Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Uneasy Allies & thoughts on Agents Of Yesterday

Hello and Welcome To The Basement...

It's Tuesday Night... so let's play Star Trek Online!

This week, we start the next big story arc, The Iconian War with 'Uneasy Allies'.

Lt. Commander VanZyl is on leave from Voyager, heading back to Trill, but she gets sidetracked when detecting some unusual readings from The Hobus System... and of course, it means Admiral Sobar and the crew of the Gorget is going to provide some back-up.

However all isn't as it seems, when we arrive, VanZyl is in a fire fight with a freighter when the Romulan Imperial Navy arrive, leading to a space battle. Beaming down to Hobus, which has been the center of basically all the problems Romulans have been facing, we discover Sela, who is looking for a working Iconian Gateway.

Turns out, Sela knows that the legendary race that dominated the galaxy is planning something very big and since putting her back in the brig is basically pointless, the mission is to work with her to see what the problem is. Returning to the Nopada system and using the gate there, we see what's happening: the Iconians are coming!

So after years of them playing the role of puppet masters, the Iconians are heading to the front lines.

In terms of content, the combat is pretty secondary, as you're playing for the story more than anything here. The only difficulty is when the first Iconian Herald appears who basically is there to whip the backside of the player's character and their crew as a 'taste' of what's to come in terms of ground combat..

Some key things that take place in this mission is that VanZyl was infected with one of the blue-gill parasites, and Taris is killed by Sela, leading to a huge revelation about the Iconians: they can't travel through time. This apparent throw-away bit of information will come into play a lot in the next several weeks.

There was a couple of bugs, primarily with VanZyl's audio dialog towards the starts of the mission not reflecting what was in the text box, as she is supposed to have unique dialog when dealing with Federation, Romulan and Klingon characters. Next week... the battles begin...

Quick Thoughts on Agents of Yesterday

Last week, it was announced the next big Star Trek Online Expansion pack is coming, called 'Agents of Yesterday' which will sees several Original Series styled ships joining the game and new content set in the era of Chekov, Scotty and the crew of the USS Enterprise. Classic locations like Taurus II which was featured in the episode the Galileo 7 will be revisited... and Walter Koenig will be doing voice work as Chekov, while James Doohan's son Chrostopher will supply the voice for Scotty, while a new version of 'sector space' will be used for missions set in the 23rd Century. That's pretty big news

In all honesty, I'm excited, every time the Devs do a big influx of content it means new players and a huge reason to play STO beyond doing the daily grinds. The real question comes down to paying for all the ships in the discounted bundles, which can be quite pricey. Since I'm paying attention to local cons and such (and two hitting my area in the Summer and Fall) I think I'll stick with my current ships and whatever I happen to unlock within the game for now... but my position on that could possibly change.

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