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Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals - Comics From The Basement

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Back in the 1980s, DC Comics felt that their continuity was too difficult and complex for new readers to understand... hell... they STILL think... but by the middle of the decade they 'solved' the problem by publishing Crisis on Infinite Earths, which saw another of characters killed off, things reset and rebooted to try and make things more accessible for readers.... so as you can tell by my age, when I became a comic book fan, it was in the post-Crisis era of DC.

However one of the biggest things that resulted from Crisis was that the first Wonder Woman comic book series was ended when the character was killed in the final issue of the Crisis event, but since that was done to erase all of the established continuity, it meant Wonder Woman was going to be reborn, rebooted and re-launched with a clean slate and no baggage. 

Which brings us to this weeks recommendation, Wonder Woman Gods and Mortals, the trade collection (or rather second, but I'll get to that in a bit) that collections the first seven issues of the Wonder Woman series that started being published in 1987.

The creative team includes George Perez (who also was the pencilier), Len Wein and Greg Potter, who probably should get a lot more credit than he does for what went into this. As noted in the introduction, DC wanted a 'new' Wonder Woman, but didn't know what kind of 'new', either a totally new character with just the Wonder Woman name associated with it... or what Potter proposed, keeping the character's origin and back-story similar to the past, 'an Amazon going into a 'Man's World', Amazon's being resurrected  forms of women killed in pre-history and other concepts.

However it is George Perez who got tasked, or rather, he volunteered to work on the getting series started, signing on to do the initial story over six months... but then stayed on the book for 5 years, and to say it was critical and commercial success is an understatement.

So here's the review of the trade collection:  It collects all seven issues of the 'Gods and Mortals' story arc, starting giving a total origin in issue one, the circumstances of Wonder Woman leaving Themsyscria in issue two, and then the build up and showdown with Ares, the god of war. As an introduction series, it works on having the hero go up against an powerful foe where there is doubt on if she'll succeed or survive (obviously she does) and gives momentum into the next story-arc. This has it all. The art work is still great for it's from that pre-90s period so everyone who is supposed to be human looking, actually looks human, and the coloring is just gorgeous through out.

As far as the dimensions of the trade itself, it's a tad taller than a normal comic book, and obvious thicker so it will fit nicely on most bookshelves. Also this particular version comes with the 2009 DC Animiated movie Wonder Woman, (which is based a bit on the Gods and Mortals story arc) is included.... in both blu-ray and DVD formats... though getting the discs out of the pocket sleeves is a bit of a pain in the ass.

So from a comic's stand point, it's certainly a great read to track down, and from a collectors point of view, it's also awesome to have.

At the time of this review, this is one item that can't be found currently at, however you can find it at

Next week, the spotlight of the Basement will be turned back toward independent comics, with two written and drawn by Ryan M. Brady of Camden Comics!

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Report: South Jersey Comic Con & Toy Bonanza

Bill of Frankenstein Comics put on an excellent event!
Hello and welcome to the Basement...

And yes I was out of the basement today (ha ha) and over at the Holiday Inn on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, to check out the SJ Comic Con & Toy Bonanza which was put on by the good folks at Frankenstein Comics (check them out at or if you're in the area, drop by their store at 845 Mantua Pike in Woodbury, NJ!

The event got underway at 10 AM, and one could see this was going to be a bit of snug fit, with quite a number of vendors there selling comics, toys, DVDs, some art prints... this was basically a con that was perfect for collectors to try and find some goodie in addition to the freebies that were available on the front table which included some a number of promotional magazines and buttons.

You may be wondering what I meant by snug, well you see, the Holiday Inn's main conference rooms are a bit of a confined space, and the SJ CC & TB took made use of every square inch, allowing all the different vendors to display their wares. So at 10 AM when the doors opened, you had a large influx of people, so there was a lot of bumping into folks and "excuse mes" being said. But that's the nature of these kind of events.

And there certainly were a lot of comic books, with the big reminder about long boxes, yes they are great for storage and transporting comics... but if they are too filled, it makes browsing quite difficult with a large crowd and not wanting to be in the way! The positive side is that when the crowds thinned out, I managed to find a few gems like Marvel Tales #150, & Uncanny X-Men #349.

Of course there were more than just comic books being sold, there were 3D Printed figures (a great one of Yoda as Buddah was quite popular from what I saw), a chap using images from comic books to make necklaces, and a lot of action figures, from classic GJ Joes, to Ghostbusters, to of course Funko Pop figures... I managed to get one of Captain Cold which I'll do of an unboxing of later this week.

Now of the the stuff I saw, some vendors were selling whole sets of comics for particular story arcs, these were way out of my price budget, but that concept is pretty damn neat, getting every issue for a story line in one shot is pretty damn awesome. There were a number of rate comics for sale, such as Wolverine #1 and a number of issues from the Silver and Bronze ages of comic that were selling at well over $100.

Which of course brings me to talking about the 'value' of what was being sold. Now I'm a guy who likes a good bargain, and there were ones to be found, grab bags and bundles, discounted trade collections. I went to this event with a tight budget, and not counting the freebies,  still left with a nice variety of times (3 trade collections (Batman - Mad Love & Other Stories, All-Star Superman Volume 1, The Uncanny X-Mean: From The Ashes) six individual issues of comics, and the Funko Figure) for less than $45 total, when combined at their normal prices would've been about about $60.

On a coolness factor, ran into Daniel TKD (host of The Power Hour
on WNJC 1360 AM (Where my father had a radio show at one time, talk about a small world!) and a Martial Arts Instructor at Karate Unlimited in Sicklerville NJ). He has this great idea of maybe doing a combination Comic Book Con and Martial Arts Display, considering the number of characters in comics who use various forms of Martial Arts (i.e. Iron First, Daredevil, Batman, etc, etc). I personally think this a great idea and hope he has a lot of success getting this off the ground with promoters of events around the area.

So all and all... I think this event was a big success from my point of view. 

Now onto the vendors information that I was able to acquite... not everyone had a store or an online presence... but I did get info on a number of folks.

Tiki Tiki Board Games -
Barrington Movie Poster & Book Shop -
Retro Station -
Panther Comics -
The Comic Book Shop -

Cult Fiction Comics -

Evan Newlin of Creatively Obsessed Designs
Muckychris -

Upcoming Events (I won't necessarily be attending these... but in case you're interested!

Wizard World Philadelphia
June 2-5, 2016
Pennsylvania Convention Center
visit for information

The 9th Annual It's A Toy Store
May 21, 2016
1256 Harding Highway
Richard, NJ 08350
For Info Call: 856-697-1348

Thy Geekdom Con
November 5, 2016
Doubletree By Hilton Hotel
5727 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE, 19803
For info visit

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