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The RAW View May 9, 2016

Hello and Welcome To The Basement...
This is The RAW View... and we're going over things of interest on tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW and any news that caught my attention.
And right off the bat let me say that it's nice that the WWE has the best in the galaxy, Nicola Glencross on their roster... cause that's a title not just any one can claim.
So the big thing that I consider a talking point, that with Enzo Amore out with that concussion, the WWE put a little fuel on the fire of Big Cass who is quite charismatic and a decent talker in his own right by having him get in the face of Chris Jericho on The Highlight Reel. The take away I got from this that the higher ups in the company see something in the big guy who proved down on NXT a long while back that he can handle a singles run quite nicely. He didn't look out of place at all. As far as the 'main event' match itself goes, it didn't happen, as Dean Ambrose attacked Jericho and took his jack…