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The Snows Of Terror - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello and welcome to the Basement… 
And Tales From The  TARDIS!

We’re up to part four of The Keys of Marinus, with The Snows of Terror… which is another episode without The Doctor.

At the end of part three of this saga, after getting the key from Darrius’s lab, Ian and Barbara use their travel dials to transport away from mutated plants…. To an icy wasteland… wonder if they’ll run into Spock and McCoy who suffered a similar fate in the Star Trek episode ‘All Our Yesterdays’ (which if you recall in the video version of last weeks episode that I couldn’t quite remember!). The cold is so overwhelming that they pass out… waking up sometime later, they are greeted by Vasor, a hunter / trapper. He saw Susan and Sabetha in a nearby cave, but he wasn’t going to risk his life to save them… nice guy.

Ian being the guy he is, is more than willing to go, trading his travel dial to Vasor for some his furs to keep warm… and leaves Barbara with him. Okay that is incredibly stupid as Vasor is clearly…