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This Week With The Superheroes April 29, 2015

Hello and Welcome to the Basement
And This Week With The Superheroes

First let me address something... when it comes to Women's Wrestling in the WWE... no one in their right mind gives a damn about Cameron being used, not when there is Asuka, Bayley, Emma, Paige, Becky, Sasha and Charlotte.

That said... I'm contemplating on if I want to hit the SJ Comic-Con & Toy Bonanza on Sunday... really weather is going to be the big factor here. Also factoring in is when do I want to see Captain America Civil War


Director Seth Grahame-Smith has stepped away from the "Flash" movie starring Ezra Miller over creative differences. His script will still be used, but apparently there is a lot of meddling going on over the tone and direction of the film. With the fall out over Batman V Superman and the reshoots that have been done for Suicide Squad, this does not surprise me. I'm more concerned over Ezra Miller being The Flash and looking like some dude ha…