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Blood of Ancients - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello and Welcome To The Basement...

It’s Tuesday… Let’s Play Star Trek Online, t
his week’s mission, ‘Blood of Ancients’

Attacks from the Iconian’s can happen any any minute… their gateway technology makes distances between targets is meaningless… the Federation, Klingon Empire and the Romulan Empire have to pull together to  try and withstand the onslaught… which launches during a briefing on Earth Spacedock, attacking New Romulus!

It’s a mad scramble, first to help Starbase 234, where we go toe-to-toe with the Iconian’s vessels… and yes, they are as tough as they appear, in particular when they launch energy and solar portals, the first enhance their defenses, the second attacks your ship with the energy of a freaking sun!. It basically fighting off the Hearald ships in a few waves before warping out to New Romulus…. Here, we got to fight our way to the new home world of the Romulans… pretty easy… but its when you get boots on the ground where the fun begins.

Beaming down, it’s ch…

WWE 2K16 Match-Up - Enzo & Big Cass vs The Vaudevillians

Hello and Welcome To The Basement...

So I had some extra time tonight, and decided what the hell, why not do a quick match from WWE 2K16 featuring Enzo & Big Cass against the Vaudevillians. Of course this is the PC / Steam version of the game... and yeah totally forgot about turning off the music within the game. Pretty standard match up, a little back and forth with my selected team (Enzo & Cass) coming out on top.