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Trade collections are cool… particularly for limited run-series or getting a complete storyline, such as the case of The Duck Knight Returns, which I talked about before, and Dexter (which I
intend to talk about at some point. In several ways, the trade could help cover for a lot of failings of a particular story, enhance the awesomeness factor… or just make the story complete and utter garbage.

Which brings us to this particular trade, Athena from Dynamite comics. Written by Doug Murrary, with artwork Fabiano Neves and Paul Renaud, and released in 2010, it collects the four part mini-series. If the title sounds familiar to you, it should. issue #1 was reviewed by Linkara over at Atop The Fourth Wall back in 2010, and issue #2 back in 2014… safe to say he never got around to reviewing the rest of the series.

Now for those of who may not know, Athena is the story of a woman reborn in modern times, but without knowledge of who she is, where she is or when she is… the reasons for this because Zeus, like Chronos of the Titans before him, feared that one of his children will strike him down (this particular detail of the story was ignored by Linkara by the way), but he didn’t want to fully kill off his off-spring, so instead some went into the sleep of ages which is like death anyway, and Athena, along with Ares, were reincarnated.  Athena, taking the last name Olympios, ends up becoming a cop, and following an undercover operation, gets caught up in basically the story of Helen of Troy, where a woman is taken by one group of gangsters and the other is coming to take her back.

I won’t spoil the whole story for you all, because that’s not the point of doing a review, something others tend to forget, but I digress.

The story itself is… great in theory… but in execution, not so much for a four issue-mini, but okay for a trade collection, because this is basically a drawn out origin story, seeing Athena arrive, adapt and be involved in a decent plot. There is a decent amount of exposition of adapting some of Greek mythology to fit the story (Athena’s birth, The Trojan War, The Golden Apple of Discord). Zeus’s reasoning is basically self preservation, but it works to an extent to have the goddess of wisdom, courage and war strategy in modern times. Though there is a misstep with her apparently getting the goddess of truth tag as well early on.

The artwork is...I’ll say decent, the biggest complaint is that nearly all the women are drawn with their hips jutted out to one side which just looks awkward as hell. That said, the best pieces of artwork are ones that focus on the Greek Myths, as it’s done in way where you can see the detailing without the dark color scheme that dominates the modern setting.

And I probably should talk about the Obama mini-story that is included with this as well. Written and added on the initial first issue, it takes place well after the initial mini-series and is just one of the many worthless Obama related comics that were mass-produced following his initial Presidential victory.

So what’s the recommendation on the Athena Trade paperback? is decent enough to check out and is nowhere near as bad as how Linkara made it out to be.  With the listed retail price of $14.99, I wouldn’t recommend paying more than $6 for it. You can get the individual issues if you prefer,  though because of the cost of some cover variants, you might pay more than just getting the trade. You can pick it up at

Next week, we’re going back to Star Trek… and later tonight, I’ll be posting my thoughts on WWE Extreme Rules.

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