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Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals - Comics From The Basement

Hello and Welcome to Comics From The Basement...

Back in the 1980s, DC Comics felt that their continuity was too difficult and complex for new readers to understand... hell... they STILL think... but by the middle of the decade they 'solved' the problem by publishing Crisis on Infinite Earths, which saw another of characters killed off, things reset and rebooted to try and make things more accessible for readers.... so as you can tell by my age, when I became a comic book fan, it was in the post-Crisis era of DC.

However one of the biggest things that resulted from Crisis was that the first Wonder Woman comic book series was ended when the character was killed in the final issue of the Crisis event, but since that was done to erase all of the established continuity, it meant Wonder Woman was going to be reborn, rebooted and re-launched with a clean slate and no baggage. 

Which brings us to this weeks recommendation, Wonder Woman Gods and Mortals, the trade collection (or rath…

Report: South Jersey Comic Con & Toy Bonanza

Hello and welcome to the Basement...

And yes I was out of the basement today (ha ha) and over at the Holiday Inn on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, to check out the SJ Comic Con & Toy Bonanza which was put on by the good folks at Frankenstein Comics (check them out at or if you're in the area, drop by their store at 845 Mantua Pike in Woodbury, NJ!

The event got underway at 10 AM, and one could see this was going to be a bit of snug fit, with quite a number of vendors there selling comics, toys, DVDs, some art prints... this was basically a con that was perfect for collectors to try and find some goodie in addition to the freebies that were available on the front table which included some a number of promotional magazines and buttons.

You may be wondering what I meant by snug, well you see, the Holiday Inn's main conference rooms are a bit of a confined space, and the SJ CC & TB took made use of every square inch, allowing all the different vendors to…