Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Snows Of Terror - Tales From The TARDIS

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And Tales From The  TARDIS!

We’re up to part four of The Keys of Marinus, with The Snows of Terror… which is another episode without The Doctor.

At the end of part three of this saga, after getting the key from Darrius’s lab, Ian and Barbara use their travel dials to transport away from mutated plants…. To an icy wasteland… wonder if they’ll run into Spock and McCoy who suffered a similar fate in the Star Trek episode ‘All Our Yesterdays’ (which if you recall in the video version of last weeks episode that I couldn’t quite remember!). The cold is so overwhelming that they pass out… waking up sometime later, they are greeted by Vasor, a hunter / trapper. He saw Susan and Sabetha in a nearby cave, but he wasn’t going to risk his life to save them… nice guy.

Ian being the guy he is, is more than willing to go, trading his travel dial to Vasor for some his furs to keep warm… and leaves Barbara with him. Okay that is incredibly stupid as Vasor is clearly not trustworthy. After Ian leaves, Barbara clears the table (cause woman duties?) and comes across Sabetha’s chain along with several travel dials . Vasor gets pissed, saying he left them to die and that is his intentions for Ian. Well at the very least the plot is moving along quickly here, but perhaps too quickly.

Out in the cold, Ian comes across Altos is restrained. Upon being freed, Altos tells Ian about Vasor and they rush back to his place to confront him just before he attacks Barbara. They get Vasor to reveal the keys in his possession and to take them where he left Sabetha and Susan, even after he refuses claiming there are demons in the cave. Yeah everything is building towards the cave as you can probably tell by this point.

Meanwhile, Susan and Sabetha have been quite busy, they have been searching the cavess and uncovered some piping & Ice Warriors… whoops, wrong planet and much too early, I mean Ice Soldiers that appear to be statues. Terrified at the sight, they run away and meet up with the others who have crossed over a rather unstable rope bridge. With all of them on one side, Vasor unties the other end of the bridge trapping them.

However this is a group that has Ian Chesteron, man of action, in it. He an Altos make a bridge out of tree trunks…. Now where exactly did they get tree trunks is a huge question… and after some exploring, they find the next key back where the Ice Soliders and piping was. They get the key by turning a dial on one of the pipes which releases heat from a volcanic spring…. This also has the added effect of reviving the Ice Warriors… I mean Soliders who chase after our heroes to regain the key. That’s one hell of a security system.

In an incredibly gutsy move, Susan crosses the tree trunks to reattach the rope bridge, which allows them all to escape and rush back to Vasor’s pad to get their travel dials back. Vasor would have none of it, grabbing Susan to force the others to fight off the creatures, but he ends up being stabbed in the back as the soldiers are chopping down the door of his home. Our heroes travel their their next destination.

 The episode ends with Ian coming across the next key in a display case with a dead man laying on the floor… he is attacked from behind and knocked out. The assailant steals the key and places a blunt instrument into Ian’s hand, clearly with the intent of framing him for the murder of the body.

Of the episodes of this story so far… this… is without question the weakest, Vasor isn’t all that interesting a villain, there is the huge plot hole of where the tree trunks came from, and the cliff hanger ending doesn’t exactly work unless you realize that there may be temporal gaps based on when people transport using the travel dials in the previous episodes (most notable the start of Velvet Web, where Barbara was clearly separated from the group for a while).  Another issue I have with the cliff hanger is that it doesn’t really match that of the others in the story in terms of tone, which was to establish where they would be searching… it’s just Ian being framed for murder… and this will play out over final two episodes of the story.

However we won’t be doing both next, week, just part five, ‘Sentence of Death’ where Doctor Who becomes sets the formula for ever single episode of Law & Order…

Catch ya later!

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