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The Bolt #1 & Anomoly #1 - Comics From The Basement

Hello and welcome to Comics From The Basement...
A couple of weeks ago I put the spotlight on a couple of independent comics that I acquired recently... and this week, it's more of the same with Ryan M. Brady's 'The Bolt' and 'Anomaly'
First about Mr. Brady, whose work you can find at, he's an Alumni of Rutgers-Camden, he is a great example of perseverance, from being told that there was 'no money in art', to having professional artists not look at his work...Mr. Brady continue to draw, drawing for himselfuntil and opportunity came along to do web comics, which lead to the comics that I'm going over today coming into being. While this may be the 'bare bones' version, it is a testament that dreams can happen and opportunities will present themselves.

So now onto the comics themselves! 

The Bolt #1:  The city of Camden, New Jersey has a mew hero, one than can throw lightning bolts. and wearing a blue mask and a hoodi…