Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online - Delta Flight

Hello and Welcome To The Basement…

It’s Tuesday… Let’s Play Star Trek ONLINE!

This Week we’re playing Delta Flight…

Captain Paris has requested the player’s ship for a joint mission with his task force… but things are bleak… the Alliance isn’t making much headway against the Iconians… and the player and their crew have proven to be the only ones capable for fighting against them. I’m not kidding, the mission contact, Captain Kagran actually says that.

So we’re off to the Calbriden System to meet up with Captain Paris and his team, which consists of his daughter Miral Paris, her ex-boyfriend and Academy dropout Andrew Westin, a Talaxian named Ferix, a klingon named Guroth who can make weapons stronger. Do you know what happens if you shove FIVE Quantum Torpedos into one casing? I don’t either, but I want to find out! Also along for the ride is Kana Jinnis, the latest trouble maker turn good because of Starfleet, and Hadaen D’Mora who according to Captain Paris, is two weeks away from retirement… and Hadaen doesn’t quite get the joke…

Anyway, the mission itself is basically fly from point a to point b undetected to blow up something huge, and depending on a decision, is either easy or difficult, but the highlight is the number of ‘400-year old’ references Paris makes through it, such as strapping on your Proton Packs. The thing about this mission is that, with a big Scimitar, making tight turns is a bit tough, so I advise using a smaller escort, science vessel or cruiser that doesn’t have weak brakes (seriously, the Scimitar is one of those ships you can do power slides with, as if you’re a Outta-Space version of Jeremy Clarkson!)

There is a fun ground portion in the middle, where Miral’s ship is boarded and you get to have a little shoot out in a corridor and on the bridge of the USS Bern. This is more of a break of being stuck on the ship for the entire mission (which easily could have been the case)

Then there is the final battle, fighting a huge Heardal Dreadnaught while working on taking down a space station the Iconians have been setting up in the system. The Dreadnaught itself is pretty damn tough, but thank goodness you don’t face it alone, having the Delta Flight squad with you helps bring it down it a decent amount of time. Also of note that Westin is killed off, but Miral knows enough to be able to download information to locate another sphere… which will of course be featured in next week’s mission!

Till then have a good one everybody!

Kindergarten Cop 2 - Basement Matinee

Hello and Welcome to Basement Matinee…

Arnold Schwarzenegger made many films that are favorites… but some ended up having sequels that didn’t star the Austrian Oak, like Predator 2 for example, which starred Danny Glover…. Or in this case, Kindergarten Cop 2, starring Dolph Lundgren…

While by no means a great movie, it does serve nicely as a decent reinterpretation of the original plot, a law enforcement officer, this time an FBI agent, goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher, to retrieve something important to put away the lead villain, in this case a flash drive that has information on the location of everyone under the Federal Witness Protection program.

Unlike the first film where Arnold’s character of John Kimble interacting with the kids was the focus, in this one, it’s Lundgren’s Zack Reed character being perplexed at the PC nature of the world has taken in regards to education. It has some decent satire, while also working gags from other genres (like the buddy cop formula, the over the top boss) to get a nice amount of chuckles.

Lundgren’s performance is decent by his standards, and this departure from his usual action roles is rather refreshing, and the fact that it’s clear he’s having a fun in the role helps sells the movie. He has decent onscreen chemistry with the supporting cast, thought unlike with the original film, there isn’t anything particularly memorable about the kids involved, as there role is pretty limited. 

In a few areas, it actually improves on the first film, namely with the antagonist, played by Aleks Paunovic, was certainly a lit more interesting than Richard Tyson in the first film, and it pressed the 'time is of the essence' as aspect better.

So what's the verdict?  

For an hour and forty minutes, it’s flies by nicely, and certainly worth checking out if you’re just looking for little time filler. It is avaliable on Netflix and DVD

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