. But don’t worry has the best defense counsel around… The Doctor!

Okay… he’s boned…

The case is postponed for two days to allow a fathering of evidence and to find out what really happened to Eprin. A guard named Aydan is implicated in the murder, and Barbara and Susan go to investigate, talking to his wife Kala. Kala is about as helpful as a fish out of water, and when Aydan find out, he orders Barbara and Susan out of his home… and in a bit of uncomfortableness… a slap and a scream from Kala is heard…

Domestic Violence… for when you need to get across that someone is obviously a bad guy!

During the trial, The Doctor uses Sabetha as a witness and tricks Aydan into confessing by claiming that one of the keys they found came from Aydan’s hiding place… and Aydan is promptly killed before he can implicate anyone else. It’s actually a well done scene, cause obviously The Doctor and Sabetha are setting Aydan up, you can see it from a mile away.

But… Ian is still accused of the crimes… and to top it off… Barbara Sabetha and Altos are called out of the trial area, where they get a call from Susan who has been kidnapped, saying that the people who took her will kill her if they don’t stop investigating!

This is the first episode of this story that is seeing an obvious carry over to the next installment, since our heroes are not traveling to a new destination, and so everything is being stretched out a bit… giving me the feeling that while the first four parts were written to contain everything needed for them within their individual stories to make up the hole, either the mystery here was too long or the ending of the story is too short to keep with the theme of one location for each chapter. Or they really liked the court room set.

Anyway, that’s all for this week, next week we’ll wrap up the Keys of Marinus with part 6.

Till next time!

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