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Athena - Comics From The Basement

Hello and Welcome to Comics From The Basement!

Trade collections are cool… particularly for limited run-series or getting a complete storyline, such as the case of The Duck Knight Returns, which I talked about before, and Dexter (which I
intend to talk about at some point. In several ways, the trade could help cover for a lot of failings of a particular story, enhance the awesomeness factor… or just make the story complete and utter garbage.

Which brings us to this particular trade, Athena from Dynamite comics. Written by Doug Murrary, with artwork Fabiano Neves and Paul Renaud, and released in 2010, it collects the four part mini-series. If the title sounds familiar to you, it should. issue #1 was reviewed by Linkara over at Atop The Fourth Wall back in 2010, and issue #2 back in 2014… safe to say he never got around to reviewing the rest of the series.

Now for those of who may not know, Athena is the story of a woman reborn in modern times, but without knowledge of who she is, whe…