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The Headbangers: Yay Or Nay For The Hall Of Fame

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Hello and Welcome to the Basement...

And welcome to the latest case of Yay Or Nay For The WWE Hall of Fame...

As I noted before in regards to Sable, the 'Godfather' rule is probably going to allow a lot of people from the Attitude Era to get into the WWE Hall of Fame... and before people point out that Johnny Rodz & Koko B. Ware are in the Hall of Fame already, let me remind you that they had rather long in-ring careers, Rodz has trained many notable wrestlers, and Koko's career pre-WWE was acknowledge ... but with the Godfather, who had a relatively long career that lasted over a decade, and had a number of different characters and roles, but only one portion was acknowledged because it was from the Attitude Era.

So that brings us to this week's subject... The Headbangers

A Brief History: 

Getting their start in the early 1990s, the duo known as Mosh and Thrasher had a few different tag team names, such as The Spiders,  The Flying Nuns, The Guardians of Truth, The Sisters of Love... but obviously they get their biggest big of fame as the Headbangers.

They had a cup of coffee with ECW, but it was in Jim Cornett's Smokey Mountain Wrestling where they adopted their most famous gimmick as the Headbangers, a couple of grunge metal enthusiasts with the tag line 'Real Men Wear Skirts' and eventually made their way to the WWF by December of 1995 where they wrestled under different personas getting a tag team title shot against the Smoking Gunns... but they were shipped out only to be brought back in late 1996 under their Headbangers persona...

Only to get a gimmick switch to wrestling in Nun attire  as the 'Flying Nuns'... considering Vince Russo was starting to do a lot of the WWE's writing at the time, I won't be surprise if that stupid concept was his... regardless they did have limited success, before reverting back to their Headbangers persona, but this won't be the last time a gimmick switch occurred to them

Over the course of 1997, they were used primarily as enhancement talent, winning every now and then, but often losing, though they did get a big win at WrestleMania 13, and later won the WWF Tag Team Titles in the fall of that year. After losing the titles, they did remain near the top of the Tag Division, challenging for the titles through out 1998, and even winning the NWA World Tag Team titles

However things turned for the worse... an injury to Thrasher forced the team to split in early 1999, and Mosh got victimized by Vince Russo, with the Beaver Cleavage persona, an man-child who had a unique relationship with his 'mother' which thankfully didn't last long... and this was followed by him having trouble with his on-screen girlfriend after allegedly 'hitting her'... yeah... Mosh got basically Russo'd in 1999... Thrasher did return following Russo's departure, and the team was reformed, but would never again reach the heights of late 1997 and 1998

The team would split again, with Thrasher being let go by the WWE in 2000 and Mosh a year later after some time teaming with D'Lo Brown.

The Case For Them Being Inducted: To put it simply, they won the WWF and NWA World Tag Team Titles in 1997 and 1998, and were used against all the top teams from the Godwinns, The Legion of Doom, The Rock N Roll Express, The Quebecers & The Dudley Boys, they were fixtures on WWF programming for two solid years.

The Case Against Them Being Inducted: Well the WWE made that case themselves, despite some more recent positive remembrance of their run, the WWE has gone on record calling them a team not worthy of winning their Tag Team Championships and 'over stayed their welcome'.... In truth, Trasher's injury and Mosh being 'Russo'ed' in 1999 basically undermined their careers.

The Verdict: Despite their Championship Success and being a big part of the WWF for two years, the loss of 1999 as a team  plus the really hurts their candidacy. So for me it's a big no...

However... if the WWE runs out continues to waste time in inducting legendary tag teams from the 80s that has members STILL ALIVE... they could get in... in ten... fifteen years.

Anyway, if you have your view on the candidacy of the Headbangers for the WWE Hall of Fame, leave you comments below.

Next Week... The Case of The Honky Tonk Man will be looked at


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