Monday, May 9, 2016

The RAW View May 9, 2016

Hello and Welcome To The Basement...

This is The RAW View... and we're going over things of interest on tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW and any news that caught my attention.

And right off the bat let me say that it's nice that the WWE has the best in the galaxy, Nicola Glencross on their roster... cause that's a title not just any one can claim.

So the big thing that I consider a talking point, that with Enzo Amore out with that concussion, the WWE put a little fuel on the fire of Big Cass who is quite charismatic and a decent talker in his own right by having him get in the face of Chris Jericho on The Highlight Reel. The take away I got from this that the higher ups in the company see something in the big guy who proved down on NXT a long while back that he can handle a singles run quite nicely. He didn't look out of place at all. As far as the 'main event' match itself goes, it didn't happen, as Dean Ambrose attacked Jericho and took his jacket, with Jericho crying out and worrying about it cause it costs a lot for those light up jackets, which Ambrose destroyed and the two them brawled to close out RAW. This bait and switch was a disappointing as I was looking forward to seeing Big Cass vs Jericho. I feel the same thing could've been accomplished with Big Cass and Jericho having their match and Ambrose tacking the jacket from ringside.

The storyline with 'The Club' and The Samoans continued, with AJ stating that he, Anderson and Gallows are 'officially' back together. Let me say that much like 'The Band' name in TNA with they rehashed the nWo, the WWE calling the Bullet Club guys 'The Club' is just... lame, but not as lame as what closed out last night Ring of Honor pay-per-view. We got a six-man elimination tag team... making it the third six-man tag match between both groups in the past week... and I have to say it's running it into the ground, as you could go The Usos vs Anderson & Gallows, like how SmackDown was before it got turned into a 6-man match, AJ vs one of the Usos, Roman vs Gallows or Anderson, there is a lot more interaction that could be done to keeps the story fresh heading into Extreme Rules. The match itself was fine, but with six guys, there are multiple ways to use them besides six-man matches. And we saw again how stupid it is for AJ Styles to try and use the Styles clash in the WWE.

Shane and Stephanie had a bit of a busy night, with Shane banning Ric Flair from a match between Charlotte and Paige (Which saw Ric coming out, and then Shane coming out to have him escorted to the back which lead to Paige getting a win), Stephanie booking Jericho against Big Cass as a result of Jericho trying to play her against Shane, and then both of them setting initially a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Champion which saw Sami Zayn earning his way into the match to make it a four-way following a victory over The Miz, and Shane putting Zack Ryder in a match with Kevin Owens where if Zack won he would get in the IC match and Owens would be out. Again, I like neutral authority figures keeping things fair and balance, and these were great things feeding into how wrestling should be done. Though I have concerns with how RAW ended with Stephanie looking devious.

Something that really grated on me was John Bradshaw Layfield, who is doing a great disservice to what a 'heel' commentator is supposed to do. Yes you favor the villains over the baby faces, but when the obvious is out there in front of you, you don't act like it's something else entirely. It insults the audience, particularly those who may be flipping channels and stop on RAW, watch a match and listen to the broadcasters. You can say he's 'being entertaining', but when you have Michael Cole and Byron Saxton playing it straight in responding to what's going on, what JBL is there creating a distraction to the programming. This was really put on display when Natalya joined commentary during the Paige vs Charlotte and the Miz vs Sami matches

Speaking of Sami and Miz, I rather liked the figure-four spot in their match, it was the best use of that move in years, as it did appear that Sami would possibly tap out. And Kudos after the match to show Cesaro and Owens reacting to the match result.

Also, Dana Brooke was called up, and was logically reunited with Emma in her feud with Becky Lynch. I like this, it provides continuity with NXT where Emma and Dana were quite a tandem, plus it allows Becky to play the underdog role, with possibly getting help from Sasha Banks or Bayley as the story progresses. Sin Cara getting a win over Rusev was a bit surprising considering the logical bit would've been for Rusev to make short work of him while building towards his match with Kalisto. The New Day / Vaudevillians story for the Tag Titles were left in forgetful spot in the 3rd hour, both had promos (one in ring, one back stage), and the Vaudevillians attacking the New Day during their match with the Dudleys that saw D-Von actually beat Kofi Kingston with a clothesline.

And I have to say it's great Bob Backlund back in the WWE... although the campaign to 'Make Darren Young Great Again' implies that Darren Young was great to begin with.

News From Around The World of Wrestling include Kayfabe Commentary releasing a YouShoot video featuring that wrestler who does spots with his dick... I won't be spending money on that...   I came across the Indy Wrestling Channel on Roku, and checked out Bellatrix for the first time (in particular footage from Bellatrix 10) and liked what I saw, I'll check out some more episodes)...There is word that following the eight cuts to the roster last Friday, the WWE will be making more in the near future... if I'm a betting man I'd expect Heath Slater, Adam Rose, The Ascension and Eva Marie as those being released next.

Anyway, that will do it for this week's RAW View... Tomorrow is Tuesday, and it's Lets Play Star Trek Online... until then, have a good one folks.

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