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Dick Slater - Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame

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Hello and welcome to the Basement...

This is Yay Or Nay For The Hall of Fame!

Yeah I changed the title to something more catchy... still the goal is the same, to go over the careers of various pro wrestling superstars of the past to see if they should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at some point.

This week's case, 'The Rebel' Dick Slater

Many of you are going to ask... who?

Well the Rebel got his start in Florida thanks to the Graham family, getting broken in with Championship Wrestling From Florida, winning their version of the Tag Team Championships with Dusty Rhodes and other partners as well as the TV title, worked out in California... but he really made his mart in Georgia Championship Wrestling, spending most of the 70s and early 80s there, winning the Georgia Heavyweight title four time, and two versions of their tag titles with Cowboy Bob Orton, plus numerous other regional titles and was reported to be considered to become the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. So you see where his standing was during this period of time.

Following the buy out of Georgia Championship Wrestling by Jim Crockett, Slater bounced around from Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling to Bill Watt's Mid-South Wrestling, winning the United States Title and numerous other belts along the way, until finally hitting the WWE in 1986, where his biggest highlight was beating Iron Mike Sharpe as 'The Big Event', but was used primarily as enhancement  talented. After leaving, he had a cup of coffee with the AWA then headed back to the Mid-Atlantic where he would stay up through the mid 90s, being a staple of World Championship Wrestling, winning the United States and World Tag Team Titles before a back injury forced his career to close.

The Case For Dick Slater: This is real simple, with the exception of his time in the WWF and the stop in the AWA... Slater was a success and a major star everywhere, winning 25 championships at least once. Considering he was a corner stone of  different major territories (Flrodia, Georiga, Mid-Atlantic) and stayed relevant into the mid-90s is a testament to him as performer. In fact the only blemish on his career is his time with the WWF where signing every major star forced a lot of guys into lower positions on the card.

The Case Against Dick Slater: It's minor, but, noticeable, the fact that while he was considered  to be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and there was a lot of politics involved with who became the standard bearer of the NWA, but  he wasn't one to 'get along for the sake of going along', it's hard to mark this as a case against him. Obviously the next strike against him has to be that run in the WWF, Slater who did his best work as a heel, was used as a babyface and as cannon fodder for the established stars.

The Verdict: All things considered... I'd have to say a big yes for Slater going into the WWE Hall of Fame, particularly under the 'regional' stars quota for the next time the WWE runs a WrestleMania in the south... hell he could easily be considered for the class of 2017 since WrestleMania is in Orlando, Florida, and it was Florida where he Slater's career started.

Anyway, next week... I'll be going over the case for The Headbangers

Minions - Basement Matinee

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Hello and welcome to the Basement...

I was going to talk about Conor McGregor's latest drama... but then I saw that Minions was added to Netflix, and set aside time to watch it.

For those of you who may not know (and at this point, that's probably a very small amount of people), Minions is the prequel to the 'Despicable Me' films, released in 2015 through Universal Pictures.

The plot is that the Minions, the adorable little yellow scamps exist to serve the biggest villain they can find, but after years of being without a leader, Kevin, Bob and Stuart set out for find the 'perfect boss' for their tribe to serve, being drawn to Scarlett Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock) and earning a spot as her pawns in a bid to become Queen of England.
Considering the film had a Box Office return of $1.2 Billion, obviously a lot of you know about it, so I'll go straight into what I think of this movie.... and it's adorably evil... because you know they are doing 'evil', you're rooting for the Minions and they are the villains of the story.

The Minions want to work for bad guys, that's what they live for. However they do have a strange sense of right and wrong, mainly when it applies to who they are serving when things go wrong (in the case of Bob accidentally becoming King, he happily gives the throne to Scarlett) and only through circumstances when they are threaten do they go up against her.
Despite having a nearly strange language, The Minions are very expressive and you don't feel loss in the conversations they have with each other. This is thanks in combination to the animators as well as the voice talents of Pierre Coffin. Speaking of voice acting,Bullock does a solid job as Scarlett Overkill, but it's quite clear it's her playing the role, and I feel a more seasoned voice actress could've brought more to the role. On the flip side, Michael Keaton has a smaller role in the film as Walter Nelson, and I didn't know it was him until I saw the credits

Since the movie is set in the 1960s, a huge strength of the movie is the use of songs from that era, I popped when I heard The Spencer Davis Group's 'I'm A Man', plus songs from Donovan, The Turtles, The Kinks, The Who spread out through the film and through the credits sequence with a Revolution of Revolution by the Beatles.

On the whole, I did enjoy the film, but I do see why it has only a 55% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, unlike the first two Despicable Me films, Minions was aimed more so at kids, and for some reason people think that's a bad thing. I don't, I found things about it that I enjoyed. The story flowed nicely, the music kick butt, and there is enough 'did I really see that' moments to justify re-watching it.

But of course these are just my opinions if your opinions on Minions, leave them in the comments section below.

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