Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Screaming Jungle - Tales From The TARDIS

Hello and Welcome To The Basement…

This is Tales From The TARDIS!

If you’ve been following along, or just happened to stumble across this thanks to Tumblr, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, Facebook and about a half dozen other social media sites… we are now at the half way point of the six part Keys To Marinus serial, The Screaming Jungle

A brief recap for last week’s episode which ended with the party splitting up, The Doctor is going on  ahead to get the final key, while Susan, Ian, Barbata along with their new friends Sabetha and Altos heading off to get the third key… which is in a, screaming jungle… and hey, we have a reason for the title. But as seen with the cliffhanger, the noise basically overwhelms Susan.

The group ends up splitting up, with Ian, Sabetha and Altos looking for an entrance to an ancient temple, with Barbara and Susan staying near a plant covered archway, which Barbara (despite Ian’s instructions not too) chooses to investigate, she goes into the temple where she finds a statue which has the key. So in back to back episodes… Barbara is the one getting things done!

Oh so it seems… because when she takes hold of the key, the statue grabs her, wall turns and traps her on the other side. Think like those spinning bookcases you see in scary houses and such

In a moment of stupidity when the others realize she’s gone, it’s decided that if Barbara was in real danger, she would just use her travel dial to escape, but Ian (after nearing choking out Barbara last week), is skeptical, and wants to make sure she is safe. He tells the others to go on while he searches for a way to rescue Barbara, and his motivations are further justified when Sabetha notices the key Barbara found is fake.

Ian basically does what Barbara did and becomes trapped on the other side, where Barbara is in a bobby-trapped filled hallway. In a moment of bad-assery, Barbara saves him by shouting as a statue is about to bring the hammer… I mean ax down right where Ian is standing. See Barbara is the best companion, you wouldn’t see any Rose Tyler, Donna Noble or Martha Jones doing that, they’d just be like ‘frak it’.

Ian and Barbara continue onward, finding doors that require a metal bar to open it… as opposed to a juice bar, but I digress, but this turns out to be another trap, bringing prison walls down around Ian. Barbara herself because a victim of a trap, going through a set of doors, getting caught in a net as the roof begins to come down on her. Whoever came up with this sequence of events must’ve bene having a field day, because there’s no way the BBC would allow today’s Doctor Who to have this many ‘death traps’ in a single episode.

However the day is saved, thanks to a bloke named Darrius, he stops the roof from crushing Barbara, but suspects her of being a Voord, and takes her dial to inspect it. Ian arrives… having escaped form his prison, and saves Darrius from another trap. Turns out all of these gimmicks were designed to fend off the Voord. Since he’s dying, and there probably wasn’t enough much of a budget to have him in the cast for the rest of the serial, Darrius tells Ian and Barbara where to find the key.

Following his instructions our heroes find a laboratory, and a safe… but it turns out what Darrius told them (DE302) isn’t the combination to open it….as they try to figure things out, Ian discovers Darrius’s research which was mutating the flora in the area, and it’s growing rapidly. With a bolt of inspiration, Ian realizes that the  DE302 is not the combination for the safe, but are chemical symbols. He and Barbara find the next key in a jar, and escape. The episode ends with Ian and Barbara using the dials to jump to the next location where they are overwhelmed by the bitter, bone chilling cold.

Anyway this, like last week’s,  tells what would normally be am hour long story by today’s standard in a shorter time frame (of about 24 minutes). It gets its point across of lets find the key and move on, while also focusing rather nicely on Barbara and Ian (who got a lot of the spotlight this week).

You may have notice as I was doing the rundown of this episode that there was no mention of the Doctor… well there was a reason for that, for William Hartnell was on holiday during the filming of this and next week’s episode…. Which is called the Snows of Terror.

So till next week, have yourselves a good one!

Live (Replay) From The Basement: Kokonoe's Abyss Run

Hello and Welcome To The Basement...

So on a whim, mainly because I was doing some laundry and wanted to try something with OBS (Open Broadcasting Software). Since I've been on a BlazBlue kick as of late, particularly with the 'Abyss' mode as Kokonoe... I figure why not stream that!

Now because I can't see the chat, since OBS doesn't have that function, I turned off the chat featured for anyone that was came across the live stream. So my focus was... nearly 100% on the game... except as I let my mind wonder, and made some mistakes.... which lead to me... not totally having a successful run.

And granted I use Stylish Mode, because as a casual player, it's perfect to pick up and play against the computer for a short run of action.

Which leads to me explaining... why Kokonoe... well for one, as a character she has no frogs... and clearly doesn't give a frog when she wins. That said, using Stylish Mode, I do have playing as Kokonoe down to a science, and can actually hold my own pretty well using her against other players on those rare times I choose to play head to head online with folks.

So all that said... the game play video is below, to see how close I came to having perfect run.

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