Thursday, May 26, 2016

This Week... Captain America's Rough Week, Arrow, Gotham, The Flash & More!

Hello and Welcome To The Basement… 
Its time for THIS WEEK with the Superheroes...

Yes, doing a day early because depending on how things go tomorrow, I’ll be checking out X-Men Apocalypse… or I’ll check it out over the weekend, but we’ll see how things roll, but one way or another I am seeing it, I guarantee it!

So lets hit the news… and

There is a video going as a teaser for Doctor Who’s Christmas Special implying Jack Harkness will be apart of it… and I can confirm to you that is not the case, said video is a fake.

Mel Gibson was originally offered the role of Odin in the Thor movies… I can’t imagine what happened to cause him not to get the part.

Lionsgate wants to make 7 Power Rangers movies… to which I say, hold on Skippy, get the first one made and be a box office success before planning any sequels, cause you could be killing the golden goose the way Paul Feig is doing with Ghostbusters…

Amazon has launched Comixology Unlimited… and it’s alright, works well on the computer, but the Comixology app has yet to incorporate it… it has potential, but one of Comixology’s biggest failings is trying to find something with its search engine. But since it's new I'll continue to test it out for the next month

And Netflix’s big deal with Marvel begins in September, with the movies being added as soon as they hit would hit HBO, Starz and other premium movie channels. This is great news for TV viewing.

Lastly, I want to top on the weird week Captain America… from the revelation that he’s ‘always been a member of Hyrda’ to people wanting to give him a boyfriend. Yeah… of these two things, Cap being a member of Hyrda is without question the one that involved the most creativity, cause Marvel is really going out on a limb with this decision. It gets people talking about the comic, and makes people want to read it to see what the hell is going on to try and predict where things are going. There is actual money to be made with this creative choice.

As far as the OTHER thing goes… let me say this, I agree the LGBTQ community needs more representation… however… doing a force change in characters based on some subtext that is clearly not in the subject matter only belongs in fan fiction and fan art. Trust me, that’s something I know a lot  about… (What’s up D&K Universe!)

Now If people actually WANT LGBTQ characters, then they should do the smart thing and demand more of those characters that were created to fit that roles, such as Northstar, Hulking, Wiccan, Moondragon, Mystique, Destiny, Karma… and to make the Ultimate versions of Colossus, Ice-Man and Spider-Woman be made official  the Main Marvel Universe and brought to the films as well. But of course the posers on Twitter who hide behind celebrity pictures and change names like Scarlet Witch to something that rhymes with it are too lazy to even consider it.

Hell if you want to incorporated a LGBTQ character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, the right way to do it is not forcing Cap and Bucky, no it’s to do what DC has down on Arrow with Curtis aka Mr. Terrific, treat it as nothing special and apart of every day life, so Marvel simply has to pick a character or two not in already in the MCU to debute in one of its upcoming films and have them be the first token LGBTQ characters. I nominate Hulking & Wiccan, who were apart of the Avengers in the comics. Problem solved, everyone wins.

And with that said, let’s get to this weeks shows… which are a trio of season finales

Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Transference
Plot: While Gordon, Bruce and Lucius are at Indian Hill, Hugo Strange's inmates plan to escape and start new lives, which poses a new threat to the city of Gotham.
Rating: 3 out of 5 – It’s a finale where nothing happened other than Hugo’s pets are now free in Gotham… Bullock was made to look like an idiot and not seeing that someone was wrong with Gordan… and there really is no drama when Bruce, Selina, and other Batman main characters are in danger, cause you can’t really kill them off unless you’re really going off the rails… and we got a ‘parting of the ways’ finish with Gordon going off on his own, leaving Bullock, Bruce and the others

The Flash: The Race of His Life
Plot: When Zoom finally reveals his true plan, Barry is more determined than ever to stop him.
Rating: 3 out of 5 – This was… okay, nothing special, it wrapped up the story with Zoom, saw Harry and Jesse head home to Earth-2 and we got to see the ‘Real’ Jay Garrick, thus being Henry Allan’s dopelganger from Earth-3 (who looked really good in the full costume). The ending of Barry time-running to save his mom when he knows the consequences means that next season we’ll see him going down Zoom’s path before ‘doing the right thing’. This episode did feel like something actually happened

Arrow: Schism
Plot: Oliver unites with a surprising force in the race to stop Damien Darhk and his magic once and for all
Rating: 3 out of 5 – Yeah nothing spectacular here, in fact, much like Gotham, it felt like nothing happened, Darhk was killed by Oliver and there was a parting of the ways of the main characters… but this episode felt like the Power Rangers in Space episode ‘Countdown to Destruction  with the city if Star City fighting with The Green Arrow against Damien and the ‘Ghosts’ of Hive.

Now that I think about it… outside of Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow… every show that I’ve been watching week to week had rather lackluster season finales that just ‘finish the story’ but doesn’t give you a reason to be excited for the next season.

So with all the shows I’ve been watching on a weekly basis done, what will I be doing with the TV section of this little show section until the fall… well… I’ll go through various shows I come across on Netflix and Hulu that are Superhero related for a list of weekly recommendations

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