Friday, May 27, 2016

X-Men Apocalypse - Basement Matinee - SPOILER WARNING!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To Basement Matinee...

If you follow me on Twitter @FredCasden or are a friend of mine on Facebook… I lived up to my promise, and saw X-Men Apocalypse today…. I’d say the attendance of the crowd in the theater I was in was about 50% full, and according to the ushers, greeters and guest services that I spoke too, they were expecting fuller crowds for the later showings, but it was quite clear that there were fewer people to catch the afternoon showings as compared to Captain America Civil War and Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

And there are spoilers here,


You have been warned but I tend to jump around so you still have to see it… but even if you haven’t, you know that a lot of websites were spoiling the movie for WEEKS before it hit theaters, which is a huge gripe I have.

So right off the back lets talk continuity, it will help if you saw X-Men First Class for some of the character interaction with Mystique, Beast, Xavier and Magneto, but X-Men Apocalypse does a good job of explaining everything without dragging down the story to much. This is basically an ‘origin’ story for Cyclops, Nightcrawler, & Storm, hell even, Wolverine… who has basically ups the body count on his own…. And while there is some connection to the first three X-Men movies, you can tell the time line is certainly different.

The plot is that Apocalypse has been awoken in 1983 and is pissed that the ‘meak have inherited the earth’ , and he sets out of to find his horsemen, selecting Storm, Psylock, and Angel… along with Magneto… which seemed like an odd choice, but they tied it in with how he’s always losing his family and is full of rage. I think most of us who grew up watching the 90s X-Men cartoon obviously assumed Angel would be member of the Four Horsemen… Storm fits, and instead of her origin being tied to the Shadow King, it’s now Apocalypse which makes a lot more sense… the only I really have a hard time seeing is Psylock, who even with her powers enhanced, didn’t seem like a heavy hitter among the other three. Through coincidence of Xavier looking for Magneto, Apocalypse becomes aware of him, and things get rolling from there until the day is saved.

As you can probably tell, they get a lot done in this movie… that’s because it’s 2 and a Half Hours Long… and it didn’t feel like it, because they kept things moving at a fairly nice pace, but there is a lot to take in. In fact, I told to some other movie goers after the movie, the ones who are comic book fans thought everything represented the source material as well as possible, while those who aren’t comic book fans, enjoyed it but got lost among all the jumping around that was going on.

Special Effects wise, well I did not see the 3D version, but they look very impressive, he sequences with Quicksilver, where we see things from his perspective of moving faster than the eye can see, looked awesome…. Also Pizza Dog, ‘nuff said. All the projectile powers looked crisp and blended in well, which is an advantage of not seeing things in 3D, things maybe flat, but it all looks to be apart of the image on display, while with 3D you’re obviously getting that lifted and coming at you feel.

So onto things that I loved about this movie… well for one Mystique as a reluctant hero and role model works perfectly and is a great contrast to how one normally views her character, the fight sequences between Nightcrawler and Angel are really well done, despite the heavy tone there is a lot of fun in the film, I like that Jubilee was in it and was a bit annoyed that she wasn’t apart of things beyond just being a student at the school… The death of Havok and being the catalyst for Cyclops to go all out, and the obvious indication of Jean Grey’s Phoenix Force abilities in the climax was awesome… the effects for Quicksilver were awesome, the sequence of him getting everyone out of the Xavier Mansion room by room in slow motion was awesome while ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made of These’ is playing… and against… Pizza Dog… Cyclops, Jean and Nightcrawler going around a base to free Beast, Mystique, Quicksilber & Moira was a great bit, particularly with the freeing of Weapon X… and boy does Wolvie go wild,,, really pushing the PG-13 boundaries…

What I didn’t care for was… well… for as powerful and bombastic as Apocalypse is in the comics, video games and cartoons… he came across too… subtle for my taste… and clearly, some things were by pure happenstance, he comes across Storm who takes him to Caliban which leads to the recruitment of Psylock who takes them to Angel… and Magneto… it was like ‘Hey I know a guy! You’d like ‘em’ sorta deal. And while Angel had to be there, Psylock, as I said earlier just didn’t seem like the best fit, and seemed like she was used because she was an ‘X-Men’ character and nothing else.

Still… on a score of 5… I’d give it a four… while I enjoyed it a lot, it could have been cut down with some drawn out sequences shorten early on… I’d have to imagine the first cut of the movie must have been about 4 hours long, so who knows what was left on the cutting room floor.

Oh almost forgot, the post credit stuff with the Essex Corp and it being Mr. Sinister playing the long game is really cool, and I can it see the next X-Men movie being focused on the Phoenix Saga. Since it’s said they are going into Space next time and of course what happened with Jean in this movie.

So that will wrap it up, if you saw the movie, tell me what you thought!

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