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Lets Play Star Trek Online: Uneasy Allies & thoughts on Agents Of Yesterday

Hello and Welcome To The Basement...

It's Tuesday Night... so let's play Star Trek Online!

This week, we start the next big story arc, The Iconian War with 'Uneasy Allies'.

Lt. Commander VanZyl is on leave from Voyager, heading back to Trill, but she gets sidetracked when detecting some unusual readings from The Hobus System... and of course, it means Admiral Sobar and the crew of the Gorget is going to provide some back-up.

However all isn't as it seems, when we arrive, VanZyl is in a fire fight with a freighter when the Romulan Imperial Navy arrive, leading to a space battle. Beaming down to Hobus, which has been the center of basically all the problems Romulans have been facing, we discover Sela, who is looking for a working Iconian Gateway.

Turns out, Sela knows that the legendary race that dominated the galaxy is planning something very big and since putting her back in the brig is basically pointless, the mission is to work with her to see what the problem is.…