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Thoughts On: Samoa Joe winning the NXT Title

Hello and welcome to the Basement...

No vlog this time out, cause well, I'm in the watching the Right Stuff (great movie), but saw the news and wanted to comment on it.

First... The obvious joke with Joe winning the NXT title is that the WWE knows no one ever has watched him win a title on television because he was in TNA for close to a decade.

But enough about that.  From what I saw down on Twitter, the previous Champion Finn Balor rolled his ankle in a bad way, and was unable to continue the match, forcing a title change to take place.
This is the moment of Finn Balor's injury, if it's legit. Left ankle/leg/foot. — Ryan Johnston (@Johnston985) April 22, 2016 It's the worst kind of audible that can take place, when something goes wrong. But we saw something similar last month with Adrian Neville suffering an ankle injury live on RAW forcing the plans to change.

And let's keep in mind the WWE doesn't change titles o…

Thoughts on Prince

Hello and welcome to the Basement...

A bit of a somber day, as you saw late last night, Chyna passed away, and earlier today, the Artist known as Prince Rogers Nelson passed away at the age of 57.

Much like David Bowie... I consider Prince to be one of those performers who always was reinventing himself, he did things musically that was of interest to him, with a natural charisma that if you want to know what the 'it' factor can point to Prince as an example.

He was a multi-talented, not only musically, but also when it came to films, he was the driving force of Puple Rain, Under the Cherry Moon, Sign o' The Times and Graffiti Bridge, acting in all four and directing the final three... although only Purple Rain is probably worth checking out, as the other three films weren't exactly all that great in comparison.

Without question he was a media icon, as he had a persona that was perfectly crafted for the 80s but wasn't defined by the decade, this was also…

Thoughts on Chyna

Hello and Welcome to the Basement...

A little while ago ago I saw that Joanie Lauer, known to pro wrestling (as well as Adult Entertainment fans) as Chyna passed away at the age of 45... according to TMZ, her death is related to an overdose of some kind... which while tragic.... sadly, does not come to a shock to those who have followed her career post WWE.

Like most fans, I first saw her when she appeared on Monday Night RAW in 1997, grabbing and flinging Terri Runnels around like a rag doll. Because of her build, being extremely muscular, fans bought her perfectly as a bodyguard for Triple H. Like with Sable, I think if she was kept in that role, she really could've expanded on it with limited in ring action but for different reasons. She was too powerful to compete with the women (as seen in her final months with the WWE in 2001 when she was placed in the Women's Division), and the selling point with her was she looked like she could kick a guys ass, so when she interfered …

Behind The Series Footage From Star Trek: The Original Series

So I was browsing YouTube this evening, and came across this video posted by Zainin999... some behind the series footage show by Billy Blackburn, who was an uncredited back ground actor during Star Trek's original series. Here we see footage of stuff behind the scenes, in particular a lot of the out door shoots. One gets a real appreciation for how large The Preserver's Obelisk from the 'Paradise Syndrome'... and also raises doubts about the supposed 'slashed' budget for Season 3, cause that could not have been cheap to build and transport. 

Really this was a great find in my opinion....